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  • Diabetes help!?

    I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and have been counting carbs and staying under 100 a day and walking 2 miles. I'm sure there is more I should do, but until I go to the "diabetes management class", I am looking for advice from other diabetics. My A1C is 7.2. Also, can anyone share some of their secrets and recipes with me? Thanks!

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  • Should I cosign on an apartment for my 19 year old son?

    My son works full time and theoretically can afford half the rent on an apartment he plans to lease with a friend. Because he has no credit, the landlord is requiring a co-signer. His friend's parents are basically out of the picture, my son's dad is refusing, so that leaves me. He lives with me now but I would like to see him on his own so he might soon realize that he needs an education or some training for a better job. Right now he pays his cell phone and car insurance responsibly each month but has lots of extra cash that he spends frivolously. He says he knows he has to change his life style and I know he won't purposely use my co-sign as an excuse not to pay rent, but I am still concerned. If he does default on the rent too many times he will have to break the lease. Will I then be responsible for the rent for the remainder of the time on the lease? Any other advice you smart people can give me I would truly appreciate. I'm hearing everything from NO NO NO to you have to help your child get started. Opinions?

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  • New carpeting sending me to the cleaners!!?

    Two years ago I spent about $7,000 on new carpeting for my home. At that time I was given a two year interest free option which I took advantage of thinking that I would pay the balance at the end of the two year period. Well, on May 26 my two years was up and I somehow missed that date. I am now being charged back interest (at the rate of 29%) which amounts to over $3,000. I spoke today with three different people and their supervisors who all told me the same thing....basically "TOUGH LUCK". Do I have any other recourse?

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  • My son is 18 and I feel helpless?

    To make a long story short, my son has been drinking and smoking pot since 8th grade. I've tried everything. He's been in "juvey" three times but nothing seems to have an affect. He started college but quit and now works usually from 4-10. By the time he gets home at night I'm ready for bed and that's when the party starts. I find empty bottles and cans and paraphernalia all over my garage almost every morning. He can't afford to get his own place and his father, my ex-husband, has little part in his life. He, too, is an alcoholic and pot user. Short of involving the police and legally having him removed from my house, what else can I do? I also have a 15 year old son who is bound to be next!

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  • Child support

    I have been receiving the same amount of child support for my two sons since my divorce 8years ago. My oldest son turned 18 in June (younger one is 15) and shortly after my ex decided to cut my child support in half. He didn't talk to me about it...just did it. I have always known that it would be reduced, but isn't that something that only a judge can change legally? Is he in contempt of court by breaking a court order? Our original agreement stated that child support ended at age 18, but it didn't say what it would be reduced to when only one child was under 18.

    I think I just need to talk to my attorney, but in the meantime I was wondering if any of you had any insight for me.

    Thanks so much!

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  • Child support reduced without court order. Legal?

    I have been receiving the same amount of child support for my two sons for the past 8 years. My oldest son turned 18 in June (younger one is 15) and shortly after my ex decided to cut my child support in half. He didn't talk to me about it...just did it. I have always assumed that it would be reduced, but isn't that something that only a judge can change legally? Is he in contempt of court by breaking a court order? It probably isn't relevant, but my 18 year old son has graduated from high school but still lives with me and works part time.

    I think I just need to talk to my attorney, but in the meantime I was wondering if any of you had any insight for me.

    Thanks so much!

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  • How come I can't send more links?

    When answering a question on here, I see that others do but after I go over 10 it tells me to take some away. What am I doing wrong?

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  • My son is 17 and I'm scared for his future?

    After years of fighting him to go to high school, he finally dropped out and got his GED. He enrolled in a community college and is working evenings in a pizza shop. Now, he tells me he is failing his classes and school just isn't for him. He is very smart and funny and kind to his little brother, but seems to have no willpower to stick things out...very undisciplined! (my fault, I'm sure). I try to support all of his decisions the best I can, but I'm having trouble with this one. We do talk alot and he knows how important an education is, but says he just wants to work realizing that he'll probably get nowhere. He sleeps in til noon, plays basketball til 4 and works from 5-10. He has plenty of spending money and is saving some too, but once child support ends when he turns 18 in June and he can no longer be on his father's insurance (because he won't be a full time student) he has to have something. Everything I recommend is put down for one reason or another. I know that he is young and may grow up and mature enough in a few years to "get it", but so far what I've seen from him is a lack of any motivation. He says he's sorry he let me down, wants to make me proud, wants an education, but just isn't "into it". I go from kindness to sarcasm within seconds in our conversations. Is there any way to motivate a boy who isn't? BTW his girlfriends works and goes to college for nursing; she is very ambitious and disappointed too, but she loves him like I do. Charge him rent at 18? Throw him out? I don't think I can do either of those things. HELP!

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  • Advice from parents of gay children..?

    My son is 14 and recently told me that he is gay. I told him what I felt in my heart which is that it didn't matter to me at all, I love him , am proud of him and I'm glad he talked to me about it. I asked him if he had any questions for me or anything else he wanted to share and he said no. We hugged and that was that.

    Now I find that I am feeling afraid and extra protective of him; afraid that someone will hurt him or embarrass him or not accept him for the wonderful person he is. He goes to an Art Academy and is very talented, smart and has tons of friends. Sometimes he wears clothes that I feel might cause ridicule but it doesn't seem to bother him, so I don't say anything.

    I also have a problem with sleepovers now. My older son has a girlfriend and has several times asked me if she can spend the night. I always say no, but my younger son has girls stay the night. When my older son mentions this I tell him that his brother is gay and having girls stay is obviously different for him (BTW my older son is fine with his brother's "gayness" ). The boys who stay over are long time friends and not gay to my knowledge.

