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  • I need help reaching a conclusion on whether or not my boyfriend and I experienced individual heart attacks.?

    I m 22, boyfriend is 64, we suspect last night he may have had a heart attack according to listed symptoms. However, I experienced all of the same things ~1-2 weeks ago, of the same if not greater intensity. These symptoms included: tightness of the chest, shortness of breath, feeling hot, uncomfortable, disoriented, some pain but mostly discomfort, generally ill. We both were alarmed because we hadn t felt like that before. He didn t really get alarmed when it happened to me, neither of us had the idea of me being susceptible to something like that in our minds as a possibility. Both of us experienced this for ~10-15 min. His blood pressure read high, I didn't check mine that night.

    Both of us have the common factors of:

    1. No medical history or physical conditions that would be cause for a heart attack

    2. Both of us mixed significant amounts of stimulants (i.e. coffee) and depressants (i.e. beer/wine/whiskey followed by NyQuil before bed) and experienced heart-attack-like symptoms within a few hours after going to bed. In my case, I had taken an Adderall that day in addition to the coffee, alcohol, and NyQuil.

    Web searching told me that mixing those things makes them compete with each other instead of cancel out, which can lead to a heart attack. It seems plausible given the quantity we consumed.

    I m trying to find a conclusive/semi-reliable answer because he doesn t have a Dr. s appointment until Wednesday, but I believe this makes sense. Educated opinions welcome.

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  • Voice chat program for League of Legends besides Skype?

    Me and my friends were using Skype to talk in game, but apparently Skype uses a lot of memory and we ran up my internet bill unknowingly. In order to still talk and play league, we need another program that uses less memory. Skype uses 2gb per hour, which is waaaay more than I thought.

    I've heard of others like TeamSpeak, Mumble, Razer comms, etc. but I don't know which one uses the least data. I can't find anywhere how much these use, so I don't know which one is best. If anyone could shed some light it'd be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • If I'm doing a paper on a movie or TV show, do I have to add a citation every time I reference a scene?

    I did an analysis paper on The Avengers and was told to use in text citation with the movie as my only source. Since it's about the movie, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to use a parenthetical reference every time I mentioned a scene from the movie (which was every couple of sentences).

    Now I'm having to write a paper on whether a fictional character of my choice is a hero or a villain and why. I'm using Killua Zoldyck from the anime Hunter X Hunter (if you don't watch anime, then you probably haven't heard of it). Anyway, since it's a show and I'm doing a paper basically on the character and the show, am I going to have to continually reference "Hunter X Hunter" every time I use a fact from it, despite it being clear that I'm talking about the show in my paper as a whole? If I do, how would I go about it? Just the title? Or do I perhaps need the episode number with it? I've never used any video media as a source before, so I really don't know.

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  • Should I trust the electrical outlet in my room?

    I've recently moved in to a new home with my mom, and the house is pretty old and needs new electrical outlets (all of the ones there only had two prongs). A friend of ours put one new outlet in each room for the time being until he could fix the rest, because he said the old ones couldn't handle the large pull of electricity from a power strip (when I say power strip I mean a multi-oultet thing) supplying several thing with energy.

    I plugged my power strip up to one of the new outlets and it surged and broke the power strip, then I got another one and it worked fine with my television. When I went to plug up my Xbox, it surged and broke my xbox's power block. Now I can't play until I get a new one in from amazon, and I'm kind of afraid to try again since it's broken two things. He checked the oultet and said the voltage output was fine and "it must have just been a random surge".

    I don't know much about electrical work, but I don't recall other outlets just "randomly surging" twice in a row and frying everything. The oultets that supposedly can't handle the pull seem to be working fine with the power strip, tv, and xbox, so I'd like some advice. Do you think it was just a fluke happening twice?

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  • Is there a significant difference between wheat and whole wheat bread?

