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  • Help! I deleted an important email by accident. Is there a way to recover it for free?

    I have Yahoo email and I deleted a critical email by accident. Can it be recovered? For free? Like everyone else this year I'm broke.

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  • What incentives are offered to employers who switch to the 9/80 work schedule in Calif? Where can I find it?

    I need to know where to find this information so I can see if our company will switch.

    1 AnswerOther - US Local Businesses1 decade ago
  • Need help. How to stop stepsons suicide attempts?

    My stepson has tried to commit suicide several times. He has been seeing a doctor and is on medication, nothing is helping. It is so hard to watch and I can't do anything to help. His mother would never allow it. I care for him very much and don't want anything to happen to him. I love my stepkids as if they were my own. He is only 15. My husband is kept in the dark most of the time by his ex. I've been reading about suicide and it says eventually they will suceed. Any advice and prayers would be greatly appreciated. My husband thinks he may have been molested several years ago when his mom let him stay on a sleepover alone with an adult teen counselor at church.

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  • Should I keep supporting her as a friend or not?

    My girlfriend has been seeing (sleeping with) a guy for over 2 years. He tells her everything she wants to hear. He has never been her boyfriend, but has been someone elses when he was with her. He told her if the other girl was gone it would be only her. He broke it off and then decide to be single. He was seeing my friend and at least 2 other girls, along with the ex. I never liked him, I knew what kind of guy he was, but I thought she would see it herself. She finally did, after going back and forth and believing his lies for over 2 years. I was so happy it was finally going to end. She knew the truth and I was right all along. She said she was done for the 100th time. I found out a few days ago she was with him, even though he is back with the ex. She says she can't be without him and I am so tired of listening to her whine about this guy it makes me sick. She has always had a lot of drama in her life and I'm starting to think she enjoys it.

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