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  • Old cartoon with two skeletons and dog that lived in basement?

    When I was little one of the cartoons I used to watch was two human skeletons and their skeleton dog that lived in the basement and went about on little adventures after dark... Does anyone remember what that was called?

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  • Napoleonic War - British Uniforms waist sash?

    Ok so many uniforms included the wearing of a sash around the waist. The tied ends/ tassels seem to change from left to right and I would like to know if there was simply no consensus as to which side the should fall on and was left up to individual preference or if it just depended on the regiment and uniform in general. For me, if the sabre were on the left it would make sense to have the ties or tassels of the sash fall on the right leg side rather than potentially get in the way when drawing the blade. Perhaps they weren't to bothered...

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  • Altberg hogg lite originals?

    I have boots for when I go up into whichever mountains in winter time, but I was wondering despite Altberg saying that this boot is only a 2-3 season, if I worked in the recommended wax wouldn't it be pretty much waterproof in winter too. I mean if they are a 2-3 season boot made for hiking - and - biking and considering at best 2 out of those 3 seasons here in UK is wet... should be safe, right? on the bike or splashing in puddles and all that jazz...

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  • Escitalopram and Weed (and Quetiapine)?

    Ok so I'm just wondering if escitalopram interacts with weed at all and if so in what way? also if it interacts with quetiapine and if it interacts if I'm on both escitalopram and quetiapine at the same time, which technically I should be but.....

    P.S. don't be a muffin and lecture me about what I should and shouldn't do I just would like those who've had experiences good or bad to let me know cheers!

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  • Visa for visiting Russia?

    Ok so I'm hopping to visit a friend over in St. Petersburg, Russia and of course I need to apply for a visa. Could someone clear it up for me because I think I'm over complicating it to be honest, but I want to get it right as this will also be my first solo trip abroad and she isn't sure either....

    I will travelling over on the plain not a cruise or anything and rather than staying at a hotel or anything I'll be staying with her at her flat. Would a tourist visa be the best option or private? and what about this invitation business? Also, if I'm not staying at a hotel what do I need to do exactly because apparently if I were staying in a hotel the admin would sort some paper work out for me...

    I'm confused... 0_o

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  • So I've now moved back home..?

    ... my mood swings aren't as erratic and frequently changing as they were when I was away at Uni, but now I'm not as proactive and more mediocre and depressive (which is why I stopped taking the medication I was on at Uni as they made me feel a constant mediocre that I hate and think is worse).

    I've only had one delusional episode. No hallucinations since (which were only tactile), which I think is probably good although that delusional episode was my worst (last summer). Also no depersonalisation/realisation; I miss this one though a little bit.

    I don't think I've gotten any better, just that it seems different when I'm home and for all the... bizarreness... of it all I preferred the way I was when at Uni because it was more interesting that way. Now I seem to have fallen into more of a state of depression and shear boredom. All my friends that I knew in my town are travelling at Uni or workaholics so I'm more of a loner at the moment apart from when I travel back up London way to meet mates I made at the Uni I used to attend.

    Is it because there is less overall stress now, and or that I feel trapped here for various reasons. what do you think..?

    P.S. This question is being directed to those that have mental issues also...

    so, as I've seen on others questions, if you're one of these people hoping to make a smart alec belittlement then just think for a moment about how sad a life you lead to be searching for questions you can express your unwanted and deadhead thoughts on.

    Have a nice day :)

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  • so I'm on the Waiting list for...?

    ... Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which I found today only deals with the here and now and doesn't deal with the route issues hidden or otherwise... I'm very sceptical of it now and how it would help me. I don't feel that I'm at the stage where I can listen to some quack giving a list of namby pamby things I can do to think in nice positive ways like - "smile at the world and the world will smile back at you".

    Thing is they've left me in limbo at the moment with nobody seeing me until some point in the future when I actually have my first appointment to have CBT. Shall I just tell them that I'd rather have something else?

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  • motorbike boots advice?

    Hi, I've been searching through a lot of sites looking for my first pair of street/touring motorcycle boots I can finally settle for. Safety of course is key and that is my main priority, but appearance wise some look too much like track boots (no, not because I'm looking at sport boots. I'm not), and the more classic one often look a bit bulky and cumbersome around the foot.

    In essence I don't really know what I'm doing but If you've found some cool looking boots somewhere in between (especially with buckle fastening) that will be a good form fit and are safety sound.... Oh and I do a fair bit of walking too.

    Also what do you think of Altberg motorcycle boots? perhaps a good option?

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  • (BPD) Borderline Personality Disorder?


    What are the most common things that most get YOU

    what do you end up doing

    how long does it last for you

    and what do you do to help prevent it, and when too late to prevent what helps you snap out of it?

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  • Citalopram & Alcohol?

    I've been taking Citalopram in combination with Quetiapine. I've not taken any for a few days would it be ok to drink? It's a friends birthday in another few days...

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  • what is the policy on tattoos in the British army?

    At one point I don't think they allowed it at all, or it had to be hidden by work clothes at least, but I'm just wondering what the policy maybe now.

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  • Buying a Tamaskan Dog in Britain?

    Some sites, in regards to Britain don't recognise Tamaskan dogs... There seems to be some controversy about them (I don't know why because from what I hear its all positives), so my question is are they legal in this country, and if not why ?

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  • Is this a New Labour Conspiracy? (HM's Birthday Honours list)?

    The Queens birthday honours list is done by government not the queen yet she has to knight somebody. Do you think this a conspiracy by new labour to discredit the Monarchy by first not recognising the war veterans and secondly by adding her plumber to it.