    I've been dieting for the past two weeks and I've lost 8~9 pounds. I have full intentions of continuing to diet, and lately my main diet has consisted of water, turkey sandwiches (on white) and some vitamins to help make sure I don't miss my nutrients because of eating less. I still eat other things of random nature so I can try to make my calorie count - I've always eaten less than I'm supposed to, unbeknownst to me, so for the past few years my body has been in a weird mix of starvation mode so I don't hold onto my fat, yet I've apparently not actually gained any weight since I guess what I do during the day uses a certain amount of calories so my weight and fat ratio has just been idle. Due to this I'm trying to at least eat the amount of calories I need for my body to stop holding the calories in.

    Back to the point, since I've been eating sandwiches due their being filling and relatively low in alot of bad fats and other stuff, I was reading on the interwebs and people say wheat is alot better for you than white. I asked my mom to pick up some wheat bread (I'm in college, not a mooch lol) and afterward read that apparently there is a WHOLE wheat bread. I'm hoping wheat isn't significantly worse for you than whole wheat since the healthiest option is what I'm shooting for. I didn't know anything about it and she doesn't eat wheat so I was wondering how much of a difference this will really make.

    - SUMMARY - (If you don't feel like reading the above)

    Just tell me what the difference between wheat and whole wheat bread is nutrition wise, I already know the actual difference, and briefly explain why or how exactly it makes a difference so I know to watch for it in the future. Thanks in advance.

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  • Help finding a battery for my laptop?

    I need help finding a battery for my laptop if possible. I'm good with computers and know a good bit about them but I'm not quite as savvy when it comes to the hardware. I do know basic stuff about the hardware but I've never really just taken then time to find out much about it, primarily because I just got my OWN computer last year. I didn't see a need in finding about stuff like that when I wasn't going to spend my money on a computer that's not mine.

    Here's my laptop (I didn't pay the price on here by the way, this is just a page where it's got alot of info):

    I intend on getting another laptop at some point that's a better quality, and eventually on building my own. However, I needed to get one for college and it's really a very good laptop for the price ($299). The only thing that really bothers me is the battery life, it only gets about 2~3 hours (closer to 2) and it really sucks. I was just happy to have one for a while so I overlooked it, but the battery really puts a drag on the rest of the laptop.

    I have money to get another battery, but since I'm not very keen on the hardware I don't know what kind of versatility there is in that field. When I search for my specific laptop's battery I either get no results, batteries I'm unsure even fit it though they look similar, or a page with one or two of them and I'm not even sure they're that great. I really don't know what I'm looking for though, I just know the basics like more cells are better and higher mahs basically mean its a longer life but depending on how high you choose the battery size might be bigger.

    Aside from that I really don't know where to look or what for, so I was hoping someone on here could either help me find one, point me in the right direction, or maybe suggest where to find universal ones if they exist.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Are R4 cards illegal in America?

    Are R4, R4i, R43DS, Acekards, etc. illegal in America? I have already googled quite a bit on this subject and I have found that they apparently are illegal in Germany, The UK, The Netherlands, as well as with the Dutch too, but I have yet to find anyone stating directly that they are illegal to buy/sell/possess in the US. Given the way they operate, I would assume that they would stand the way emulators do, being that if you own it it's legal to have a digital copy. I really want to buy one for keeping all my games on one cartridge, and for when I want to play a different save on a game like Pokemon that offers only one save file, plus several other good uses. I just don't want to bother wasting money on something that's illegal or will complicate matters for me. All of the other answers to this question I have seen before were addressed as long as 5 years ago so that's really of no use to me.

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  • Does this Pokemon game look legit?

    I'm looking for a Pokemon Emerald on eBay, even though I'm aware amazon would probly be safer- Amazons prices will tear your wallet a new hole! I used to have Emerald a long time ago (God know why in the world I got rid of it, loved that game) and I'm trying not to get scammed.

    Here is the link

    I have been googling how to to tell a real from a fake, and this one appears real enough. Seller has good feedback but about 2-3 accounts of someone saying it was a fake. One of them said it was an accident, one said they didn't care because it traded, the other said the sound quality was bad. Aside from those they were all positive, but I'm still apprehensive.If Anyone who has a copy or has played it recently enough to help that can help me out here, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Help making my final decision between light armor and heavy armor Skyrim?

