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  • How to date after divorce from a long marriage?

    I have a first date this weekend after my divorce. It has been almost a year after the divorce. I haven't "dated" for over 15 years (dated my ex for 5, married for 10)! I really just need some helpful advice as I am a bit nervous, excited....but nervous. I am 35 by the way, and my date is in his early 40s. Thanks for your help!

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  • Referred to an endocrinologist, but they cannot see me until end of September, should I wait or what do I do?

    Long story short, I've had issues, my doctor did a full blood workup, and thinks I might have a tumor on my pituitary based on certain highly elevated hormone levels that are indicative of such a tumor. 90% of the time the tumors are non-cancerous. Thus, it likely is not a life-or death situation.

    She has referred me to en endocrinologist to have my head examined and to explore treatment options.

    The endocrinologist office just called. They cannot see me until the end of September.

    This seems a long wait to me, especially since I have severe reoccurring headaches and other issues that I would like to get resolved sooner rather than later (it has taken me two years and a dozen doctor visits to even get this far!)

    So, should I call the doctor that referred me to the endocrinologist and ask for a different referral? Should I try to find my own doctor (not sure how that works with insurance)? Or should I just wait, assuming all others will be booked too?

    Looking for opinions, advice, or personal experience on this matter.


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  • What is a good dog shampoo to help control fleas, ticks, mites, etc?

    I got a new dog from the shelter a few weeks ago. She is a wonderful dog! She fit right in with our family, my other dog loves her, and the cats don't even mind the new addition.

    However, I notices she gets really itchy around her neck, but not like insanely itchy and no visual problems. We thought it was the new collar. But in this last week my hand has also become itchy with small little bumps like an ant bite.I thought dry skin at first, but today went a googling and ran across articles on mites which can cause the dog itchiness and the itchy hands!

    I think she might have mites or fleas or something. What is a good shampoo to give a try just in case? Any other suggestions?

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  • Would having a document open off a server cause backup issues on that server?

    We have several computers that access a server for shared data. The sever is backed up every night. If I had a document open overnight, would it somehow mess up the backup? Is there a reason to close all documents every night and log off the server for a backup to be completed on the server data?

    Obviously the document would be saved, just open.

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  • What is the lifespan of the Spotted grouper aka Summan Grouper, Epinephelus summana?

    Mine is over 9 years old, and I was just wondering how much longer to expect. He is fully grown and seems to have been slowing down of late, which is making me worried about him. Water is testing perfect, and he is in a 180 gallon with a zebra moray and rock beauty angel. It also has a 100 gallon sump. The tank has been running for about 6 years.

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  • Older dog has bloody discharge from eyes, going to vet but want to be prepared?

    Background: My dog is about 13 years old. She has blue eyes and recently we have noticed she doesn't see as well as she used to. We charted this down to simple age and her light eyes as we were always told the white/blue eyed dogs tended to have failing vision as they aged. The vet didn't notice anything wrong with her at our last visit and said she was just getting old, that was about 9 months ago.

    My husband just called and said she has a bloody discharge from her eye. I confirmed with him it was blood and not just brown tear stains. I called the vet, and we are scheduled to come in on Monday. They said we can come by and wait in the office tomorrow in case they can fit us in if we were overly concerned.

    I am curious what could cause the bloody tears, if it is an emergency and we need to find another vet who can see her right this second, if we should hang out at the vet tomorrow hoping they can make time for use, or just wait until Monday. Anything we can do for her until then?

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  • How to set google as my default browser instead of bing?

    I used to be able to type in my internet browser address bar and google would default as the search engine. My computer did an update, now Bing is the default browser and I hate it. How do I set up google to be the default again, or am I just forced to change my habits and add on the google toolbar to the browser menu?

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  • What happens after you file a police report, burglary, guy caught on camera?

    So, I caught a person we know on camera going through my cabinets when we were not home. We used to keep a vacation fund piggy bank up in the cabinet, but moved it after it was robbed a few months ago. Other misc things and cash from other locations have gone missing since then as well. So we set up a hidden camera, and found out the thief was one of our "friends." We have all his information, address, full name, etc. We have the pictures which are not of the best clarity but clearly he can be identified. He has stolen at least $1,500 from us in cash alone.

    So, we will file a police report today.

    What happens next? Anything? Or do we have to take it to civil court or only file an insurance claim?

    Will the police come to out house to finger print? Do we have to testify in court? Will it even get that far?

    I ask since we were robbed 10 years ago. Someone broke a window and took our computer, TV, digital camera, Stereo, and a paintball gun. The police came, took a report, and nothing happened, ever. We had clear hand prints on the glass. They said they would work on it, but when I called months later they laughed at me, said it was a small crime and likely someone we knew, and that they were not going to do anything. With the camera shot and known person in this case, I am hoping it won't be the same...

    Anyone been through the process and have any insight or information as to what to expect? Are we on our own? With the video and known residence, is there more of a chance of seeing something done?

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  • Thief caught on camera! Now what?

