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I am on disability. I have an artificial leg; below the knee.(since birth). I have fibromyalgia, diabetes, depression, and HBP. In other words, I'm a mess! But I am a Christian and believe the Bible and I pray every day and I try to live my beliefs and be positive. I feel I might be able to help someone in here, and like answering questions in Y/A. I am divorced, and have raised two children, and worked outside the home in my younger years. I do cross stitch, embroidery, but probably haven't kept up with it enough lately. I play piano, and have for many years in churches I attended. I like to read anything written by my favorite author, Tim Lahaye.

  • Wet eyes. Can you help me?

    My eyes produce too much tears and blur my vision a lot. Then when I try to clear them they get irritated by my rubbing them. I end up with a lot of crusty stuff around my eyes. Do I need an antibiotic or what? I have tried Visine but it doesn't help the wet eye problem. What else can I try to dry them up?

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  • How many planets do we have now?

    I read on the internet that we found yet another planet, so how many does that technically make us now and what are their names too?

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  • Did you know that spelling COMPUTER equals 666?

    Take the letter A =6 and go through the alphabet assigning numbers by 6 from there on until you get to Z. Then add up the word computer and see what you get. It will amaze you.

    12 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Where can I find a diabetic sliding scale chart online?

    I lost my chart and need to know how much insulin to take when my sugar is high.

    For example 3 units when my sugar is 200 or over up to 5 units up to sugar level 210 etc. I can't remember what I should do because Im fairly new at this insulin taking.

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  • Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie really married and if so where and when?

    Where did they get married and when did this happen? I am asking because someone said they were but I don't remember their wedding being announced on the news or tv or anything. (I know Brad adopted the children that Angelina adopted before they were together)

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  • Which arthritis is associated with spinal stenosis?

    I was told I have arthritis in my back and lower lumbar region going into spondylosis in my left hip. Today I got the diagnosis of spinal stenosis. Which arthritis is associated with it?

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  • Did anyone out there use BioSpot on their animals and they got sick or died?

    Did your pet have a reaction or get sick or die after you used it? There is a class action suit going on about this product because it is poisoning dogs and cats! I used this product and my dog almost died from it. I had to have my dog in the hospital for two days and still may have repercussions over it even though my dog lived.

    I have information about how to get to the EPA and how to get your money back. And / or compensation on your vet bill , and payment reimbursement of the product. Email me for further information.

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  • Is it easy to learn Hebrew?

    And where can I get a simple lesson plan for learning the language or at least being able to read it? Also, where would I get a Hebrew Bible? I forgot what it is called :(

    14 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • How would you deal with your situation if it was like this?

    I had a friend that I had known for 30 years pass away recently. But we had a situation that came up while she was alive that we got into it over. She and I had fought over the years and always got over the arguments to continue being close friends. But this last one she and I parted ways and didn't speak. (we never ran into each other either) Now she is deceased and I feel guilty that we couldn't have remained friends. I already struggled over not being able to be friends again (for years) and now the chance is gone.

    I want to express my sympathies but feel that the immediate family would wonder why I suddenly pop up now. The husband knew what it was over, but the grown children didn't. What is your opinion on this matter?

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  • Does your family not get along at Christmas so it causes someone not to attend?

    Every year in my family it has been been at least one person that has caused this situation. My sisters used to say it was my mother. But she has been deceased for 9 years now and they still do it, so it was not her! Is there any suggestions on what can be done so this will stop? I'm at my wits end and am getting to the point I dread going. (please don't suggest not going, that isn't a feasible answer for me)

    1 AnswerChristmas1 decade ago
  • How do people get that the Great White Throne judgment is a second chance at salvation?

    I was taught that after death there would be no chance to change your mind. Who you believe in and serve on earth is what determines your destination. If we believe in God and His Word as truth, then we follow His plan for salvation and we won't have to experience the GWT. The GWT judgment is for the sinner to be judged for their sins and punished for rejecting God.

    The Bible states that you are appointed once to die and then the judgment.

    We have no second chance to decide after death. We have to decide that when we are on earth.

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Why did Jesus go to hell after His death on the cross and preach to the people while He was there?

    The Bible says He went to hell after his death to take back the keys to hell and death. And He preached for three days. I must be missing it but does it say why He did the preaching?

    10 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Are Christians asleep in the grave until the Rapture? If so then why does the Bible say..?

