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  • Why do I feel super exhausted and sick while working out?

    I have always been heavy, but I used to work out frequently. These past couple years I hit a horrible depressed phase, and stopped working out completely aside from walking slowly. I am trying to get back in to working out, but every time I do it, I start and then within a few minutes feel completely exhausted. If I try to push through, I start feeling sick to my stomach and stop out of fear of throwing up. I take time to warm up first and then when I begin the more intense part am not pushing myself very hard, so I don't think it is due to overexertion. What could be causing this? 

    Diet & Fitness6 months ago
  • How to change to a healthy diet for good?

    There is so much info out there that is lies or half truths that I don t know what to do... I wanted to hear stories from real people who changed to a healthy diet! I want details mostly from the beginning of the change, like how did you deal with cravings, how did you order when you eat out? I want to start slow, because any time I have jumped into it and cut things out of my diet I never stick with it. I am going to be meeting with a dietician regularly soon, but I wanted to hear from average people who probably started out with the same experience level as me.

    I ll tell you a bit about myself. I am a 20 year old college girl with some knee and back problems. I don t drink pop or powdered drink mixes and don t eat fake sugars (I can taste aspartame and many other kinds... yuck!!). I love unsweetened or lightly sweetened tea, which I drink quite a bit of and also drink fruit infused water. My main problem is carbs... I don t want to cut them completely out, as I ve tried and all that lead to was a terrible binge. I also want to cut down on my sugar intake, although I m not quite sure how much I usually eat. I just have a feeling I eat a little too much fruit and should try to switch to more veggies. I like veggies, especially homemade kale and spinach chips. My problem is that I get sick of raw veggies really fast.

    If you ve been in a similar situation to mine, I would greatly appreciate hearing your story, what you would ve done differently, and any tips you have for me!

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  • What's causing stomach pain after I eat?

    For the past week and a half, my stomach has been weird. I've had to be careful what I eat, as I felt sick almost constantly. Stomach flu made a run through my family a week before, so I just attributed it to that. But now I don't think that's the issue. I lay down in bed or sit my stomach just randomly hurts, like cramping and acid feelings. I thought that was weird, as normally I'm just nauseous when I get the stomach flu that goes away after puking. I had diarrhea for one horrible day, but I watched what I ate and it hasn't returned. But the rest of the symptoms haven't left. I'm not nauseous anymore, but as of today every single time I eat I get cramps in my stomach. I thought I was just heartburn at first, so I took some tums, but I was wrong. Although they helped my stomach overall, every time I swallowed I felt my stomach cramp. It went away after I ignored it for about an hour, but the same feeling has returned everytime I eat now. It doesn't matter what I eat, the pain starts after my first few bites! It's miserable, and I'm getting scared. I have an appointment with my doctor later this week, but in the meantime is there any info you can tell me as to what could be causing this??

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  • Is weed bad for hedgehogs?

    I have a friend who smokes weed, a LOT. She had me over one day and offered me some, and when I declined she said "but even Pooh (her hedgehog) likes it!" She then gave her hedgehog a "hit" by using her hands as a funnel and blowing her smoke in the poor things face!! She says that she knows Pooh likes it because right before she blew the smoke in her face, Pooh's quills were sticking up and as Pooh inhaled the secondhand smoke her quills went down. She also gives hits to her cat, which I KNOW is harmful! Is weed harmful to hedgehogs too?? And if it is, what can I tell her so she'll stop??? Scientific evidence would be greatly appreciated, I've already tried to tell her my opinion and I certainly don't need yours. She generally listens to proven facts, so if you have a link that'd be great to add! Thanks!!

    6 AnswersOther - Pets5 years ago
  • My dog seems to be losing control in his back legs.. our vet wasn't very helpful, does anybody have an idea?

    My dog is a 9 year old pure bred pug, no inbreeding as far as anybody knows. He has had no health issues up until this point, and this set in very quickly. Usually during the winter he slows down a little bit since we can't walk him as far in -30 degree weather, but lately he has been very tired. I noticed he was sleeping a lot, and just thought maybe he had caught a dog cold or something. But now he can hardly lift his back legs! I carried him down stairs so he could go outside and pee, but when he tried to lift his leg he barely could do it, and put it right back down. Once I saw this, I took him into his vet. They checked him for a slipped disk, and in the end noticed he has arthritis in his spine. They attributed everything to that, but didn't seem too certain. The pain meds they prescribed him don't seem to be helping, and tonight he was slipping and tripping over his left hind leg! He has always walked with a slight waddle, but now when he leans to his left leg he falls onto his side.. He was totally fine a couple of weeks ago! They also noticed one of his kidneys is enlarged, so we're going to take him back in and get that checked over, but I'm just really scared because now he is having a really difficult time walking. I think it is a slipped disk, but I'm not a vet so I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and maybe thinks it might be something else.

