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  • I need help finding a specific drinking glass on the net for sale.?

    I'm hoping that someone can help me find a place on the internet that sells a specific kind of drinking glass. It is clear plastic and has a handle on it. It is not a mug, it is not insulated, it is not glass. It looks like a regular drinking glass, just with a handle on it. Any help would really be appreciated!

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  • 7th grade math problem. Cant figure it out.?

    ok heres the problem...u will need pen and paper LOL

    u have three columns of numbers may only use one number in each column and those have to add up to 50 .... there are 12 numbers in each column so there will be 12 answers with 50 being the ending total of all added ...they GIVE u ONE answer which is 12+30+8=50 ... now u have to find the other 11....remember u can only use each number ONCE in each column....




    Now remember they give u 12+30+8=50 so u are going to mark those number out in each column....

    HOPE this makes sense :)) thanks for your help

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  • Park/Hiking in Bettendorf, IA?

    Looking for a scenic place near Bettendorf, Iowa for a picnic, perhaps some hiking. Going to be there tomorrow and Monday.

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  • Wedding decor?

    We are having an outdoor wedding at a State Park, and I thought that it would be cute to put a picnic basket on each table to use as a centerpiece, as well as a table marker (I'm thinking I could design something cute to put on the front of each basket with the name of the family that will be seated at that table. The only problem i'm having is that I need 15 of them, and most of the baskets I have found are between $50 and $100 a piece, which is waaaaay to much for what i'm looking for. Where can I find picnic style baskets (empty ones, as I plan on adding my own cutlery, plates, etc.) for around maybe $15-$20 a piece??

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  • Photo from the movie "Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me"?

    I'm looking for a photo shot of Phoebe Augustine (she plays the part of Ronette Pulaski). For some reason I can't find any pics of her from the movie online.

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  • What's wrong with my furnace?

    My furnace starts blowing cold air through my vents instead of warm air. If i shut it off, wait 5 minutes, and turn it back on, it starts blowing warm air again. This happens multiple times a day. Could this be a problem with just my thermostat? or do I need to have my actual furnace looked at?

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