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I'm a Libertarian and a lawyer. Anything else important you can figure out from my answers. If you can't figure it out from that, it isn't important.

  • Why is it that when I see in my Answers! Activity list "Answer deleted by Question deletion" ...?

    Why is there a line I can click to "View Question..." which invariably only tells me that the question was deleted?

    Is there some (hopefully humorous) reason why that link is even there?

    Best answers will be funny. Answers that give the real reason probably aren't.

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  • Question for those who object to the Patriot Act?

    Specifically, for those who object to the Patriot Act, but support the Health Care iniatives:

    How does the same person oppose the Patriot Act and support government Health Care?

    Please explain what objection you could have to the Patriot Act would not also demand that you object to government Health Care.

    If the Patriot Act is Unconstitutional, then how is Health Care Constitutional?

    If the Patriot Act is "intrusive," how is limiting my health care choices and giving some taxpayers the bill for others' health care unintrusive?

    If you're one of those who is vocally opposing the Patriot Act but considers themselves innocent of wrongdoing that might be discovered by the Act, why is the privacy of your innocence so important to you, but you are in favor of giving up the privacy of health care decisions?

    I just can't see any explanation for one person opposing the Patriot Act but favoring government Health Care, except for them being programmed by hype.

    For the record, I oppose both, but I could make a much, much better Constitutional argument for the Patriot Act if I had to.

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  • Okay, just for those who didn't like Cheney?

    Specifically, this is for those who thought and still think that Dick Cheney called the shots in the Bush Administration:

    Can you reconcile such a belief with this article?

    I'm not asking for a defense or critique of the decision, not looking for a bashing or defense of Bush.

    I just want to know how come Cheney's wishes were not followed, from those who claim he was Bush's "puppetmaster" for eight years.

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  • What's the stupidest commercial you've seen? ?

    Mine is a current ad where Benjamin Franklin (from the $100 bill), U.S. Grant (from the $50) and Thomas Jefferson (from the $20) are advising this guy to use Turbotax to pay less in taxes.

    Franklin and Jefferson would have been more likely to tell the guy to just not pay the taxes.

    What's yours and why?

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  • American History?

    Put these documents in the order in which they were drafted/signed, and name the one person whose signature appears on all four.

    US Constitution

    Articles of Association

    Declaration of Independence

    Articles of Confederation

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  • Man and a woman on a train....?

    Man and woman on an overnight train, somehow got assigned the same sleeping compartment. After some initial embarassment, they manage to get into their sleeping attire and get into separate berths. After a while, the woman says "I'm cold, could you give me a blanket?"

    Man looks down from the upper berth and says "I have an idea. How about we pretend we're married for the night?"

    Woman thinks a moment and giggles, then says "Alright."

    Man says "Good. Get your own damn blanket."

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  • Movie Remakes You'd Like to See?

    Okay, you're a Producer, and you've decided to do a remake of a fairly recent HUGE box office hit, and only one thought keeps going through your mind: "CAMPY!"

    So, what movie, and who is the star? (or stars)


    Batman..... starring Mr. T

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  • Let's play "How bad is it?"?

    Some of you remember the old Johnny Carson monologue joke he'd do, where he'd say "I just went to X and it was so cold..." and the audience would say "How cold was it?" and he'd say "It was so cold that I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets." or something like that.

    So. That's what I'm looking for for answers here.

    This new immigration bill is bad. How bad is it?

    11 AnswersImmigration1 decade ago
  • Did ya hear the one about the rancher?

    He's watching his flock when this limousine pulls up. Guy in an expensive suit gets out and says "If I can guess how many cows you have, will you give me one?" and the rancher says "ok".

    Guy gets on his cell phone, makes a call, waits a few minutes, and says "183". Rancher says "that's right" and the guy grabs an animal and starts to get into the car. Rancher says "hold on. I want a chance to win him back. If I can tell you what you do for a living, will you give him back?" and the guy says ok.

    Rancher immediately says "You are a politician." Guy is dumbfounded but says "that's right, how did you know?"

    "It was simple. You came out here where you weren't invited. You charged me for telling me something I already knew, and you obviously don't know anything about ranching."

    "Now gimme back my dog."

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  • Quantity of shingles?

    I have an estimate from a roofer on an insurance claim for 24 squares of shingles and installation. Given that the house is less than 1300 square feet with a low slope roof, is there a legitimate reason why they would have charged for double the roof area?

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  • Why does this frighten you?


    Section 101(f)(2) of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (50

    U.S.C. 1801(f)(2)) is amended by adding at the end before the semicolon the following: ``, but does not include the acquisition of those communications of computer trespassers that would be permissible under section 2511(2)(i) of title 18, United States Code''.

    This is part of the Patriot Act. Does anyone know what it says?

    How about this one?


    (a) Domestic Terrorism Defined.--Section 2331 of title 18, United

    States Code, is amended--

    (1) in paragraph (1)(B)(iii), by striking ``by assassination

    or kidnapping'' and inserting ``by mass destruction,

    assassination, or kidnapping'';

    Who is opposed to making mass destruction part of the definition of terrorism?

    Please, read the Act, tell me what's scary about it. I can't see it.

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  • Campaign reform?

    Given that all of the political ads this year are either negative or totally stupid ideas, wouldn't it make more sense to have our votes reflect the negative nature of political campaigns?

    What if we change the voting system to where we no longer vote FOR our favorite candidates, but cast our votes AGAINST the one we do not want under any circumstances, and let the winner be the one with the fewest votes? Would this bring our system more in keeping with the nature of the campaigns? Could it be an indirect method of campaign finance reform, by encouraging candidates to keep as quiet as possible, which doesn't cost any money?


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  • If Iraq never had WMD's, who gassed the Kurds?

    If Saddam Hussein didn't intend to obtain and use WMD's, why did he have two members of his cabinet responsible for WMD development and deployment?

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