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  • Xfl video game?

    If there was an xfl video game, who would you want to make it and what features do you think it would need to be successful?

  • Heisman winner?

    I got s sneaky feeling it’s gonna be either Adrian Martinez for the Cornhuskers, or Jalen Hurts to make it three Heisman trophies for OU in as many years, but who you got?

    Football (American)11 months ago
  • What sport is the easiest to get a scholarship for?

    I’m about to enter my freshman year of and I really want to go to college, but I doubt I will be able to afford it so I thought I should try to get a scholarship. Out of these sports which is the easiest to go to college for with no experience until your freshman year;






    5 AnswersBasketball12 months ago
  • What Track and field event should I do at high school?

    I’m about to enter my freshman year of high school and I want to participate in a track and field event but I don’t know what to do, I am 5”8” and 138 pounds. I have done a limited amount of discus and shot put and I enjoy them both. I don’t have incredible speed but I won’t get badly burned by anyone my age, what should I do?

    5 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education12 months ago
  • Which NFL team should I support?

    I live in the UK and have watched the NFL for a couple of years now, and I’m a Saints fan. The last two seasons have been…painful to say the least, and my friends call me a glory hunter because the Saints are a good team, so because of all of this I am considering rooting for a different team, but I know that the Saint can win Super Bowl in the next couple of seasons. If I do support a different team I want them to be good enough to at least be in playoff contention, but not too good so I’ll be called a glory hunter, what should I do?

    10 AnswersFootball (American)1 year ago
  • Is 5”8” too short for a High school defensive end?

    I want to play DE for my school next year but I was wondering if I am too short to be taking seriously as a good d-lineman, I know my height is nit ideal, and if I am too short to start I would rather try my luck somewhere else in the defence.

    7 AnswersFootball (American)1 year ago
  • Which Lions rugby tour should I go to?

    I’m considering going to Australia in 2021 but I don’t know wether I should wait until New Zealand 2025, because the games will be more entertaining, but Australia has better weather, what should I do??

    2 AnswersRugby1 year ago
  • What American football position should I play in high school?

    I’m heading into my freshman year of high school and I’m interested in playing football for my school, I’m 5”8” 317 pounds and I have quite a broad muscular build, the only other piece of information I can give you is that I can run 30m in 3.67 seconds, it’s a random distance I know but it’s all I got, thanks for the help,in advance!

    4 AnswersDream Interpretation1 year ago
  • What sport should I play in high school?

    I’m just about to enter my freshman year of high school and want to know if there are any sports that suit my body type that I can participate in and hopefully get a scholarship for, I am currently 5”8” and 137 pounds, any ideas?