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.....actually, forget this place again. I found a new home. A better home. A friendlier home. *******I had left my emails open so people can email me through this forum who are requesting information or just wanted to have a friendly chat. But I have a stalker (I haven't been here in MONTHS). Someone who is prejudiced against any one he thinks isn't Jewish. Dude, I have no idea who ADL even is. So, my email is turned off for a while. Sorry to those who have questions regarding vocal lessons or whatever else you wanted to contact me about. And to David, don't accuse people of things when you don't know them. You obviously have not seen the movie you think is perpetuating racism when in fact it is an attempt to show how dangerous racism is. You are a TROLL. No q's or a's on your profile. The worst kind of coward, a keyboard warrior who won't even use his real account to contact people when you have something to say.

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