    My other issue is this: is this something that I should tell people? Of course, I have talked to my close friends and family but sometimes feel like I am ashamed because I'm not telling everyone and it makes me ashamed to think I'm ashamed! Oh my!

    Can anyone give me any advice about things I should or should not be saying or doing for my son? Thank you.

  • Paint color for family room ??

    My family room has hardwood floors,with a shaggy beige area rug, a white brick fireplace and mantle. Most of my furniture is black and my sectional is a dark sage color. One big chair is sage, beige and rust striped, just a little of the rust. Right now the walls are painted a lighter sage than the sectional, but it feels like there is too much green in there. Other than a sand or beige, which I may paint, what other colors would look good? Also, should I paint the white brick fireplace and mantle? If so, what color? I was thinking of black??

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  • I'm heartbroken about my 16 year old son?

    My son, who will be 17 next month, has been in and out of trouble for two years. Driving without a license, drinking, smoking pot and skipping school. He has been in juvenile detention 3 times and is now on probation. He is failing school, not because of his grades which are good, but because of the attendance rule. His father and I have been divorced since he was 10 and he doesn't have a good relationship with him. He found his first joint at his Dad's house and although he has no respect for him, I am afraid he is turning in to him. Alcoholism goes back several generations on his father's side. ALthough his father is neglectful of him, he WILL however pay for help for our son and feels that he needs drug rehab. I think he needs a military school where he is made to follow rules. He does well when he is in juvey, follows all the rules and is a "model prisoner" but won't listen to me. What do you think would be best? I am at my wit's end. Thank you so much for any advice.

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  • can you stop evolution in pokemon diamond by pressing "b" while it is evolving?

    i want yo train my snover to level 46 so it learns blizzard andsheer cold faster, so i was wondering if oyu could press b while it was evolving to stop, like in the old games.

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  • What's up with him?

    I've been seeing the same guy for 5 years now. We are both divorced and are very well-suited. He makes me laugh, is attentive, sensitive and sexy. Last night I was to go to his house. (my kids are with their dad this weekend). We talked several times during the day and at 5 he told me he was going to meet a friend at a nearby bar but wouldn't be long. I told him I'd be at his house at 7 and he said he should be back, but if not just to go in. I finally went to sleep at 10 and he came in at 2 happy to see me. Needless the say, I wasn't happy to see him. I left early in the morning while he slept. He called and apologized but I am so disappointed. He said he didn't even have fun, should've just come home and doesn't know why he didn't. What's up with him?

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  • I'm a computer moron, but..?

    can someone tell me what this means. I went to my SENT items and saw the list of people I had emailed. To the left of one name was a green arrow. What does that indicate and is there any way of knowing when your sent items have been read? Thanks!

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  • Advice on bringing a kitten home...have a 7 year old dog?

    We have a 7 yr. old Corgi and now my son is dying for a kitten. I've never owned a cat, and although I'd like to, I have no idea how to make the transition. Will the dog accept the cat, ignore the cat, or kill the cat??? Our dog has the run of the house. Sleeps under my bed or in bed with my son. Please help. thanks!

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  • My son's life is a mess?

    My 16 year old son is in juvenile detention right now. He has been smoking pot, drinking, failing at school and recently took my car and his father's (we have been divorced since he was 10) out for a ride in the middle of the night. He doesn't have a license because I haven't allowed it because of his behavior. He is an exceptionally smart boy, very handsome and popular but has gotten on the wrong path. I am heartbroken. His father and I have decided that once he is released from "juvey" we will send him to a wilderness program 3 hours from our home. It is very expensive ($40,000 for a year) but has a high success rate. My son, of course, is adamantly opposed to this and threatens to do something that will get him kicked out. I feel like this is our last chance to give him a future, but am terrified that this, too, will not change him. He is and always has been VERY strong-willed. What are your thoughts on sending him to this school?

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  • Everything is good except this...?

    I've been seeing a man for 5 years now.We are both in our 40's. We met when he was still married and I was recently divorced. He is now divorced too and we have a great thing. Neither of us want to marry until my children are out of the house; they are teenagers. We both always put our children first and see each other when we can. My problem is this... he does not want me to be around his children. One daughter is 20 and the other is 11. The older one thinks of me as the woman who broke up her parent's marriage and the little one doesn't know anything about me. He says I would be a wonderful example for them and he knows they would like me if given a chance but he doesn't want to confuse or upset them, so we keep our lives separate from theirs. I haven't made an issue about it because I understand in a way that he is trying to protect them. Still, sometimes it makes me feel very bad that he won't share this part of his life with me. Any suggestions?

    8 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Pain a ceramic floor?

    I have a very small bathroom off of my master bedroom. It has black ceramic floor and I don't like it. Can ceramic be painted? If not, is there any way to go over it without tearing it all out?

    3 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • My son is 15 and was recently caught smoking pot.?

    He went to live with his father for 6 months because he thought he would have more freedom there. He did not speak to me much during that time and broke my heart. Now he is back and we are getting along most of the time. He goes to counseling and his privledges are based upon a clear urine test once a month. His father wants to send him away to a boarding school, but I feel that what he needs most is structure and love from me. I have always given the love and am just starting to be more structured with him. He is doing poorly in school although he has a very high IQ; he doesn't care a bit about his grades. He is a very talented musician and wants to persue that area. Would boarding school help him learn more discipline or make him resent me?

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