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  • Umm should I get bigger ........?

    Should I get bigger gauges? (if udont know what that Is it's when u make a piercing whole bigger) well I have my first earring hole at 00 and I've wanted it that way since I started but now I want 1 in problem is that I have 4 other holes after my gauge (normal) and the 2nd is closeish and btw I'm female so do u think it be a good idea???

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  • H2Ocean for belly ring?

    Ok I had a professional pierce my left lip ring ( I have snake bites got em at 2 dif places 4 months apart) well when I got the right side the place gave free cleaner •homemade kind• it worked amazing and well the left side I had to buy h2ocean and it got all ****** up -___- and I was gonna get my belly button done • do it myself with a kit• and like I was wondering should I use it h2ocean or would u not?

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  • What causes cold chills?

    The thing were like ur knee feels bad and cold in pain for a few mins but basically what causes them and how can u stop them?

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  • Neopets help need to find.....?

    a spotted paint brush for my petpet and when i search it i get the card >.< anyone know where i can buy it it is also a fairly new item on there thanks :D

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  • Good music.......??????????

    I'm really into music and need more bands to listen to so yeah know any good ones I like metal screamo pop punk emo sum it up my favorite bands right now are motionless in white, you me at six, escape the fate, bring me the horizon, like moths to flames, bring the arsenal, brokencyde, Hollywood undead, a rocket to the moon..... Stuff like that I like anything with a good beat so help???

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  • Does my boyfriends mom hate me?

    Ok so me and him been together 8 months and in the bringing like first 2 months we didn't tell her because she is very protective and I made him tell her cause I felt bad so she came to my bffs hose ( she lives 3 houses down) and was talkin to me alone bout how she didn't want grandiose and if we have sex she get me birth control cuz he can't use latex stuff and it was a weirdo convo she said we should be friends o.0 then over time stuff got super weird like she bitched we he spent the night but now she always wants him here she asked me a question about the end of the year test at school and got pissed cuz I knew his grades ( we are kinds so we show our grades to friends) and was like u gonna do his homework too I was like WTF and then another time when I stayed at his house she bitched cuz my doctor said to not drink tap water cuz I get sick and I'm a picky eater she called me a spoiled brat and dissed on me in front of his family like 9 people so I ran to his room and balled my eyes out and then she came back joking acting like she was jking the whole time and kept talkin bout my gauges and piercing and saying they cool but like 5 Minss ago my bf texted me saying she said ima go to he'll cuz of my piercing so I'm confused on her feeling to me help

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  • Any tips on weight????

    Losing 10 lbs in about 3 weeks???

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  • Need to lose weight but scared?

    Well see I'm 17 and pretty short ima about 5 ft 2 in and for my size I'm no where near the weight I should be and I wanna lose the weight and be healthy but I'm super shy and for some reason I'm scared to workout outside like jog around the block and stuff cuz I feel people will think bad things well I need tips to get over this


    I don't wanna pay to go to a gym because I can do the same things for less here lol

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  • I dont understand why I have this feeling?

    Ok its like this all the way up until 9th grade i was pretty good with going to school I went almost everyday then in 9th grade I didnt have a whole lot of friends in some classes and people picked on me so i didnt go when i had that class in the end i missed 50 days but still passed because im good with making up work and all then my 10th grade year i like most of my classes had friends in most classes but i still missed 30 days now this year i enjoy all my classes have a ton of friends and love going but now after being sick things feel different i just dont want to go anymore i cant figure it out its like when i dont go i wish i did when im there im fine why does my head tell me not to go? Im not scared i have only missed 7 days this year so far from being sick :/ I dont want to miss more but i find myself wanting to skip eventoday?

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  • Help?? Books about...?

    I like to read books that are personal feeling and can really happen and I want to read some good books about teen boy abuse can be any form and by anyone just has to be a teen boy

    and I mean books like Split by Swati Avasthi (thats my favorite)

    and Dirty Liar by Brian James

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  • Should he be ok with this?

    Ok so me and my boyfriend have been together 5 months we are sexually active haha and like he is allergic to latex so we dont use any protection and i was ok with this because me and my ex didnt either and noting ever happen well a few days ago my mom started bitchin bout me getting prego (no she doesnt know i have done anything with anyone) well i guess she scared me because i wanna use condoms do u think he will take this in a bad way??? or will he not care? when i asked he was like ok i guess why and i said my mom and he seemed to think i was i said no and he jus seemed upset that i asked

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  • any ideas on where i can.....?

    Get a job????

