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5'11", 170 pounds, light brown hair, blue eyes, divorced (I liked being married, my wife didn't) father of 2 daughters (ages 26 and 29). I often get accused of looking like somebody named Viggo (and have jokingly autographed some things after being asked). I am a master bicycle mechanic and framebuilder, and now freelance design for major bicycle manufacturers. I also do forensic studies to aid in bicycle crashes and failures. I have an MBA, a BSME, and am well versed in industrial design and metallurgy. I also was a teacher at a Level 5 school (for kids with one foot in jail and the other on a banana peel) but decided, after being stabbed 3 times, that it wasn't for me. A Level 5 school is one where staff is permitted to initiate physical interventions to prevent students from hurting themselves or others, or to prevent damage to property. Toughest job I ever loved.

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