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  • Why won't our realtor show our house?

    We signed a contract to sell our house 45 days ago with the same realtor that sold us our house. We should have rethought that since she is the one who did not show up at closing when we bought the house. However, we have 3 1/2 more months on the contract. She put an old sign in our yard claiming she would get us a new one when the brochures were printed to attach to it. The old sign is still in our yard and no brochures. She put a key in a lock box which is sitting on our bookcase. She said she didn't want it to scratch our glass storm door so she was going to have her husband take her to Lowe's to get a chain and attach it to the metal banister on our front porch. 45 days later, it's still sitting on our bookshelf. She has not shown the house a single time. No one else has or can show our house because they can't get in without the lock-box or without contacting her. At first, when we asked online why we weren't showing, everyone said we must be overpriced... but now houses are popping up all over our neighborhood that are smaller but listed for more and some of them have already sold and we've now been told by other realtors that we are indeed priced well. But here we sit with not even a single showing. My husband and I have advertised the house all over the internet and put up flyers at work but with our realtor as the contact person, so still no showings. Our realtor claims many people have called about the house and she has sent a lot of people to get pre-qualified but claims she just never heard back from them. My husband asked to be let out of our contract. She said ok by text message to him if I would email her and confirm that I wanted out as well as my husband. I emailed her that I support and agree with my husband but stated I wanted it in writing so she couldn't come back and claim we owe her commission. She hasn't responded since. Is this some new form of passive selling?

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