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  • Do you need a license to sell my art online?

    I made a post before on here but ive done a bit more research and my last post raised to many questions in a non coherent way so im making this one now. If I were to start an online business on say Etsy where I sell my art would I need a license  to sell it? And if I were to sell others arts with their knowledge and consent would the same rules apply? My last question is if i were to give a sum of this to certain charities what hurtles would come from that? 

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  • Ive wanted to create a non profit fund raisers for a while.....?

    The issue is this wouldn't be like a normal fundraiser as it would run for nearly a year switching to multiple charities and wouldn't stay with just one.  The idea is we would sell posters, calender's, and shirts with 60 percent going to the charity of that month and the rest going to pay back said artist who designed it. The reason im doing it this way is because ik in Ohio you have to one have money to get forms to start an actual charity and two you also have to hire a board to watch over it and I want to see if this is a way i can avoid doing that and still giving back and i do realize this wont exempt me from taxes but i do not care. This is my way of trying to give back but I need to make sure that one this wont be counted as a charity and two know what all obstacles come with it. ( PS i live in Ohio and there are different laws for it in every state.) 

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