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  • Looking for a video game.?

    My favorite types of video games are mostly the old N64 games that have levels that really take you in like Pilot Wings, Mario 64, Zelda (Ocarina of Time). I hope you get the idea. Something like the water levels on Mario 64 where you can spin around for a long time aimlessly swimming, nice, peaceful music, with a task that is there and is fun, but not necessarily all there is to it.

    I spend a lot of time on subs and in planes and therefor like games with worlds to explore since I spend hours stuck inside.

    I currently own a DSlite and a Wii. I definitely have the money to buy any one system on the market, tablets and computer games included. Does anyone have any recommendations for games that will fit what I'm going for? Has anyone tried Pilot Wings on the 3DS? Should I just get a used N64?

    Portability is a plus but not necessary. Cost is a factor, but like I said, I can definitely afford whatever the most expensive thing available is, not that I want to spend a lot if I don't have to.

    I'd appreciate any advice on the matter.

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  • Good beer in Charleston?

    I am in Charleston, SC for the next few months. I am from NY and am used to having hundreds of different beers from around the country available at my favorite bar, the Tap and Mallet, and my favorite store, Beers of the World.

    After listening to someone discuss the differences between Natty Ice and Natty Lite today, I cannot take it anymore. I've been told that the South isn't really into beer, but I am.

    I found that just about everywhere has Sam Adams and Guinness, but frankly, those get really old really fast and I want something different.

    Can anyone direct me to a store that has a large selection of microbrews? Foreign beers are good too, but I really am just looking for a large variety of quality craft beers.

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  • How long does it take to receive pictures from Mars?

    When the Phoenix takes pictures on the surface, how long does it take for the pictures to get to us on Earth?

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  • Should I ask my girlfriend's mother permission before proposing?

    My girlfriend lives with her father and is much closer to her father than mother, but is still sort of close to her mother.

    I intend to ask her father before proposing. If her parents lived together, I'd just ask them together, but since they do not, and I don't believe there is any tradition of asking for the mother's approval, should I bother with the mother?

    Thank you.

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  • What is the cheapest way to buy a new car?

    I plan on buying a new car with a loan from my bank. I want to know any tricks about buying that make it cheap. Is it cheapest to buy it from a dealer versus some other way? Are all dealers going to charge the same? Can I negotiate the price of a new car? Are certain times of year or any other factors likely to raise or lower the price?

    Thank you very much!

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