    I live in Virginia. I could work anywhere in Hopewell, Petersburg, Prince George, or Colonial Heights.

    I'm 17 and Junior in High School. I have never had a job this would be my first but I have a lot to offer. I'm friendly and positive and I am good at anything to do with computers and I am a great listener. Any ideas on a place I could get a job or a website with job listings?

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  • why do i feel so........?

    I feel so depressed when I am at home. Im 17 and live with just my mom and dad she is 57 him 50 and like i feel im going insane. when i am not here i wish i am happy and wish i could stay were every i am but when i come all i can think about doing is killing myself this place is hell for me i dont like feeling depress when i told my mother i thought about suicide she laughed and said u wouldnt and when i asked to talk to a therapist she said no..... i think it would help btw i cant leave because im a Jr. in highschool and dont have a job at the moment

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  • Is it wrong that.....?

    So I have been with my boyfriend for 4 months and I really like him we talked for 3 months before we got together so we have known each other about 7 months well school started about 3 weeks ago and in one class I have everyday one the first day I was alone then this boy walked in and I found myself looking at him well I know he was lookin at me becase I sat in the back of the room and he kept turning around and I was the only girl in that way haha well by some luck he got the set beside my the next day and we have talked everyday we joke and he always looks at me and not the guy to his left its like me more haha and well we had a pep rally and he was sitting alone and i was like i know u :D and he came on his own and sat with me and when i didnt talk he tried to find reasons to talk to me and when i was talkin bout my bf he magically had a gf the next day lol well basically I know I like him a lot a crush if u will I think he might like me too and well I really like my bf he is a good boy :D and i dont wanna give him up becuz he is my good thing but is it wrong i have a big crush on someone else?

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  • am i ADHD or something??

    Ok so for as long as i remember I havent been able to sit still I have to move some part of me and I do really annoying things I jump around a lot and I can be mid convo and point something else out like "ya so i was doing this and that and that happend........omg that a big butterfly......this that that this." and my friends are always like r u on crack or something and they call me AJ cuz my friends lil bro is ADHD and we do the same stuff am I or am I jus a hyper person?

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  • Can I be a teacher if......?

    I want to teach grades k-2 and I'm 17 now. I have snakebites which means one lip ring on both sides.....and I am getting my noes pierced a simple stud diamond. I also have gauges 00 means you can put a sharpie through and the both ears have 3 normal holes......I can put retainers in my snakebites making them just look like a dot and my gauges i can put a diamond one in which looks like a little earring with a big diamond but if I keep all of this stuff can I still teach?

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  • Do you know the name of this book!?! HELP!?

    Ok so I had to read it in my 6th or 5th grade class so know the reading level is low but all I really remember is it was a boy and his friend they went down to a river and they were gonna see if they could i think get to a lil island in the middle and well the first kid to go couldnt swim and his friend didnt know so he drowned and he didnt see him come up well he went home on his bike and didnt tell anyone and then his friends body is found..................thats all i really remember if u know it please tell me

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  • How to fix things?.........?

    I feel all depressed so I have a lot of friends right but i spend most of my time with my bff well it just so happens my boyfriend lives beside here like for real lol and he is friends with her and her brother well her brother is always being a dick to everyone me and my boyfriend and my bff so yeah i end up fighting him well i don't feel welcome there becuz of it now but I spent all summer there and like now things are weird i feel my bff only thinks im there for my boyfriend yet I am there even when he isn't and he is there when im not so its not just for him but now she is getting all weird and it feels awkward to be there and it makes me feel depressed becuz i don't want to lost my boyfriend or my bff and i don't know how to make her see i don't go for just him and that they both are super important to me and to show her i wont go back becuz of her bro which means i basically lost my bf and my bff becuz of this weird feeling i get now how do i make it go away?

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  • How to talk to guys???? <as friends>>>>?

    I need more guy friends help?? How do I start convos with dudes??? anyway to start one? I dont need a boyfriend I have a great one but helpppppp I need more boyFRIENDS

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  • How to make my mom let me go back out with my ex?!?

    Ok me and him dated 13 months and broke up because of her she never liked him but more so put up with him she was always sayin he was a deadbeat loser and stuff well im not sayin im be with him forever i just want him now maybe not later well he grabed my neck i told my sis she tried to hit him so he hit her and pushed my dad well i want them to just let me be with him itll make me happier then anything in the world just last weekend he asked me out i agreed but i dont know how to tell my mother and father im going to be with him with out them fliping and all i want them to accept him and me how do i explain i want him and her both and her to just agree she doesnt need to do anything

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