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  • Wanting to grow something, but there is an old root system from some bushes in the way.?

    It's actually for my sister, but anyway ...

    There's a large space in front of her house that gets direct sun most of the day. Right now, it's covered in ivy, but she doesn't like it and wants a change. The problem is that the ivy is covering a big old root system from some bushes that were cut down years ago. Her husband has access to a tiller, and plans on seeing what he can do with that. she wants some kind of ground cover that will look good through winter, too. We are in south western Ohio. Any suggestions are welcome!

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  • Best recipe for iced tea?

    What is the best way to make iced tea? I can figure out the sweetener myself, but I really want some good stuff ... I usually use the kroger brand tea bags.

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