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  • Do they have a chewable version of sertraline?

    My son has anxiety and ADD. The psychologist tried to put him on Adderall and that was a disaster because it made him and an emotional wreck who didn't sleep. It helped him focus but it wasn't worth the constant breakdowns. And further research on other meds for ADD showed that even the non stimulant meds would likely decrease his appetite. With him already being underweight I decided to not go that route. I think the sertraline would be a better option but he can't swallow pills yet so I was trying to see if they had a chewable, or even dissolvable version for him, but Google isn't being helpful in finding out.

    3 AnswersMental Health8 months ago
  • Can you use Alexa to mess with your kids?

    We have an Alexa and the kids love asking it questions and telling it to play songs and such. I decided to see if it was possible to use my phone to say something and it would come out the Alexa in her voice. I tried one thing but all it did was allow me to listen in on them which was moot because I could already hear them.

    Polls & Surveys8 months ago
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    Remove old account from Facebook log in?

    The account was deleted and removed but somehow it's still there. I went in to recover the password to my current Facebook on my computer and the old one was there too. I have no idea how to get rid of it since it is deleted.

    Facebook9 months ago
  • My child is ignoring the urge to urinate?

    He's 8. I've had him to a urologist who took x-rays and other tests and determined nothing physically wrong with him. He has no issues with his bowels, only bed wetting. It seems he will wait until last minute as I frequently hear him run to the bathroom or say "I have to go pee" as he rushes off. Or he will dance around or wiggle his legs if he's sitting down, rather then acknowledge he needs to go. If we are out it is on us to notice signs he has to go because he won't say anything at all. He is an otherwise healthy child with no diagnosis of autism or anything like that, just anxiety. I would like to add that he is seeing a counselor but we added a psychologist because the last 2 weeks he's been wetting his pants everyday at school, sometimes twice. I'm at a loss for what to do for him because I've got 2 weeks yet until the psychologist. And even the motivation to get his stuff back like tablet, toys, and tv isn't doing anything. And I'm gonna have to start sending him to school in pull-ups. Any input will be appreciated, thank you!

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  • Financial help to move from roach infestation?

    My parents have lived in this apartment building for over 10 years and just recently within the last year certain apartments ended up with roaches. The landlord knows about it and has sent a well known company out to spray and everything. But my mom's apartment seems like it's really bad despite her cleaning every day. They are in her VCR and other devices. And even the kitchen appliances like the stove clock and back of the fridge! My mom has chronic sinus issues I'm sure has something to do with them and it's horrible because she's got multiple health issues. They can't afford to move though because they only get SSI/SSD and I'm currently seeking disability myself for my health issues. Are there any agencies or anything out there to help them financially get into a new place?

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  • Movie about little guys in red robes?

    They went around killing people. And if you hurt them, that they lost a limb. The limb became a clone of them. This movie was out the same time as tremors and the langoliers because they played it on the same channel.

    Movies10 months ago
  • Do they make phone sized tablets?

    My child is only 8 and managed to get an old tracphone from his friend. It is currently only used for games. It has no data or anything on it. He wants a phone but he s too young. But I thought this phone his friend gave him was okay, he could get used to using a phone a little bit. But do they have a more child friendly version phone? Or maybe a tablet that resembles a phone? Either would work as currently he s only using it for games. He has no need for making calls or anything.

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 year ago
  • What makes you feel like your coming off anesthesia?

    Yesterday and today I have felt all weird, like I was light headed or coming off anesthesia. I haven t had any anesthesia. I have also been walking funny that my boyfriend asked if I ve been drinking, I haven t been. I even had a panic attack last night. Not sure what it is but hopefully it passes quickly.

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    How do I clean these stains around my tub?

    There is more along the side of the wall and I see a bunch of remedies saying sprays using water and vinegar or borax or bleach. Another one says toothpaste. Idk what it is or what to use.

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  • What makes it taste like chicken bouillon?

    I had a cheeseburger and fries from McDonald s and ever since had this taste in my mouth like chicken bouillon. Idk if it has anything to do with the headache I had all day or what. Should I be concerned?

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  • Movie of a mom who sees ghost of dead child?

    In the movie the child dies because of a rope to a toy wraps around their neck. The mom ends up seeing the child and decides to try and kill her and her other child by carbon monoxide. She stops when she realizes the other living child doesn't see the dead one like she does.

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  • Trying to find a movie about earthquakes?

    The movie starts with a family who lost a small child to an earthquake when the kid went back in the house and the chimney fell on the kid. Then years later they are moved into a new place and another earthquake hits.

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  • Why is my son wetting at school and at night but not during the day when not in school?

    He is fine when he is awake during the day but lately he s coming home every day from school wet and one time he was wet and had wet clothes in his backpack. He is now 8 and in 2nd grade. I wasn t sure if it had to do with ADHD or is it laziness? He also does not seem to care that he is wet and won t say anything. Yet he has a motor mouth.

    4 AnswersGrade-Schooler1 year ago
  • What s the best snack box out there?

    They have all sorts of snack boxes like universal Tums, munch box, and snack crate. Idk if there s others but I am curious. What s your favorite?

    1 AnswerOther - Food & Drink2 years ago
  • What s the name of a TV show that was post apocalyptic?

    I haven t seen much but a clip of it shows a woman that is secretly following another woman until she is caught. Later on in the journey they are in a tunnel or sewer with some guy the scared woman knows. The other woman ended up killing said guy and tells scared woman something happened.

    5 AnswersDrama2 years ago
  • Is there an app for a webcam?

    I'm looking for a webcam app I can use to secretly monitor my home while I'm away without someone knowing I'm using it.

    1 AnswerSoftware3 years ago
  • How do I change email preferences in the yahoo email app?

    I am trying to get it to go back to the folder once I delete an email instead of it going to the next email.

    1 AnswerPreferences and Settings3 years ago
  • Why does my boyfriend fall asleep all the time?

    He can sleep straight through the night only to wake the next morning, come downstairs, and fall back to sleep on the couch. Or fall asleep after work. I ve asked him several times to see a doctor but he won t.

    3 AnswersOther - General Health Care3 years ago
  • Anyone know of a game my kid can play?

    My son is 3 and wants to play video games. We have a PS2, PC, and Wii. Anyone know of a game for any of these systems that he can play? I did get Curious George for the PS2 but he can't get anywhere because he keeps falling down places. It can be for PS1 or PS2, PC, or Wii.

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  • What is the name of this movie?

    A little boy in an abusive family ends up in one foster home after another. In one, he gets turned into a bible thumper. I thought the kid was Frankie Muniz or Haley Joel Osment but it was them. I know the kid is a well known actor tho. Another scene is when he peed himself on the couch.

    2 AnswersMovies6 years ago