    It is typical labour to try and discredit our Monarchy and what better way than to make people think it was the queen who added those celebs, sports people, oh and a hefty amount of labour politicians (especially since they came into power, so they could further their influence). Again, though, it is not the queen but the government that makes the list.

    I say shame on them, the self-important bastards, for abusing and making a mockery of the system, trying to discredit the Monarchy and making the honours system cheap and tacky rather than what it is supposed to be; a recognition of achievements and an honour for them on behalf of the country whose reputation they are further. Not failure, corruptness, lack of integrity.

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  • No American War Crimes Trial? that isn't right.?

    Nothing against American people as such or even the new Obama admin.

    It is now fact that America under former president George Bush has committed war crimes in the form of torture.

    I can understand why the agents may not be prosecuted, after all they were following orders, but there are people that need to be prosecuted and they are George Bush and anyone else that authorised the use of torture contrary to international law.

    My question is why aren't they being prosecuted? law is law, is it not.

    Where is interpol or even the EU's voice, whose is supposed to be base on the ideals of chivalry. where is the UN etc etc. It does not surprise me in the least that many middle east and eastern european people view us as corrupt to the very core when we fall on them like a tone of bricks if they step out of line, but if its 'the west' we couldn't possibly get involved.

    We cannot pick and choose which laws we obey just to fit our own end, otherwise what is the point of organisations such as interpol etc. none because they do bugger all.

    Its like turkey's occupation of cyprus; now, turkey is in the wrong and all these organisations such as the UN, EU, and interpol know it, but because they have the second largest standing army in the world nothing is done. I ask again what is the point of them.

    By law, those responsible for the authorisation of torture should be tried and prosecuted for war crimes or the existence of all of these already stupid and more trouble than they're worth organisations such as interpol, EU, UN should be nullified absolutely.

    Surely you agree?

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  • Boot trouble need help from British army people?

    The short version is that after coming back from the Pyrenees last summer my dad is recovering from an injured knee, an old hockey injury of many being aggravated by a forced change of root off one of the mountains. (its all relevant, read on)

    Not two days ago we were in Dartmoor for a bit of rehab; to try an test the old codgers knees a bit. The only thing is, strangely enough I came of worse. Dartmoor 1 Piers NILE.

    The past couple of trips I've had 'discomfort' with the outer side of my left ankle, but nothing that couldn't be ignored really. When in Dartmoor, however, as I'm sure you will know due to the nature of the awkward terrain underfoot my ankle towards the end hurt like buggery and so I compensated resulting in the outer side of my ankle on the right foot began to hurt worse. I'm no daisy but this did hurt.

    I'm confident that this is because of the lack of support I am getting from my boot. The boots I currently have is highlander 2 by johnscliffe full leather. They where great, but it is very difficult to know for sure until you actually go on a trip by which time its unlikely the shop will have them back. they are the lower cut style of boot and I think perhaps meant for a wider foot and somewhat different ankle...

    I have quite a thin heel but my ankle is more prominent sticking out more (if you get what I mean because its beginning to sound as if I have deranged ankles lol), so my feeling is that I'd benifit from from one of these boots:


    both of wich I could buy for around £50. I likely get the higher cut boot too. There is another boot that I've seen that looks good (below), but it is double the price and I think the other two pairs would be just as good if not better.

    scarpa sl m3

    These scarpa boots cost double that of the magnums and if you consider that I'm a 19 year old lad of to university in september, I don't have a great deal of cash to splash.

    My dad is ex army gone roughly 10 years or so and he has voiced his opinion on boots to me, but I would like to hear yours too. If you have or had any favourites and if you know if current army personnel are favouring a particular pair of boots.

    The boots must be able to cope with the moutains but also be comfortable and good to wear with other outdoor activities as I will be doing a BA hons sport, adventure and recreation. cheers and thanks for reading this rather long short version of the question.

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  • Anglo-saxon/Geatish etc and English Medieval burial?

    I Know its a strange question to ask, but there are reasons and not as weird or morbid as you think... any way:

    could someone (who really does know) tell me about the burial ceremonies etc of people such as the Geats and Anglo-Saxons. I know they were often cremated; were some cremated inside the burial ships inside a mound and others cremated as they were cased out to sea? could you have both in some respects?

    Also other than knights with their effigies in medieval 'England', what else was explicitly tradition with funeral/burial ceremonies for medieval 'English' Knights?

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  • British Army BARB Test - can you elaborate pls?

    I'm 19 at the moment and I'm going to go to University before I join the Army, but could some of you current and ex army people tell me what the BARB test is about. Is it like an IQ test coupled with a few questions on basic subjects like English, Science and Maths. Obviously I don't expect you to tell me any of the questions that feature on there (... unless you want to lol), but I would like to know. My dad is ex army, but he is a bit prickly about the subject of me joining the army as he is hopes I will discredit the idea while at Uni.

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  • what does (L) mean?

    i know that (Y) is something like thumbs up but haven't got a clue what (L) is :S help

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  • ERGENT - Gymnastics articles?

    i need articles for my coursework about physiological aids in gymnastics for male and female including drug taking by 4:30

    PLS PLS help!!!!!

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  • k 2 questions about gymnastics?

    so im an 18 yr old guy is it too late to start gymnastics?

    2nd: can u give me some good strength and conditioning exercises besides from chin ups, press ups, sit ups, and weight training because i do that already.... looking for move body weight exercises

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