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First & Foremost: God Bless all the troops who are serving to ensure the basic freedoms & rights for all the people all over the world! Thank you for serving! IF YOU ARE ADDING ME AS A CONTACT/FAN, PLEASE E-MAIL ME. Y! A DOES NOT ALLOW E-MAIL FROM SOME PEOPLE. THANKS! IF you were removed: I'm sorry. There is a chance you could be added again. I included my real last name. Sorry, I HAVE to hide my answers, because there are some folks on here who have an "axe to grind" with my answers. I do my very best to honestly answer Qs. I was taught to be & raised as a very honest man. When I don't know the answer to a Q, I simply won't answer. I'm a very young 65. I AM "a survivor". I did volunteer work @ Magee Rehab. Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. Our family's slogan: "Every Good Wish to You & Yours!" At times I "cull" or remove Contacts. If you want to stay as a Contact, stay in contact! Very Truly Yours,

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