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  • Can bulletproof coffee be used to hold me over until I have time to eat breakfast?

    I ve been hearing about how awesome this coffee is, so I recently tried it and really enjoyed the taste. My problem is that I don t want to substitute it for breakfast. I don t mind doing it occasionally, but I don t want to consistently lose out on important nutrients I get through eating a legitimate breakfast. Could I use it to hold me over until I have time to eat? I m in college and hate getting up super early for my 8 am classes, so usually I just eat breakfast during my break from 9:40-10:30, but I know I need to have something in my system to keep me alert for that class. Also, are there any foods that I m supposed to avoid when I ve drank that? I was researching and saw some stuff about completely cutting out sugar, and that is certainly not happening. I wasn t sure if that was just part of the diet it s normally used for or not, and one person said that if you ingested sugar with it that it would make you fat. I m kind of confused, so if somebody has been on that diet or knows about it could clear that up for me, I d greatly appreciate it! I don t want to gain weight, but it really did give me a good energy burst!

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  • Does the "Get Rid Tattoo Naturally" book provide helpful information?

    I'm researching ways to remove a small tattoo, but if possible want to avoid lasers, damaging creams, or cutting it out/scraping it off. I found this book, but everytime I research it all I get is their ******* sales pitch. I've been looking for an hour now, but there are no reviews it all just tells me AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN that it "teaches you how to combine cheap, natural ingredients" "it's so great and won't harm you at all!" "Look at these pathetically short testimonials that are poorly written in english!" and blah blah blah. Has anyone actually TRIED this?? I'm not willing to spend money on it unless it will be useful, I would rather save up for lasers. I am looking for an ACTUAL criticism, like does it actually work? Or does it take longer than it claims to rid you of your tattoo? How hard is it to get your money back within their "guarantee" if it isn't helpful? Is it truly painless? Does it smear your ink everywhere as it works (because having a black blob on my ankle for the summer would suck)? Anything, please help!

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  • I think I didn't use enough water conditioner and now my betta fish seems to be dying, is there anything I can do?

    I just got my fish last night, I filled up his tank and put his conditioner in. Then I let the water sit til it was the same temperature as his container. I put him in his tank and he seemed fine, just scared so I left him alone. This morning when I woke up he was just laying in the bottom corner of his tank. I put some food in and he didn't move, and I thought maybe he was nervous with me standing watching him like that. I went about my morning routine, and when I checked to see if he had eaten yet he was laying belly up in that corner! I was so confused cause when they die they float belly up I thought. I tapped on the glass, and he wiggled and began moving his fins. He can't get himself to swim or even sit full up, he's just laying on his side motionless at the bottom. I moved him back to the bowl he came in, and checked the water conditioner bottle and I'm afraid I didn't put enough in his tank :( I know there's enough in the container he's in now, but he's still just laying at the bottom. Is there anything I can do to save him??

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  • How can my friend pay for college?

    She is not a US Citizen, so she doesn't qualify for financial aid. She began school and has completed her first semsemester, (I believe she received a scholarship) but now they are saying she has to pay them and she doesn't have the money up front. Her parents won't cosign for a private loan for her, and she is double majoring so she doesn't have time to work enough to make monthly payments. Is there anything she can do? I'm going to go into the financial aid office at the school and yell at them, as they won't help her other than handing her the bill and crossing off what she can drop to make it cheaper. I don't really know what else to do to help her...

    2 AnswersFinancial Aid6 years ago
  • Does the army national guard allow people in who used to self harm?

    My boyfriend has been waiting over 6 months now because when he went in for his physical they noticed his many scars. Now he's FINALLY been told that if he goes to a doctor and gets okayed (he hasn't cut in over 3 years) they might let him in. Or he might have to see a psychiatrist for a more in depth look. He has never been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, but was diagnosed briefly with ADD. He doesn't have it anymore, and they said that wasn't an issue. My friend and him have the same recruiter, but she didn't have any issues to be resolved before she got in and she's already in and going to the weekend training each month. She talked to their recruiter and he didn't realize that she was talking about my boyfriend because she didn't mention his name, and she asked him if they let people like that in. He said no. Do they normally take this long to say no or are they going to let him in?

    7 AnswersMilitary7 years ago
  • can minors get a tatoo in North Dakota with parental consent?

    I'm 16 I live on the border of north Dakota and Minnesota. My parents divorced and both have 50% custody of me. My Mom would allow me to get one but my dad won't even consider it. Mom thinks that both parents need to agree to get me one, but my friends (who don't know as much as they act like they do on the subject ) say I only need one parent's consent. Would I be able to get one in north Dakota with only my mother's consent?

    3 AnswersTattoos8 years ago