    To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Do not the Christians go to Heaven when they die, and when the Rapture takes place on Earth we are reunited with our physical body and changed into immortal bodies in a twinkling of an eye?

    My mother always taught us that we would be in Heaven after we died. But now my younger sister says that after my mother died she is not in Heaven, but in the grave waiting on the Rapture. My sister has been out of church for years and has recently come back into the fold. I don't think she is getting the interpretation right.

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Can the police arrest him ?

    Ok, here is the situation.... an 18 year old boy went through a drive through and ordered a drink (like a coke). He proceeded to the second window after he paid for the drink. Then he got out of the car and ran around the car between the window and the car. When the girl at the window gave him the drink, she dropped it and it spilled all over him. He got in the car and drove off. Then he went back through the drive thru and ordered another drink. He paid for the drink and proceeded to the second window. The girl gave him the drink and then he started driving off and threw it back in through the window at her.

    Besides being very RUDE and SPITEFUL, was this action called for? And could he be arrest for anything?

    7 AnswersOther - Food & Drink1 decade ago
  • How can get Internet Explorer on my computer again?

    Some how, I think my sister deleted my IE on my laptop. I can't get IE 8 to re-install because it says I have a newer version running on my computer. But my computer says I don't have IE even ON my computer now. I have been all over the internet to solve this problem and even called my ISP and they said I would need to get an IE Installer from like Best Buy or somewhere. ?? What the heck, I installed it through AT&T in the first place and now they say they can't install it?? HELP!!

    4 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • How does everyone that has downloaded Internet Explorer 8 like it?

    I just installed mine, and was wondering if there is any gliches or problems showing up yet.

    8 AnswersOther - Internet1 decade ago
  • What is the legal definition of a private adoption?

    I know of a person that says she doesn't want her baby when it is born. But she said she has a friend that can't have her own (she has four children that she can't afford already) and she wants to sign her parental rights to this baby over to that person. She also says she does not have to go through court to do this. But wouldn't she have to go to the judge at some point to legalize it?

    5 AnswersAdoption1 decade ago
  • Do you know what is causing my left ear to....?

    I keep having pain behind my left ear frequently. It feels like when you wear new glasses and they hurt because you aren't used to them. In fact it is right at the end of where your glasses would hit you behind the ear. I have had mine over a year now. And it seems to be in the outside part of the ear, not a gland, lymph node, or the ear canal.

    Any ear specialists out there?

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • How do I get back the heads on the avatars instead of the full gray face in the square?

    It used to have head and shoulders that was gray, but now it doesn't have them there. They are full squares with a kinda smiley face in it.

    5 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • How would you handle this sibling rivalry?

    It's really too long to put on here but basically my younger sister has moved in with my father and is taking advantage of him. She says she is taking care of him, but it turns out that he is doing everything for her. He isn't making her pay her way there and she never offers to even help buy groceries or anything else. Now he has paid for repairs on her car and she has money from the sale of her house, plus unemployment benefits.

    Now she has caused a rift between my dad and my brother. And is starting to monitor my dad's calls from me and my brother. She answers the phone and tells me that my dad doesn't like using the phone anymore, so I should tell her what I want my dad to know, and she will tell him! She has started running over my brother's relationship with our dad, because he would go see my dad and my sister would try to overwhelm the conversation with what was wrong with her and how she couldn't deal with things. Plus she would start showing off things that she has made, instead of letting my brother talk to my dad about how he is, or going fishing, hunting or anything else they have had in common, without her butting in to bring the conversation back to her.

    She doesn't call me or come over to my house until she needs something I have. And just recently she took my father to the hospital and didn't even call me or my brother! When I did talk to her about it, she said dad didn't want anyone to know! WE are his kids too! But then she starts telling everyone else around them about it.

    I can't take much more of this- she has always thought that me and my brother got all the attention from our parents,and she got left out, (which we didn't) and now seems to be taking it out on us. We don't want to leave her out of things but we would like to have the relationships with our father that we had with him. She didn't seem to care before when she lived far off and picked her friends or husbands over being with dad. We are lost as to what to do about it without causing a bigger fight if we say anything about it.

    PS- I am 51, my sister is 49 and my brother is 42. We don't have our mother, she is deceased now. Sorry this turned out being so long.

    8 AnswersFamily1 decade ago