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My husband and I have moved back to the Pacific Northwest (where I'm from). We were on a permaculture farm in the high mountain desert area of Idaho. We raise meat goats, and a very few sheep as well. This year we hope to add chickens and turkeys to our farm. We are making headway with the perminant edible plantings. Fruit trees and herbs mostly this year. Also a few artichokes. Worried about the enviroment? Please buy from small farmers, and farmer's markets. You will be doing a GREAT deal to help the enviroment if you do! NOTE: If you connect to me, and I do not see a question we have answered in common, and/or if your email is private, I will automatically block you, no matter how many points you have. Send me an email and ask, or tell me why FIRST.

  • Why do you think the media gave so much attention to the May 21 end of the world thing?

    Why do you think the media gave so much attention to this crackpot? After all he made the same claim back in the 1990's and nothing happened then either. What makes him different than any other flake standing on a street corner shouting about the end of the world? What REAL news story is the media trying to draw our attention away from? Or do you think it's a general doom & gloom mentality of the public at the moment, and that's why the media gave air time to the May 21/rapture/end of the world story?

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  • Question about medical insurance and what constitutes a prosthesis?

    There is a disease called alopecia areata. It causes hair loss, and usually strikes women. It usually happens to women in their late teens, early 20's.

    There are two main forms of the disease. Alopecia areata totalis, and alopecia areata universalis.

    With alopecia areata totalis, the patient looses all the hair on their head (sometimes eyelashes and eyebrows as well). With alopecia areata universalis the patient looses all the hair on their entire body.

    This is the definition of a prosthesis in the dictionary:

    "an artificial device to replace or augment a missing or impaired part of the body"

    Insurance companies are required to cover breast implants for breast cancer patients (even the side that didn't have cancer), because the female breast is viewed as such a part of being female, and helps breast cancer patients recover emotionally and psychologically.

    So my question is, do you think that wigs for women with alopecia areata should qualify as a prosthesis under the insurance companies?

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  • Does the following sum up the health care thus far?

    The health care plan written by a committee whose chairman doesn't understand it, passed by Congress that hasn't read it but exempts themselves from it, to be signed by a smoking president who also hasn't read it, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that's broke.

    Just checking, is this all correct thus far? Is there anything that can go wrong with this health care plan?

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  • If you hear a scary noise in your house, would you investigate, or call the police?

    So you hear a real spooky noise....investigate it yourself, or call the cops?

    I think this woman in Germany wishes she were a bit braver and investigated it herself. Read the short article in the link, then post a comment (if you are not laughing too hard):

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  • Looking for creative ideas/links to keep water troughs defrosted, with NO electric?

    How do the Amish do it? (Dig a hole and put a propane lamp in as I understand)

    We have four, and preferably six water troughs we'd like to keep defrosted, without the use of electric. Some of those troughs are metal, some are plastic. Some are 100 gallons, some are 800 gallons.

    So I need a variety of ideas of a variety of water troughs.

    I have curios horses that play with things, and rip electric tank heaters out. I'm also watering goats and sheep.

    Has anyone tried floating a inner tube in the water trough?

    What are the typical cold temps you deal with, when using your method of choice?

    Thank you for any an all suggestions.

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  • Should the other 49 states now start a class action lawsuit against the state of Louisiana?

    I'm wondering if the other 49 states in the Union should start a class action lawsuit against Louisiana. A judge just ruled in favor of the "victims" of Katrina. Those are people who KNOWINGLY live in a city which is below sea level.

    The judge ruled the United States Army Corps Of Engineers failed to maintain the shipping lanes, and levies to New Orleans, and that caused the flooding when Hurricane Katrina hit.

    We The People (the taxpayers) pay for the United States Army Corps Of Engineers with our Federal Tax dollars.

    It is predicted that the lawsuit is going to cost the U.S. Government (that actually means We The Taxpayer, in the end) 100 billion dollars. That is Billion with a "B."

    Now I live in Washington state. The worst storms EVER to hit the continental U.S.A. hit my state. Not the state which have hurricanes, but my state. Few believe it, look up the Columbus Day storm of 1962, with 179 mph winds, before the final wind gages were ripped away.

    Yet somehow, here in the Pacific Northwest we handle it, even the millions of trees that get blown down. We don't sue the Government.

    I personally don't feel like extending a single dime to a city that is built below sea level and continues to sink deeper and deeper every single year. I don't want to send them a penny, via Federal Tax dollars, for the "victims" sueing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

    In fact, I want to see New Orleans returned to it's natural state. Land that is below sea level, natural habitat for nesting water fowl, fish, alegators, turtles, snakes, and so forth.

    Are there any other states which would like to sue Louisiana for "mantaining" a dangerous city below sea level, and see that swampland returned to its natural state?


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  • Have you ever preformed CPR on a pet?