    I have 2 playthroughs, 1 on level 81 with all daedric armor and one handed daedric weapon sets maxed at legendary (with some enchantments, but I didn't go on that whole spree of making potions to enchant armor to make high blacksmith potions to make blacksmith gear so could get 80 bagillion armor rating or whatever- its a crazy loop) and a second on level 69 using, again, heavy armor AND two handed weapons (I think he had all ebony stuff and a daedric battleaxe) while also being a master destruction mage and like level 70 or 80 in conjuration, which I know seems to be a rather interesting mix up but believe me, he was a tank through and through. Both of these I have used heavy armor (obviously, and being the main point) and they have done awesome. However, I started a new profile and I wanted to try light armor, and looking now I think I would actually really like light armor because alot of it looks pretty darn awesome and I have had my time with daedric/dragon bone armor. While I know those two are awesome, I know I have on several occasions found light armor that looked amazing and had killer effects, but it was just that - light armor. While I actually didn't ever invest many perks at all into my tree, I used heavy armor for its awesome armor rating and appearance before. Now I look back and realize that both armor classes can actually reach the same class but light armor honestly has better perks and fits with my (despite the fact I have always used heavy armor) rouge/assassin playstyle. The only problem I noticed, is that I have to go all the way up one side of the smithing tree to improve my best armor types, and then all the way up the other side to improve my weapons, which is a lot of perks to use. It really discourages me from using light armor in that aspect. If you have ever used light armor and can confirm that it "pays for itself" so to speak and explain in a little detail how it's worth the extra perks in smithing then I'll likely just go ahead and use it.

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  • Pokemon Black 2 EV cheat question?

    I have marking cheat codes to put any stat at 252 EV's in Pokemon Black 2. I know that your are only supposed to have 252 in 2 stats and just a couple random ones, but when I used it my EV's were 252 in two of my stats and like 100 in all the others (except one that was 10) and that is definitely more than 510. The 100's I'm pretty sure were from using vitamins, and some of my pokemon had 60 or 70 here and there from me training them. Well, I got curious and gave one of my Pokemon 252 EV's on all of it's stats, and upon leveling up all of it's stats went up like 17-20 points. I know it won't do that every time it levels up but I was wondering, can you just leave it with all EV's maxed? I've read somewhere that you aren't supposed to but I'm not sure why. What are the bad effects that can come from this?

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  • Question about FAFSA?

    So, I'm a senior in high school. I just applied for FAFSA yesterday and they sent me a confirmation email with a estimate for a pell grant and some sort of loan, both being $5,500. My question is, is the pell grant for just one semester(fall) and then another in spring, or the year(two semesters, ya know from like august to december, and then january to like may or something)? This is really a big factor for me so please only answer if you know for certain. Thanks!

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  • What's it like speaking more than one language?

    What I mean is, does your reaction to being spoken to in another language come naturally? Like my native and really only language is english, so when someone says something to me in english, I don't have to stop and think before I reply. I instantly know what was said and how I intend to respond when I'm spoken to in english. However, when I'm spoken to in spanish, since I only know some spanish, my brain has to break down what was spoken, translate it and then I would have to think of how to properly respond. So if your fluent in a language though, do you have the ability to instantly know what they said, without your brain having to translate it for you? Thanks!

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  • How to switch from my C: drive to my D: drive for storage?

    So basically, My computer has two drives. An OS (C:) Drive and a Data (D:) drive. My C drive has 186 GB total memory, already had some used up on the computers operating system leaving me with about 154 or so GB to work with on that drive. My D drive however has 254 out of 254 GB free and i would rather go ahead and store my downloads and generally as much data as possible on that drive now while i don't have a huge number of programs installed, rather than wait till the other is full. However, I don't know how to change the drive it automatically downloads to and how to move the stuff i do have installed. I tried cutting and pasting my User folder to the D drive but when i did all my desktop icons started disappearing and I really didn't know what to do, so i just reverted to a state about 30 minutes prior. I want to use the other drive since it has more storage and is obviously for just that, but i don't know how without screwing all my files up, so some help would be greatly appreciated. Btw, if your going to take the time to answer this, give me some thing to work with. Don't say something like "Just change the save location" or something of that sort because I obviously don't know how to go about doing that since I'm asking this question in the first place. Thanks.

