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  • A question towards black and Latino people: does it ever feel like theirs a group mentality in our communities?

    Just something I've noticed growing up and something that may have been reinforced with the current events going on

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  • I don't feel like voting this year, is that wrong?

    I'm a registered Democrat and the first time I voted was back in 2012 and I voted for Obama. In 2016 I reluctantly voted for Hilary Clinton. I wanted Bernie Sanders to win the nomination in 2016 and well see the recent B.S. that happened this year. I also would've voted for Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard. I know politicians will never keep all their promisis but those 3 might of tried to make life easier for people regardless of race, gender, economic background or even political affiliation. Joe Biden is a senile **** heel who was propped up by establishment Democratics who do the same stuff they say Republicans do. The recent riots and the way the "protesters" and police officers have acted made lose faith in many things. Little info on me, I'm. Straight man of color whose in his late 20s and is finally going to do something with his degree. I emphasize with the protesters but I don't support the chop communities and I have mixed feelings about BLM. I think cancel culture is out of control lately and seeing what entertainment might look like in the next couple of years I'm going become more outdoors like if and when the CV19 thing ends. So am I wrong for not voting?

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  • Hip hop: have you heard of Billy Woods? ?

    If you have what did you think of his music?

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  • So how the carona virus affected your life?

    Just wondering

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  • TV: would you watch a TV show based on Quentin Tarantino's vega brothers?

    If your a long time Tarantino fan like me you know that Vic Vega aka me blonde is the brother of Vincent Vega. Tarantino wanted to make a movie about the two brothers before they met their demise. Tarantino decided not to it because both Michael Madsen and John Travolta were to old (their older now). With some movies like Fargo, from dusl till dawn and animal kingdom recieving relatively successful TV adaptations, the vega brothers can sort of be a prequel to the events of pulp fiction and reservoir dogs. The brothers could run into several other characters in the Tarantino verse. The show could take place on the Mid to late 80s to early 90s. The show could reveal what led to Vic going to prison and why Vincent fled to Amsterdam. They could run into characters like a young Marceles Wallace. Larry AkA mr. white. Nice guy Eddie, older versions of Cliff Booth and Rick Dalton. So what do you think?

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  • when did men start getting villainfied?

    I'm not trying to start ****. I just wanna know why over the last couple of years why my gender is now evil incarnate. This stuff is mostly happening online. in real life I haven't met a women who has come up to me and say I'm evil or privileged. I'm not white and this might controversial but I think upper class white women are actually the most privileged people in the country. I just wanna know why my gender is seen as evil and privileged?

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  • can you become dependent on supplements when you exercise?

    what I mean by that question is can you become mentally dependent on certain stuff you take before you workout? the stuff I'm taking is ghost pre workout and ghost alpha amino. Yesterday I forgot to drink them and I was able to do the workout but not as effectively as I usually do when I take the stuff. so could it also be a chemical dependency? the stuff I take is legal but does this happen to anybody else?

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  • So when did all this virtue signaling start in media (movies,TV shows, comics and video games)?

    First off I wanna make it clear that I don't have a problem with diversity. As a man of color (yes I'm gonna put that in because I got a feeling I'm gonna be called sexists and racists) I have no problem with it, but i do when it feels forced. I just wanna know when you think it started?

    BQ: Do you think its backfiring on people in the entertainment business? 

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  • MMA: so is Robert whittaker getting a rematch with Israel adesanya?

    usually the former champion gets a rematch and I think he was still getting over some surgery he had prior to the fight. So is it gonna happen?

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  • should Ring of honor wrestling start streaming shows on YouTube?

    MLW. defiant. WXW, NWA and ICW have put weekly shows on YouTube and people have gone on and watched them. AEW kind of does the same thing with AEW:dark. So should ROH do the same thing?

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  • what do women think of Male feminists?

    I'm Male, straight  and believe in equal rights but I'm not a feminist. I know there are guys out there who identify as feminists but I always thought of them as worms, but that's a man's perspective. what do women think of Male feminists?

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  • So would you not consider me a real liberal if I disagree with certain things?

    First off a little bit about me: I am a person. of color,  I'm straight, I'm college educated (community college but i am planning on going back to get a 4 year one for a career), I'm not homophobic. I am an agnostic but don't have a problem with anybody whose an atheist or religious. I've been noticing things that if I speak up about them I get called a race traitor,  homophobe or a sexist. I believe in equality but i don't believe in treating people special just because their LGBT,  women or minorities.  i know racism exists but i know racism towards white exists too, I know the right has used shady tactics when it comes to politics but our side is far from squeaky clean. so am I not a real liberal in your opinion?

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  • LGBT, how do you feel about identity politics and the recent pronoun stuff that has come up in recent years?

    So first off I wanna say that I am straight and a liberal. I just wanted to ask the LGBT people how they feel about these people who identify as nonbinary, gender fluid or some other pronoun. I'm not trying to piss people off because I've been asking all sorts of questions when it comes to certain things.

  • Liberals and conservatives, can we admit that there has been race baiting from both sides? ?

    I just wanna see were this goes. I've noticed my side of the political party (liberals) doing the same things the right does. One of these things has been race baiting. Now I'm boy saying everybody on the right is a racist because let's be fair theres racists on our side too. by the way I'm of afro latino descent (yes I know that doesn't make a real black person to certain people) I just wanna an admission that there has been race baiting on both side and I've noticed it has gone down over the last couple of years but with the election coming up, ummmmmmm

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  • what do you think of HBO'S watchmen?

    First of all I'm a straight person of color who is a liberal.  I was hyped for this show and the first episode left a bad taste in my mouth because of the cringy agenda.  I also hated how they made  rorshach a symbol for racism for some reason.  To be fair the show has gotten better with the recent episode being the best so far. it focused on looking glass and he finds out the truth about certain that I don't want to spoil. I hope the show atleast explains why they did rorshach like that and adrian vite AKA ozymandious is my favorite character on the show. what did you think of the show?

    1 AnswerDrama9 months ago
  • how do women feel about feminism?

    I wanna start off by saying that I am a straight man of color who is a liberal. I believe in equal rights but I don't identify as a feminist. I just wanna know how do women feel about the current state of feminism? I'm not trying to start **** or trigger anybody I'm just curious

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  • is it wrong that I don't care for SJWS and trump supporters? ?

    As a 27 year old man my political views for most of my adult life has been on the left. I also know not everybody on the right is a raging bigot and not everybody on the left is a perfect example of morality. I'm just getting tired of all the unnecessary politics like toxic feminists, gender politics. racism from both sides (by the way I'm a straight Afro latino  male), xenophobia, and what the meetoo movement had devolved into. So is it wrong that I pretty much feel like **** SJWs and trump supporters? 

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  • mma: was anybody shocked on how adasanya and Whittaker ended?

    I had the fight ending in a split decision with either guy having a really good chance of winning. I didn't see adasanya rocking Whittaker. 

    Bq: who do you see winning the rematch and who do you think is in line for a title shot?

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