    Would you be willing to preform CPR on an animal?

    Since I raise goats, I've preformed CPR on newborn kids, and saved them. Lambs too.

    I personally would rather perform CPR on an animal (even one gloppy with the birth "jelly.") than I would another human I'm not related too.

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  • The Yamster's "best answer" pick on the Obama/Nobel Peace Prize question?

    So tell me, what do you think about the Yamster's pick for "best answer" on the Nobel Peace Prize question?

    I went and read every single answer "Irish Eyes" has ever posted. She's a 20 year old Canadian, who give fun and interesting answers about giving hand jobs to guys.

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  • Llama lovers, and people who love animals, nice story?

    Here's a link to a nice news story, about a rescued llama. Thought the people who enjoy those camelids might enjoy reading the story.

    Since this has to be a question, what are your thoughts about the story?

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  • What is the significance/reason for the dancing horses at weddings?

    I've seen many videos of them at Islamic weddings (especially Pakistan). What is the reason for the dancing horses?

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  • Which is more impressive, the domesticated horse, or zebra?

    Which is more impressive, the domesticated horse (any breed) or the zebra (any species)?

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  • Which is more impressive, domesticated dog, or wolves?

    Which is more impressive, domesticated dogs (any breed), or wolves (any species)?

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  • Which is more impressive, domesticated house cat, or any wild cat?

    Any breed of domesticated house cat, vs. any breed of wild cat (lion, tiger, ocelot, cougar, ect), which do you think is the more impressive animal?

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  • Hair loss in Katahdin lamb?

    I have a pure katahdin ewe that gave birth to triplets about three weeks ago. Two ram lambs, and one ewe lamb (also pure katahdins).

    They were born out on a 40 acre pasture. The mother is extremely attentive and very good with her triplets. She is producing large amount of milk for her lambs.

    She has access to salt (iodized), minerals, and fresh water at all times. No feed other than pasture.

    The ram lambs are brown. The ewe lamb is white, like her mother.

    The ewe lamb is loosing her hair. Over her whole body. She does not itch on anything. No other sheep in the flock have this problem.

    She has no scabs, no ringworm, and she is the only one with this problem.

    Any ideas as to what could cause this problem in a three week old hair sheep lamb?

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  • Are there any dung beetles native to the Pacific Northwest?

    Specifically any native to Western Washington state? Any links/pictures of them would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm a permaculture farmer, and dung beetles are something I'd very much love to have on my farm.

    Because so much of Washington state was covered by glaciers during the ice age, I kind of doubt we have native dung beetles. Most of that type of insect life (like worms) were scraped away, by the weight of the glaciers.

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  • Why do so many gun owners have this attitude?

    Why do so many gun owners take the attitude of, "Well if TSHTF, I have a gun and can always go get MY supplies."

    (TSHTF The $hit Hit The Fan for those who don't know)

    I read it over and over again, in many different forums. I've read it in books, magazines, even heard the sentiment expressed in conversation.

    Then there's my family and myself. We are very frugal. Married in our livingroom, no honeymoon. No vaccations, no fancy TV's, no "toys." No debt of any kind, except our mortgage we will pay of years early. Two years food storage in our pantry.

    We've worked VERY hard to own our 40 acre farm. We grow 90% of our own food. We own livestock, and all kinds of vehicles (about 10) that we could keep running no matter what. We can make our own fuel.

    We can produce and sterilize our own water. We can grow our own firewood (house heated with wood). Soon we'll even be able to make our own power.

    We have worked very hard for many years to attain all these things, live independent lives as possible.

    So why is it that many, many gun owners feel it would be just fine to come try to steal from folks like us if someting happened (complete ecconomic collapse, pandemic, ect)?

    By the way, before you think I don't like guns, you would be wrong. My father made the Olympic team for sharp shooting. I'm a crack shot. I think every responsible U.S. citizen should own a gun or five.

    Also please don't state that they just mean they would get their food from stores. I question every person I've ever met who has made that statement. They all (and I do mean all) admit they would kill/steal from another citizen who had a food storage.

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  • You just cannot make something like this up!?

    Star if the news story made you laugh.

    (Can you hear the 911 call? Can you see the police report? What does a tow truck driver charge for pulling a wiener out?)

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  • Should Yahoo be deeply embarrassed or the person who answered the question?

    Should Yahoo be embarrassed, or the the person who answered a question, when the question is chosen to be "Best Of Answers," and the answer is WRONG?!

    Specifically this question (about the color of chicken eggs):

    Correct answer is, there is ZERO difference between brown or white chicken eggs. What determines the color of the chicken egg is the color of the membrane over the chickens ear canal.

    White membrane=white eggs

    Brown membrane=brown eggs

    Green membrane=green eggs (look up Araucana chickens if you don't believe there are green eggs)

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