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  • How come it is legal for kids under 18-21 at a wedding, but not a bar?

    If it is illegal for anyone under 18-21 (depending on where you live) to enter an establishment where liquor is being served, how is it legal at a wedding hall venue?

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  • Pippa's dress really for Kate?

    Right after the royal wedding, it was reported that upon exiting the church following the wedding, a friend of Kate's was overheard to say that the dress Pippa was wearing was the dress Kate really wanted to wear herself, but knew she had to wear something more conservative. Apparently Kate wanted William to see what she would have worn and also that she wanted the dress to 'be in the Abbey'.

    The story seemed to get squashed very quickly. Has anyone else heard this?

    Sry for posting here, but figured this category have more 'dress' watchers.

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  • Children with Peanut Allergy - Mother question?

    I've been reading a lot of sources regarding peanut allergy in children. A couple of contradicting theories have appeared a number of times, prompting my questions

    " allergy indications from breast milk ..... positive allergy indications from period of time child was breast feed"

    "... allergy indications stronger the later peanut products were introduced to a child's diet"

    1. Did you consume peanut products during breast feeding? What happened?

    2. If more than one child, not all with peanut allergy, did you eat, breast feed the same amount of time?

    3. How did your child's peanut allergy present itself?

    Thanks for your time

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  • For Guys - Would you prefer to Propose with 'symbolic' item instead of buying a ring all alone?

    I am married 25yrs. My hubby proposed with a trinket and then we researched, shopped, chose and bought my ring together. Our ring wasn't solely chosen for price but just that he wanted to make me happy.

    An engagement ring is something a woman wears every day for the rest of her life, yet we hear of so many women who don't really like it but won't hurt his feelings/feel greedy if doesn't like size or setting. I didn't care if it was natural/lab diamond, high/low quality...I just wanted it to be something I liked and suited me.

    While we were dating I used to tell my hubby, if he picks the ring alone, I pick our first car alone! Being a car nut, I don't think he wanted to test me on that one, lol

    Guys, would you prefer if the standard 'tradition' was to buy a candy ring and then shop with her or the current way?

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    Need advice from XL faced people who have trouble with the skirt not fitting properly (too small) and water always seeps in. While field of vision is important, I would just like to wear a mask that is not slowly filling up. My current mask is U.S. Diver 3 window, $$ and didn't do the job so I don't care about the 'brand' name, just the fit!


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  • Cdn. asks American's why money gift annoys most of you so much?

    I will begin by saying that Canadian weddings seem to be much more formal than U.S. weddings from what I read on Yahoo Answers i.e. all weddings have church/civil ceremony, full reception with a sit down meal and usually an open bar, DJ etc. They also usually go from 3:00 pm to at least midnight, usually 1:00am. We usually give money approx. $200-$300/per attending couple.

    At a wedding, I want to see the couple get married, talk, eat, drink, dance, in general celebrate with everyone. I pass through the receiving line, congratulate the couple and hand them my card, unless there is a fancy holder to put them in (glass Cinderella carriages are the rage right now). It's easy, I'm happy, they're happy, the environment is happy!!

    Please explain why you feel requesting 'money' is rude or taboo? This is a serious question as I am trying to understand why American's feel so strongly about this.

    BTW, this issue comes up for bridal showers also. At most Canadian showers you give your $40, the shower is held in a restaurant and bridal party takes a portion of the money and purchases either a bunch of small gifts, a couple of large gifts, sometimes even appliances. Again, I happy, the bride's happy.....!

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  • Lyrica-Complex Regional Pain?

    Doc. wants to prescribe this drug. Presently on Neurontin & Topamax. How good was this drug for CRP? What were side effects? Would you recommend it?

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  • Why will the US try to have a relationship with Communist China, but not Communist Cuba?

    As a Canadian, I don't understand how the US says it works on its relationship with Communist China to 'open a discussion' to improve the human rights and treatment of the citizens of China, yet if you ask how come they are not trying as hard to do the same thing in Communist Cuba, it is a completely different story? Why is there no embargo with China as with Cuba?

    I know 'sh*t' happened with Cuba, yet sh*t happened with Iran, yet the US is doing its best to repair that relationship?

    I know this is a sensitive subject with a lot of Americans. I would just like to understand why?

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  • So you think you can Dance-Last Night Results???

    Can someone please explain why Cat Deely said, just before announcing the first girl/guy safe, something about "The first person safe does not necessarily reflect total votes"

    Isn't it totally based upon votes received at this point?

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    I have just read on Yahoo Canada news that with last night's Stanley Cup game, the CBS will not renew it's contract for the Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song. Every time they play the song it costs $500. I thought I read it wrong but (quoted from Yahoo Canada News website)

    "Copyright Music & Visuals says it had offered the CBC a chance to renew its licence to use her song on terms that were "virtually identical to those that have existed for the past decade." Each use of the song in the past has cost the broadcaster about $500, the company says".

    FYI, song was written in 1968 by Dolores Claman. She even has a lawsuit pending for 'overuse'.

    With this information in mind, would you like them to re-sign a new contract or get a new song?

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  • Fake Cover/Flat Stitch on Serger?

    I own a Janome MyLock 644D. I am new to sewing so learn things one step at a time. Was just informed by Janome the 644D does not do the Cover stitch.

    Have seen on internet there is a fake way of doing this, if your serger does not have it built in. Please explain how, as if you are speaking to a child, lol.....Thanks

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  • contact removal, long nails, contacts rolled in balls?

    new to long nails, put contacts after weeks of trying using the ends of nails like finger pads, when i tried to take them out, ended up rolling the contacts into balls and lost them in my eyes. Help, how do i get them out??

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  • K-Fed created new Job Market??

    K-Fed is smarter than he looks. His entry level job (2 kids) didn't pay too well and couldn't 'keep' him in the style he wanted, so he left that 'actress' and danced for a 'singer'...contributed 2 more kids and Voila...a 6-7 figure job! Not bad for a couple of years of hard work of wearing baggy clothes and jewelry, smoking & drinking all day and driving the fancy cars that were thrown his way.

    Now I hope Britney's career (lol) takes off again, so K-Fed gets to stay home with the kids like trophy husband he was. He can start the 'First Husbands Club'....not a bad paying job, if you can find it.

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  • Meerkat Manor A Journey's End Video?

    Does anyone know where I can find (or have) Flower's last episode A Journey's End. Animal Planet only has October episodes. I missed it and as much as I know I'll cry my eyes out, watching now feels too weird to just have her 'gone'. I need to see her last episode. And for anyone who's going to post answers like 'get a life'....take a flying one.

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  • Does anyone know what text said at end of Zodiac DVD?

    It might have be legible on a big screen, but impossible to read on a smaller screen?

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