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  • Cap and Trade..."cost of a postage stamp per day"..?

    Doesn't the post office up their rates every couple of months? Why shouldn't I expect the same of this?

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  • Is there a site to view the voting on yesterday's bill?

    I want to know who, especially "conservative" republicans, voted to raise my taxes by a postage stamp per day (according to Obama) yesterday.

    Is there a website where you can see how everyone voted on a bill?

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  • Republicans....We need a strategy and it had better include some LAUNDRY!?

    Get rid of these morons!!!

    John Ensign ( I voted for him!) GRRRRR

    We need a revolution! Conservative values are RIGHT!, but our party is full of people who don't practice them, including a bunch I see on FoxNews....Newt Gingrich, Dick Morris...

    uuuugh, it drives me crazy.

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  • Republicans...I am PI$$ED....are you?

    This party needs a revolution...throw the bums out!

    It is okay to be the party of personal responsibility, but that is what we have to be......these bums have to go or we are finished!

    We cannot excuse the behavior we preach against!

    John Ensign, Sanford (Samford, whatever his name is)

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  • Will there be a few more Republican leaders self destructing soon..?

    or are they already doing it and it just hasn't hit the news yet?

    Is it really too much to ask for our leaders to PRACTICE the values they PREACH?

    Dems keep replying that "sex doesn't matter" "everybody is human", etc. I don't cheat on my wife! I know there are others like me. I'M HUMAN!

    Being a party that doesn't preach good values doesn't make it okay to have bad values (Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Barney Frank...etc!)

    I've had it. I'm never voting again until a candidate excites me.

    The last two candidates I can actually remember thinking highly of were.....ready?.....George W. Bush and John Ensign!

    GW Bush...good person...never met a spending bill he didnt like. Though he did keep us safe ( should not have spent like he did..holy crap)

    John Ensign......I don't really have to say anything here, do I?

    My grandfather didn't fight WWII for my right to vote for the clowns we are apparently holding up right now.

    This party needs a revolution--it is NOT conservative right now!

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  • Is anyone else as frustrated with our party as I am?

    Yes, I know there is a democrat name (or two) for every one of these creeps on our side that can't seem to practice what they preach and I know the lines they use are "it's just sex" and "it doesn't affect their job" and "you're taking part in the politics of personal destruction",


    I WANT to be a member of the party of personal responsibility. I do not want to point to imperfections on the other side to justify these idiots on mine--I voted for John Ensign!....Grrrrr.

    Is anyone else out there thinking they are going to quit voting until both of these parties shape up?

    My grandfather didn't fight WWII for the right to vote for the jerks we have on our side right now.

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  • What's the deal with this "Whale Wars" show on Animal Planet?

    What I mean is, is whaling illegal? I understand animal rights activists (although it's pretty tough to live a life void of all products created at the demise of animals) but does this bunch of people run any risk of being arrested for piracy, or are they trying to enforce some law that prohibits whaling?

    I went to the site on Animal Planet, but I'm not sure the information there is all up to par....beings how that's the channel sponsering the show.

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  • Is there any correlation in pregnancy delivery times?

    I am expecting my 3rd baby anytime now. My other two were both born in the late afternoon. Is this baby likely to be born around the same time of day or is there no correlation?

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  • Has bipartisanship died now that Obama's stimulus (pork) plan got not a single GOP vote in the house?

    ......or am I just "hoping" too much for a "change"?

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  • Do conservative (not neo-con) values have a chance in cities?

    The population/voting maps terrify me as a conservative. I believe in small government, little regulation, low taxes, a free market, and an extremely strong military.....traditional conservative values. I don't seen anyone in our party who has the ability (or desire) to articulate these things to people and it seems that the population centers of this country would rather vote for taxes to support everything that discourages self reliance.

    I fear the cities will decide everything for us country folk before long.

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  • Why am I not unhappy Obama won?

    I'm a die hard conservative, but I see NO leaders in my party. All I see are big spending democrats who call themselves republicans. For some reason I'm not unhappy now that it's all over, but I'm not sure why.

    I believe my taxes will go up (I don't care what he says), and I think they're too high already.

    I believe we're going to move toward socialized health care, and I'm expecting my third child.

    I believe we will be more vulnerable to attack as a country, and I have cousins in the armed forces.

    I believe he will work to restrict my gun rights, and I love shooting.

    But for some reason, I'm pretty upbeat.....and I have no idea why. Is his soaring rhetoric just retarding my brain, or is there some reason I should not be unhappy as a conservative?

    Don't give me the "McCain isn't a conservative.." line--I know he's not and I had to hold my nose when I voted for him.

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  • Will Dems steal this election like they failed to do in 2000?

    How do you think the entire Dallas Cowboy's football team will vote? I heard they all have been registered here in my state (and I'm not in Texas).

    Bring on the hate, baby, I'm ready.

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  • Sarah Palin??? How do we attack Obama for his lack of experience?

    If McCain does pick Sarah Palin, as all the news outlets seem to think will happen, how does Sen. John McCain expect his supporters to continue to attack his opponent for his inexperience? A Biden/Obama ticket might have just as much experience as a Palin/McCain ticket.

    I am a proud conservative, but this guy just keeps making it harder for me to support.

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  • Are conservatives drooling over the Biden pick?

    He can't eat solid food because he can't get it past the foot in his mouth.

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  • Over my pay level???? Human Life?

    I'm not quoting him exactly correct, but it's close.

    Deciding when human life deserves human rights...isn't that an opinion anyone should have....especially the leader of the free world?

    I'm not an abortion nut, (check my history of questions and answers if you don't believe me.)

    My vote has moved (maybe temporarily) from "none of the above" to "McCain" tonight.

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  • Did McCain's performance tonight change any minds?

    It did mine (check all of my past answers, if you don't believe me). I was going to write in a candidate for this next election.

    I could not be swayed to Obama, full disclosure, but I was not going to vote for McCain this time either. However, I was moved by his statements tonight and I now think I will vote McCain.

    I'm wondering if there are very many people out there like me who are watching this crap right now though.....I actually wrote the questions out and tried to grade each candidates answers. I'm such a geek.

    anyway....anyone else awed by McCain, or just me?

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  • Can you believe Exxon paid more in taxes than the entire lowest half of wage earners in our country?

    Exxon paid nearly 30 Billion dollars in taxes last year. The bottom half of wage earners paid about 27 Billion. One corporation paid as much as 65,000,000 people combined.

    How much more should they pay? (Exxon, I mean)

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  • If we're in a recession, how can the gov't afford to give relief to 400,000 morons who can't pay the mortgages

    The mortgages THEY SIGNED?

    If I had known the government would just bail me out, I might have purchases a half million dollar home a couple of years ago.

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