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A few tidbits about me: ♠ Female ♠ 24 yrs old ♠ Married w/ one child ♠ Metropolitan police officer on night shift ♠ American, but of Middle Eastern and German descent ♠ Fiction writer ♠ Drama hater ♠ Obsessed w/ baby name etymology ♠ Scientific-minded and theoretical ♠ Problem solver by nature A few of my political opinions: ♠ Generally conservative ♠ Upholder of the United States Constitution ♠ Pro-life ♠ Pro-deportation of illegal aliens ♠ Anti-Obamacare ♠ Pro-death penalty ♠ Pro-space exploration ♠ Pro-isolationist policy/detachment from foreign trade ♠ Pro-gun ownership ♠ Pro-mandatory drug testing Me in the Baby Names section: ♠ I'm one of the gender police ♠ I always give my honest, blunt, straightforward opinion whether it's good or bad ♠ Ok w/ simple, decent spelling variations ♠ Can't stand "filler" middle names ♠ Big fan of names that "flow" ♠ Views meaning and history of a name as very important

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