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I am a direct and to the point person. I do not bet around the bush with my answers. So if you disagree with what i tell you then oh well, maybe you shouldn't be asking questions. So just know that from me you will get what I feel is the truth and i won't sugar-coat my answers.

  • Does anyone on here have the Texas Debit Card?

    It is for direct deposit of your child support. If you do how many does does it take to be on your card? Mine was sent yesturday, will it be on my card today or friday(b/c of the holiday)?

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  • thanksgiving?

    Does anyone know if Honeybaked hams takes checks? First accurate answer gets 10 pts!!!

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  • does any of the moms on yahoo have an acct on Cafemom?

    It is a website specifically for moms. No MEN allowed. You can talk about ANY and EVERY thing. Sex, kids, hubby's anything you can ever think of. My name on the site is ILUVMOMMY.

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  • 4 yr wedding anniversary?

    What should I get my hubby? He likes all electronics, clothes, shoes. I want to get something really nice.

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  • my daughters dress size?

    my daughter is 9 and wears a size 14 in girls pants and a size 14 in girls shirts. my step daughter wears a size 7 in pants and shirts. what size dress do i buy if these are the sizes?

    S --20" 20" 15"

    M-- 21" 20.5" 17"

    L-- 22" 21.5" 19"

    XL-- 23" 22" 20"

    2 -- 23" 22.5" 23.5"

    4 --25" 23" 25.5"

    6 --26" 24" 29"

    8 --29" 26" 31.5"

    10 --30" 29" 33"

    * These are garment measurements. Select a size that is 1-2" larger in chest and waist than the body measurement. Length is from shoulder to hem.

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  • chapped lips?

    i had an allergic reaction to hawaiian punch drink and now after all the swelling is gone my lips are severely chapped and darkened. I have been using carmex any other suggestions?

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  • Anybody here a Making the Band 4 fan?

    I love this show. i have watched it for 3 seasons. I even went and bought the Danity Kane cd. Who do you think will be eliminated next monday?

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  • Adoption for my stepkids...?

    My hubby and I have each have 2 kids from other relationships, but we both want to adopt each other kids so we all can have the same last name. Do i need to adopt his or him just mine? Also any advice on the first steps I need to take. His kids are in the CPS system right now b/c they were taken away from his ex. We are in the processing of getting them(july 27th YEAH!!!!), and we are going to terminate the ex's rights. She is addicted to drugs. She would not let us see them b/c he got married and it has been 2 1/2 yrs since the last time we saw them until we found out they were in CPS custody(march 21st). So the kids are excited about living with us and it is hard explaining why we all have different last name. Help us REUNITE our little family the right way...:)

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  • Ok Dallas Divas. I am looking for a great hairbraiding salon. ...?

    I want micro braids. Can you please provide the name of the salon, the address and phone number. I am coming in from San antonio and I need my braids redone. If you know some prices please list also. Thanks LOL

    2 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • My husbands daughter was taken from her mother by Child Protective Services and I wanted to know......?

    I am a african american women and he is caucasian. We just got wind of this last friday and we are jumping thru all their hoops to get her with us. the mom was on drugs and had the daughter just running around all day to where the neighbors were feeding her daily and the neighbor finally called for help. We have not seen her in 2 and a half years b/c the mom would not let my husband b/c he got married. Also the mom would always start fight s and be swinging to hit my husband and if tried to defend himself she would call the law. we would tell her family to let her know that we would buy the baby stuff but she refused it all. All she wanted was the money. Does any one have suggestions for us to make the transition from foster care to our home smoother for his daughter. i also have 2 kids of my own(previous relationship). My son is 12 and my daughter is 9. they have met her before and they are excited she is coming. I just want her to be more comfortable and know that she is safe.

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  • i just got micro braids and they are so tight. Any ideas on how to make my head stop hurting? Help!!!!?

    They are real small and the ones in the last row near my neck hurt the most. I can't sleep at night. the ones on the sides hurt when i pull it up in a ponytail. Help!!!

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  • Quit smoking? I want kisses but....?

    I got my husband to stop smokig because I hate the taste and I am not a smoker. Now that he has, he has excess saliva in his mouth and it disgusts me. How can I get over this and french kiss my husband. We do french kiss while making love, but its rare because I don't like the spit.

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  • Does anyone know where I can get my hair braided?

    By the way I live in San Antonio Texas. I am wanting to get microbraids. Help!!! I am tired of glueing this weave in my hair. Or does anyone know where I can get a nice haircut, so I can get my hair growing so I won't need the weave or braids? I am a african american woman.

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