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  • Second heat after labor?

    After having pups, how long does it take for a big breed dog to go into next heat? I know it is about 6 months but is it possible that she goes into heat 2,5 months after labor? We adopted dog from street which had pups in june (already was pregnant when found her, and all pups went to adoption 3 weeks ago) and i m asking this question because we want to spay her, and want to do this before next heat cycle

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  • Little white balls in puppies poop?

    My black labs are 19 days old, their mum still nursing them. Anyway, yesterday i noticed white balls in their poop, like grape seeds, it isn't rice form like tapeworms, just perfectly round. Their mum was dewormedd just before pregnancy, and i already have pills to repeate treatment in two days when pups will be 21 day old, it is when vet told me i should treat them too. I just changed her food , but i m wondering can some ingredientss from food go trough milk and finish in their stool, or could it be milk fat drops? Or my suspiciousosare rightt and those are worm eggs

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  • White marks on black lab puppies?

    My 2 and a half yrs old black lab female just labbored a litter of 10, unfortunately one was born dead. The rest of litter is fine Thanks God and very lively. But i have and issues about their markings. My female is pure bred and she haves a small diamond like mark on her chest. Dad is also black with little bigger marking. Anyway, all pups are black, but few of them have white marks unlike mum. One haves white circle under chin and one white thin stripe over chest and tummy. Anyway, i love them all, and i don't wanna sell them, i will gift them all to my friends who will take good care of them. Anyway my question is to black lab owners who already breded and is this markings my pups have alright? And hats max largeness mark they should have. Just kind answers please

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  • My cat will have surgery tomorrow?

    We finnaly decided for that step,to get her steriliazed,she is 2 years old,healthy and good size...but i am so sacred,i trust to my vet,he is my vet for last 11 years,but i need to hear other people experinece who went through this with their queens.i am very worried how post operating process will go,especially waking up from anesthesia and getting on feet agagin.I love her so much,i already cry imagining her laying on table without conceious.But i know this is for her good..tough i m scared of loosing her..thanks everyone

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