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I answer questions on Financial Accounting, but NOT Cost/Managerial Accounting or Finance. I look for Accounting questions only in Business & Finance>Corporations and Business & Finance>Other - Business & Finance, so that's where your question should be if you want to catch my eye.

  • Should Americans feel guilty about buying Japanese cars?

    Now that Ford and GM are laying off thousands of workers, adding to the unemployment rate, should Americans feel guilty over not supporting their own car-makers?

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  • Computer experts - help!?

    Up until last Fri everything was fine with my Yahoo! Mail Classic (hate the Beta version). Then on Sat. I couldn't open any of my attachments, not even the old ones. Usually, when I click Download Attachment, a question will pop up Do you wish to open or save this attachment? Now I don't even get this question! At the bar at the bottom of the screen, it says "Connecting to site" and then nothing happens. I'm using IE 7, but I tried changing browser to Firefox. It still doesn't work. What is this site that I get re-directed to? I've been doing full system anti-virus scans so that's not the problem. All the attachments say No virus threats detected. I'm getting desperate! Someone pls help! Thanks.

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  • IAS 32 and IFRIC 2 - Co-operatives?

    IAS 32 requires that subscription capital of co-operatives be treated as liabilities instead of equity since they're repayable on demand. This'll lead to some co-ops having negative equity. Because of this, there is a Liability/Equity project on now, but in the meantime, there's an ED proposing a quick fix. This ED provides limited exceptions to the financial liability definition in IAS 32 to give relief to certain entities with financial instruments that are akin to equity (eg partnerships, co-operative entities and mutual funds in particular). The ED proposes that financial instruments puttable at fair value should be classified as equity, provided that specific criteria are met.

    My question is, if some capital is treated as liabilities, in the event of dissolution, what is the ranking order of repayment of contributions? Are members ranked with creditors? If so, among the creditors how are they ranked?

    2 AnswersOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago
  • Should I attend Heaven & Hell's concert?

    Heaven & Hell are playing here Oct 27. In case you've forgotten, H&H = Black Sabbath - Ozzy + Ronnie James Dio. Anyone attended their concert before? Will they do any songs from Rainbow or Dio? Would love to have your opinion. (Would you believe they wanted me to ask this under Religion & Spirituality? LOL)

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  • Anyone out there who's not read a single Harry Potter book?

    Is there anyone in this universe who's not read a single HP book or seen a single HP movie, doesn't intend to, AND dares to admit it?

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  • If I wish to embrace Christianity, where would I start?

    I am surrounded by churches of all denominations - Roman Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Presbytarian, Seventh-day Adventist, Methodist, Episcopalian, and the independent charismatic churches. Which should I enter and why?

    25 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What did Kenny G say when he emerged from the elevator?

    "Man, that rocks!"

    I thought it was a scream when I read it in Stephen King's latest book, Cell. Do you think he was funny or do you think he was being mean?

    Give me a star if you think it's funny?

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  • Why is the spelling of so many askers so bad?

    Is it because most of the askers are young school kids? Are they mostly from within the US or from all over the world? Or could it be they're just too lazy to go back and retype the word? Has anyone else ever wondered about this?

    12 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • Why don't askers google their questions first?

    A lot of the questions asked can be answered by simply googling them. Is it cos they're lazy, or they enjoy our answers or what?

    Give me a star if you think this question is relevant?

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