    Little things and cash have been disappearing from my house. We set up a hidden camera and caught one of our "friends" coming in while we were at work going through our cabinets in the kitchen. There is no good face shot though, but he has clearly identifiable features like his favorite hat and belt, and is clearly this "friend."

    So, now that we caught him, what should we do? Call and confront him? Call the cops (will they do anything, especially without a good face shot)? Wait for a better face shot as better proof to take to him or the police? Resolve with fists (or bats)? Etc. I am open to suggestions. I am opposed to violence, but am so betrayed and upset that I am feeling very violent.

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  • Someone is stealing from me. If i catch them on video, will the police do anything?

    Long story short, someone is stealing cash and items from my home, and it likely is a "friend." Just this week, $400 was taken. We think we know who it is, but cannot prove a thing.

    Obviously at this point, calling the police will do nothing. I've had my house robbed and car broken into before, and even then with broken windows, etc, the police do nothing but write a report if they even come out. Even if you have nice finger prints and eye witness descriptions, they do nothing.

    However, if we set up a camera, leave some money in the drawer as bait, and catch the jerk red handed on video, and call the police, will they do anything? Or will they still consider it a private matter and tell us to take civil action? Will they arrest the person, or is suing the only legal action we can take?

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  • Does anyone know of any studies on diet vs. violence in American, especially on serial or mass murder?

    OK, all this "blame guns", "blame the media", "blame music/TV", "blame race", etc, talk on mass murder and mass shootings got my family talking at home on random violence in America.

    We narrowed the violence to common factors: young American men. You don't see women mass shooters.

    This got us thinking, is it a hormone imbalance? Too much testosterone, or too little? Instability in young men's brain chemistry? Etc.

    We breed and raise fish, and often look to them for insight into natural instinct and group behavior. It is well known to us that you take a group of fish, and feed them a high protein diet, and you can increase aggression and mating desire. Give the fish enough space and females, and aggression can be lower and they exist peacefully. Reduce space, limit females, etc, and suddenly you have a bunch of male fish warring with all other fish in the tank, killing baby fish, and just generally going on a rampage. Further,it is known that America is a heavy beef and milk consuming country and we also pump the cows full of hormones, steroids, antibiotics, etc. Take the two observations in combination, and one wonders if the diet is a factor in the violence in these young men.

    We were wondering if any studies have been done on the killers' diets. Any vegetarian mass killers? Are they heavy meat eaters? Any blood tests and blood chemistry data?

    Could the violence trend have a link to diet? If we as Americans adjusted our food culture, could the violence be reduced?

    Sure things like gun control can limit access to the weapon, but the cause of the violence is not address and people can find alternative ways to mass murder (poison, bombs, etc). But why not look at why random young men snap and want to murder.

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  • Can a smell kill someone?

    OK, so allergy in the extreme.

    Some of us are more sensitive to smells than others. A strong perfumed woman or overly fragrant potpourri might set someone into a cough or sneeze, or to get stuffy. OK, pretty normal.

    But can a perfume or fragrance kill someone?

    I was just told by a friend's mom that she is allergic to fragrance. So allergic that exposure to someone wearing heavy perfume can "literally kill me, dear" not the mild allergy that only makes you cough.

    So, is she just crazy or can a smell really kill her?

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  • Wisdom teeth removal - tips and advice for the big day?

    I've never had a tooth pulled. I'm a little nervous. I am in my mid 30s, and have been told my top wisdom teeth have got to go.

    I have two upper and smaller wisdom teeth being removed tomorrow, local anesthetic only. They are about half the size of my normal molars, and fully out.

    I am a bit nervous. I am told it will only take a few minutes, and be relatively easy. They said I will feel no pain, but might feel some pressure and popping....

    They said to bring an iPod and music to listen to so I can be distracted....

    For those that had teeth pulled while they were awake, do yo have any tricks or advice? Should I take some advil ahead of time or something to help with discomfort? Would a book tape mask the noise, or should I listen to loud music only?

    Any tips, tricks or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Bridal shower tips and questions?

    I am throwing a bridal shower for my sister.

    I've got some general questions, mostly from guests RSVPing that I'm not sure how to answer, and neither does my sister.

    Are gifts normal? Should she register for gifts for the shower?

    What are some fun game/entertainment ideas? Many gals will have their children with them, so nothing too adult ;)

    Any thoughts you want to add on past showers you have thrown or been to would be great, like things you really liked, etc. It is a luncheon and we reserved a private room at a local restaurant.


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  • In-Law's 40th anniversary gift ideas?

    So the sister-in-law is throwing a small dinner party for my parents in law, early next week. We were just invited- yes his family is one of those last-minute types.

    I need gift ideas.... fast. No time to put together a scrap book (and they probably wouldn't like it anyway) and they are not the "stepping out" type so no dinner/event gift certificates or vacation packages. They don't drink either, so wine is out too. You see my difficulty?

    So.... What is a classy, although maybe generic, gift idea?

    I know 40th is a ruby, so maybe a red camera or a rosebush for their garden? Any more ideas? Please help!

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  • Is 35 too old to have a baby for a woman?

    Why or why not?

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