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  • Terminal Velocity Project Check?

    I'm doing a terminal velocity project in my aerospace class and we have a wind tunnel where we need to make a thing float

    I am planning on making a 25 square inch, square structure to float in the wind tunnel, which is 4 mph.

    here is the equation I was given and the variables

    *we are trying to solve for weight*

    W = (C^d 𝜌 A V^2)/2

    w= weight (solve for)

    C^d = coefficient of drag - 1.05

    𝜌 = air density = 1.2

    A = surface area = 25

    V = velocity = 4

    I got 252 for weight

    is this correct or do I need to change something?

    also, is the weight in grams per square inch or just grams?

    Engineering7 months ago
  • Terminal Velocity?

    Hello again! This time my aerospace engineering teacher has done it again! For this project, we have a verticle wind speed tunnel that is a 4mph draft in the center and around 6mph on the sides, in the middle of the tunnel which is about 7' tall, there are two rings of tape a foot and a half apart, we need to create an object that will stay in-between those rings. we can use any material, any shape, the only thing is it has to fit in the wind tunnel. (about 2-3' in diameter) I have everything done and I did the math and everything but my teacher did a bad job at explaining it. if I make an object that is going to stay in the center, should my terminal velocity be 4mph? and also is his equation that he gave us good for this because I've seen other equations on the internet: M * G = (C^d * ρ * A * V^2)/2

    M = mass               C^d = coefficient of drag

    G = gravity               ρ = air density

    A = area                  V= velocity

    (apparently we're supposed to solve for V)

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  • Repurposing a Plane Fuselage?

    Hey, for my Aerospace class we have a project where we need to repurpose an airplane fuselage into anything. Does anybody have any ideas?

    14 AnswersAircraft9 months ago
  • Does anyone know how a plane can fly the way a fish moves?

    for my aerospace class we have to create a theoretical aircraft that uses the same locomotion as a fish would, so does anybody have any suggestions on how to base an aircrafts locomotion on a koi fish

    3 AnswersAircraft10 months ago