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Frank the tank

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I'm years old, I started doing ryobu-kai karate when i was 14, but had to stop due to a burst appendix that almost took my life, after the internal scarring was healed (they opened me up like a thanksgiving turkey since they didn't know what I had) I started from scratch, but moved to America, and didn't find ryobu-kai schools anywhere close. I trained to be a professional marathon runner for years, but my physique is not built for it (I'm short and stocky), I tried different training sessions including military type. About 8 years ago I tried kickboxing and 4 years ago muay thai, recently also BJJ, and that's what's I've done since. I'm also a huge fan of martial art events such as k-1, MMA, and others. I train with lots of fighters both amateur and professional. I'm called Frank the tank because of my physique, I'm 5'5 180 lbs, compact body, like a wrestler. I'm currently participating in Yahoo q+a to help out people and

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