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  • great sites you visit when bored...?

    what are the sites you visit when you are bored?

    if you have any, list them down.

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  • Can anyone translate my name in korean?

    My name is CIELO LEE or ICE for short. I'm not half something or whatever. I tried to search the web and found this:

    ice - 얼음

    cielo means sky so i tried it.

    sky - 하늘


    but that's not what i'm looking for. i have a korean friend and her name in the philippines is KRISTINE PARK while in korea it's PARK HYIN JAE. and i want something like that. Please help me. :(

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  • I like this girl but...could you help me?

    I really really like this girl but then I'm too shy to talk to her.We're friends but we're not close...I think she only knew me by face! anyways, I liked her since grade 6 [we're in 3rd year highschool now] but still I can't do anything about it! I feel so bad everytime I see her with another guy and it makes me feel more stupid about myself. Please tell me what can I do about it...because I think I love her.

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  • What is your greatest fear?

    Feel free to answer! :D

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  • What should I do? The situation really bothers me and I really feel bad about it. Help me!?

    I'm studying in an all girl school, and I really like this girl,though, I'm not a tomboy but I can't help it. I'm a third year student now and I I really want to focus on my studies. I was so haapy to know that she'll be my classmate for this year but then I was so shocked when she told me that she really liked this girl(not me). The problem is both of them (my crush and her crush) are my classmates! I feel so bothered, and it's affecting my studies very badly. I can't focus on my studies because I'm thinking about her and her crush. Since the day she told me her crush, I wasn't able to focus on anything. I even cried that night because I was so hurt. Now, I'm failing my academics because of this. The moment she told me that awful thing...I almost fainted in shock! I felt that I'm going to die already. I felt stupid because she's been my crush since First year, and's been three years but then everything was ruined in only one minute! It really feels like hell!

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