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Just Ming , Asian-American currently attending college in NYC. Like to hangout , have fun , play videogame , watch sport related programing.I enjoy punk , rock , metal , alternative.I look up to WWE's John Cena because his hard working ethnic and sense of humor.I want to meet him someday...Oh , wait, I met him once in in L I ! LOL

  • Can someone explain how 4 on 4 hockey works ?

    2 Hockey teams are skating 4 players a side (both team has a guy in the box), if a team scores, does both players still serve out the duration of their penalty time?

    5 AnswersHockey6 years ago
  • Why Goalies lead the teams out on to the ice?

    I have been thinking about this for awhile, is there a reason behind goaltender leading a team out on the ice instead of a captain(either a forward or defense) of the team?

    5 AnswersHockey6 years ago
  • Would The German military done better in WW II if Hitler didnt micro-manage?

    Hitler was am infantry in WW I, he do not know what goes in the mind of the commander during war. During WW II, It seems like Hitler kept stepping over his commanders. Would the German done better in WWII if Hitler had step back to let his commanders do their job?

    6 AnswersMilitary7 years ago
  • Which Naval vessel would win in a fight?

    Who will win in a war game between a Nimitz class carrier and Los Angeles class Submarine?

    I had this topic with another fellow service member the other day, we had different idea on who will win a battle between a carrier and attack sub. I believed that a carrier can win (the stipulation is that the carrier can't have any aircraft on board) against attack sub because of speed advantage, size and its durability. My co-work believed that attack sub will win because its hard to detect something underwater and the fact sub can stalk any vessel without them knowing.

    7 AnswersMilitary7 years ago
  • Does NHL teams have spare Goalie Equipments?

    Earlier this week, Michal Neuvirth wearing his Red capital gear in Buffalo blue and gold uniform look really out of place. Does NHL team have spare goalie equipments that they can issued to goalies?

    4 AnswersHockey7 years ago
  • What position should i switch to in Street Hockey?

    I have been playing as goalies in pickup street hockey for a few years. I have been seriously thinking about switching to another position. What position should i switch to?

    1 AnswerHockey7 years ago
  • Is Wisconsin ideal place for NHL expansion?

    I have been thinking about this, if NHL expand, is Wisconsin a good location for a team given that there is already an arena (the Bradley Center in which hosted NBA team Bucks) and the weather are ideal for hockey?

    5 AnswersHockey7 years ago
  • NHL 14 Live the Life roster issue?

    Recently i got NHL 14 and started the Be a Pro mode by creating a Center and play live the life mode. When i select the Avs as the team, the roster is not accurate ( JSG and Aittokallio are the goalies on Avs while Varlamov is not on the roster) What gives ?

    2 AnswersHockey7 years ago
  • Why does Hockey Goalies have reputation of being crazy?

    In my years watching hockey, i never understood the reputation goalies get as crazy. i have seem some extreme cases like Hexall and Roy but generally they are like normal folks. Why does Goalies get the reputation of being crazy?

    5 AnswersHockey7 years ago
  • NJP over returning from leave late?

    This morning i was supposed to fly from NY to SD as my leave expires today but because the sloppy weather, the flight got cancelled and the next flight would be two days from now. I have called my SSGT and explained to him my situation and he assured me that my GYSGT knows about it and is nothing to worry about because it was out of my hand. Can the Commanding Officer still give me NJP (captain mast) because i didn't make it back in time? This is the first time in my 4 year military career that i wasn't able to make back to command upon leave expiration.

    6 AnswersMilitary7 years ago
  • What are some good work out exercise?

    I just came home from deployment and wanted to start working out more again, as I am looking for stuff, I really do not know what will give me a good all around workout. Does anyone have some good workout reps?

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • How are Sailors usually treated by Marines?

    After 3 and half year in a navy command, i am about to check in to a Marine Squadron as a 2nd class petty officer. I am just curious, how are sailors treated by marines?

    3 AnswersMilitary8 years ago
  • Why is Canadian anthem played in at Winter Classic ?

    I was watching 2012 Winter Classic on Itune and found out Canadian Anthem was performed but why? I understand if they perform Canadian Anthem in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary because they are Canadian City but 2012 Winter Classic was in Philadelphia (A major US City)

    5 AnswersHockey9 years ago
  • What is the best NVG (night vision goggles) available?

    I ride bike as a way of commuting, The military installation i am station on does not have many street light which make night riding dangerous thing for me even with a little light in front of the bike. I have been looking at NVGs, i wonder which style will work the best for me?

    (ESS goggles looks nice but how well does it work in dark?)

    1 AnswerOther - Outdoor Recreation9 years ago
  • What is the big idea naming Navy ships after Politicians?

    As a E-4 young sailor in US Navy, i have noticed so many ships are name after Politicians. What have some of those politicans done compared to veterans?

    3 AnswersMilitary9 years ago
  • How do Contract work for NHLers demoted to AHL?

    When a NHL players (one that sign million dollar contract) get demoted to AHL, how does his contract work? Technically, his million dollar contract will be off the cap, does that mean his contract will count against AHL salary cap? (which is only 10 million) Is he still getting paid the same amount as his contract or did he have to restructure his contract? I was just curious because the case with Redden. (He was paid the big buck but got demoted to AHL after 2 year into his contract and hasn't been called up since)

    2 AnswersHockey9 years ago
  • What is the biggest humilation for a Football fan?

    I was watching NFL yesterday and saw the Visa commercial in which a Pats fan was forced to wear a Ravens helmet in order to get Tix from his friend, Is wearing another team's apparel the worst humiliation for a Football fan? How much would it be worst if is rival team apparel? (ie Ravens fan forced to wear black and gold Steelers shirt or vise versa Steelers fan force to wear black and purple Ravens shirt)

    4 AnswersFootball (American)9 years ago
  • Could Triple Option offense be system for Tebow?

    i been hearing about Tebow cant be successful in the long run because he do not throw the ball well or often. Got me thinking, if Broncos were to put him in triple option offense much like Naval Academy( in which Coach Ken Niumatolo ran for 8 year in Annapolis with a winning percentage of 60%), would he have more success as a long turn QB?

    6 AnswersFootball (American)9 years ago
  • Keeping Military Issue item?

    You can't take what you do not own, i understand that but why some of the equipments (that does seem could be reused) like a Cranial (which someone wore it for month with a lot of grease smell from JP5 and sweat) would have to be returned? It is not like Goverment will have any use of it other than throw it in the trash, why not let the member have some of the stuff as keepsake? (there are stuff that can be reissued such as a rifle and i have no problem with Goverment taking it back after the soldier is done using it) Sometimes on Pawn Shop (the History Channel TV show) i would see someone bring stuff like WWII Government issued knife to sell it, can the Goverment do anything about that?

    2 AnswersMilitary9 years ago