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  • Help with a Pandigital Novel? PLEASE READ?

    My little cousin got a Panditgital Novel White about 3 days ago and it was working fine. Yesterday, he experienced some lag, and pushed the back button like 5 time and the tablet rebooted itself (went to the startup "Pandigital Novel" page when you turn it on so I assume it rebooted) but it wouldnt stop loading the tablet. I expect that the problem was due to him running a few apps at once and he overloaded it, given the Novels small ram capacity. Whatever the case it's now stuck in a loop where it won't come on past the start up screen. We've removed the battery cabled then re-plugged it back in, reset it, and turn it on and off but still nothing. It has not been flashed or modded in any way, so it may just be a bum tablet. But I wanted to check and see if someone knew how to fix it before we return it for another one.

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  • Question about a tablet?

    Soo, I'm planning on purchasing tablet tomorrow, and I'm stuck between two selections, a Pandigital Novel eReader, and a Pandigital Star media tablet. Now granted I know they're both different, being as one is made for books. However, I have personally delt with the Novels before and I like them, they have the ability to function far beyond a normal reader, much like a media tablet. But I also know I won't be doing much reading and I know it's should be possible to get books on the Star just like the Novel should I want to read. I know the Star has android market on it, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I want to get a gameboy advance emulator on it like I had on my old phone, which If I recall the android market removed, and the "Slide" market on the Novel has not. Im just trying to decide and need someones opinion who has some experience with the tablets.

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  • Where can you buy Black Devil Cigarettes online in the US?

    I've been looking all around the Internet and I can't seem to find anything for the US. If there isn't really anywhere to get them from in the US its really not a huge deal for me, they just looked like they'd be really good. I also don't really know what section to put this in so I just put it somewhere, an preferably don't whine to me about the "Smokin bad yur gon die" and "It doesnt matter smoking is unhealthy" bulls**t, because i don't give a f**k. Thanks.

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  • I have a few questions about Final Fantasy 13-2 monsters.?

    Ok, so straight up, I'm trying to decide which monsters I'm going to level up and make a good team. For a commando, I have a narasihma, and I like him. But ive been reading that chichus and red chocobos are good too, which I have both, but it took so long to get my narasihma that I don't won't to just toss him aside If he's still a verifiably good commando despite the other two, so I need some insight on that. For ravagers, I was just going to stick with a blue chocobo, but I read cloudbursts are good, so I need a little on that. For a medic, I'm going with either a green or white Chocobo, but I really dont know which is better. As far as other monster roles, I don't use them too exceptionally much and I'm doing just fine in the game. As far as sabatuers and synergists I'm going with the black and purple chocobos once I have the time for a long term investment. I don't really use senteniels at all, since I don't see a huge purpose for them, In my case anyway. So yea id appreciate it if someone who knows what they're talking about, would help me out and preferably not direct me to a forum, because I could search those for days. Thanks in advance.

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  • Question about my PS3?

    Ok so essentially my brother went to go plug the ps3 into the power strip where all of our other plug are located, and i told him to plug it into the other wall because it would overload the outlets, but he plugged it in anyway, and consequently our tv, projector, and my cousins xbox powered off, and now my ps3 wont display a picture when plugged into the standard av port, but it works fine when plugged into the hdmi port. So does that mean there is a short in the av port or what?

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  • The Text is reaaaally tiny on my yahoo answers. I don't like it.?

    Is anyone else having this problem? how do i fix it? just for the record it hasn't always been like this.

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  • I'm confused about the slow part of "Not the American Average" by Asking Alexandria?

    Ok, so obviously the song is about sex with a complete stranger, perhaps a hooker or just a random pickup, but what confuses me is the slow part, what he means by " I can't take another disappointment" and the part when he says "breathing and grasping all leads to another messy ending" is that just where they both climax, or is he killing her? it says at one point "with your back to the wall and your face buried in the pillow" which suggests to me he's suffocating her or something, especially since he says "I see you cold" and "I feel you heartless" but I'm not sure. just looking for some clarity or confirmation.

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