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  • whats wrong with Yahoo Messenger screen? I can not log-in or type in my password.?

    I have been having problems logging into yahoo using messenger window for the last few days, I tried so many times to log in but it will not pull up the screen where I can type in my password, I uninstalled yahoo messenger and re-installed but it is doing the same thing as it were doing before (want let me log in) I got a text message telling me that I need to go to yahoo site as some futures are block to protect for security reason but after I reinstalled yahoo messenger window the message has not pop back up. What shall I do as I wait for an answer.

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  • Hello Question/Answer friends I need help. I have a used computer with Windows XP Professional and can not?

    Install anti-virus program nor will it let me download windows-updates, There are 4 Trojan Horses that I am not able to get rid of as all my spyware programs are being block by these trojans, I were able to run spybot search and destroy but once it ran a scan and half way through the scanning (showing the 4 trojans) it went off the screen not being seen again no matter what I tried therefore I didn't get a chance to fix the problems (get rid of the trojans) the computer is runing super slow. "Help" I do know what to do to get rid of the trojans but the programs are being cut off half way through scanning. I am running Malwarebytes, Spybot search and destroy. I will read all answers. Thanks.

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  • Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Bata?

    Ok guys, I downloaded Yahoo Messenger 9.0 (beta) But in order for it to be completely install I must install Active X (adoba flash player) Window Vista and Internet Explorer is blocking this add-on, I know what to do to make it as an add-on, but what I want to know, Is Yahoo putting out this New version of Messenger? Is it safe to download and install? Have anyone tried this new version of messenger yet?

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  • Hi everyone, If you were a top comtributor and that were taken from you, when do you get it back?

    I had the honor of being one of the top comtributors here in question and answer, but because (they said) I violated the community guidline, it were taken from me plus 10 points. I now have over 5.000 points (level 5) and would love to have that honor back (the orange label) Will I get it back? If so then at what level?

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  • I have a New Computer with Window Vista Premium, I get a White Screen after I log-in, what is this ?

    My computer is new (4 months old) and lately I have been getting a ( White Screen) Does anyone know why this is happening, Could it be a window viruse? (I run my antivirus program twice a week and keep it up-todate) I also scan my computer for spyware and adware once a week with window defender . I were told that this is a vista virus which I never heard of before. Does anyone know what this is? It is now getting to be troublesome as the Blank White screen is comming up more often. I fix this problem by right-clicking on the blank white screen then click "Close" everytime it comes up, once I click close, it return me back to the screen that I were on at that time. (This is a Blank White Screen) just like the Blue Screen. Other wise everything work just fine. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Thanks

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  • What were the prophet Hosea wife name, and who name there children?

    During Hosea Teaching, God told Hosea to marrie this lady of the streets...after they were married, they had 3 kids and there names were ..Jez-re-el ---Lo-ru-ha-mah---and---Lo-am-mi

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