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  • Got a title loan, didn’t make payments.... can I still pay? ?

    I took out an auto title loan August last year to get caught up on my rent...$1100.  I lost my job a week after I got the loan. I was irresponsible and didn’t communicate with the lender as to what was going on because I figured they would just tow the car if they knew I no longer had a job. They of course sent out a tow truck once the payment was missed and called me and my references... but they haven’t called anymore in 8 months, haven’t sent any letters.... I’ve heard nothing from them. I am able to pay the loan off now but I’m wondering if I would pay them or need to pay a collection agency now. I have no idea....would I be able to get the title back? Would they still tow the car if I pay? Yea I know I made a mess. 

    And yes I did put the car to where they couldn’t tow it

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  • Husband doesn’t want his family to know he takes care of his step daughter? ?

    My husband has asked for my daughter (his step daughter) not to bring any of her toys, phone, tablet etc. basically anything nice that she gets...around his niece because it will hurt her feelings that she doesn’t get nice things. She asks for things and usually my daughter will end up getting it and she doesn’t. I work hard for the things I provide for my child and she would never rub it in someone’s face that she has something they dont. The niece has a mom who doesn’t do anything. He’s also asked that anything he buys for my daughter, for us not to tell his niece or anyone that he bought anything for her. He said she gets sad when he buys things for my daughter and not her...

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    Why are Ulcers all over dog?

    Got this sweet Amstaff/retriever from my coworker. She said she wanted to Rehome him because she had to keep him outdoors and with freezing weather, he wouldn’t survive outside. I got him and noticed these all over his body. His paw pad has a huge one almost a hole, there is one developing on his Hip, and other leg. The one on his paw is bleeding I saw blood paw print on his potty pad..He was living outdoors so idk if an animal bit him and caused infection or what... he has a vet visit Saturday, just curious in the meantime if anyone knows what this could be? 

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  • Do I have to go to court if its a TV court case?

    My ex friend wants to sue me for $500 in smalls claims court. He is deciding to do it on TV (probably because he cant afford a regular court). I have been contacted by a producer, luckily I didn't answer the phone but he left a voice messaging telling me who he was and why he was calling. Does anyone know if I HAVE to go? I think its unfair that I would be forced to go on tv.

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  • Do I have a good case for a lawsuit on my ob/gyn?

    I went to my ob/gyn about 3 months ago for uncontrollable itching, burning, discharge and frequent urination. She did a pelvic exam and pap smear. The lab called me and said that I had a bacteria infection. I called the office and the doctor had sent a prescription for metronidazole. I completed it and the symptoms went away for about 14 days and came back. I decided to "look for myself" and saw red blisters. Long story short I went to another office and found out that I have herpes simplex 2. Can I sue my ob for not telling me or properly diagnosing me?

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  • Can I open a new account with the bank if I owe money?

    About 5 years ago when I was 19 I opened a bank account with wells fargo. i overdrew my account by $300, i was a student, times got hard and i could not pay the money back so they sent it to collections and closed my account. i am starting a job now and need a bank account. i have the money to pay back and i have $1000 to open up a new checking account. Do you think they will let me get a new account if i pay the money back?

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  • Why can't I get pregnant again? I am under 30?

    My husband and I have been trying for our last baby and have been unsuccessful. It is very discouraging for me because I am very fertile. We have two children already and the youngest is only a year old. I've never had an abortion but in 2010 I had to have a leap procedure done. I've had a baby since then so that could have been the problem. I delivered vaginally and everything went well with both pregnancies. I dont do any drugs and rarely drink alcohol. I am 24... I am afraid to go to a fertility clinic in fear of the worst news...anybody have any idea why this is happening? Is there any over the counter vitamins or herbs I can take?

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  • My bridesmaid wont take her braids out!! should I take her out of the wedding??

    I am getting married next Saturday and my bridesmaid refuses to have her hair done. She just had a baby 4 weeks ago and her hair was braided before her delivery. She says she cannot have her hair washed until 6 weeks after having the baby. I let my bridesmaids pick out their own hairstyles but had a few no no's and one of them was no braids. me and the other bridesmaids have agreed to buy her a nice wig and she says she cant take the braids out. im trying not to be a bridezilla but I just want to take her out of the wedding and if I take her out my fiancé will have to take one of his guys out to make everything even.. UGHH. im just at a loss right now. could someone give me advice? I don't want to seem mean to her but her braids just look too ghetto. she has red weave braided into them and my colors are purple and white... please help me YA

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  • Should i call him? he hasn't showed much interest?

    I know im a bit old to be talking about a crush, but i ran into my crush from high school at the gas station, i instantly got butterflies when i saw him and tried to get him to see me so i walked by him hoping he would say something to me and he did. we talked awhile and exchanged numbers. when he pulled off he text me and told me he wanted to go out and to let him know when im free. this happened Monday and he hasn't text or anything to keep in touch with me. to me that doesn't show much interest so i was wondering if i should text him and just say hello? i don't want to seem desperate or anything like that. i got married when i was 18 and never had the chance to date so im kinda new to this please help.. Thanks guys!

    ps. no i am not still married

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  • Miscarried due to falling in the store. Should she sue?

    my sister was 8 weeks pregnant, she slipped and fell in walmart Thursday, noticed bleeding and cramping the next morning and went to the doctor, unfortunately she has miscarried. someone had dropped an egg on the floor, there was no caution sign there and the egg was just on the floor. I am looking for information from an attorney or someone who knows about this.. would it be worth suing or would she be putting more money into an attorney and court fees than she would get out of it?

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