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  • How to stand out in a group interview?

    So I have a group interview for a local cinema next week. I'm incredibly nervous because I am more on the quiet side so it can be difficult for me to stand out. I know even if I'm not confident I just have to fake it, be personable, approachable etc. But how do I really stand out and get noticed by the employer? I really want this job so any advice would be great.

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  • My dog is out of control?

    I'll start by saying he's a pug so I know that generally speaking they take longer to train. But he is quite out of control. He listens only when it suits him and he still defecates in the house. It's been months. I have tried treat training, being the nice guy, being the tough guy, and they all seem to work for a time, and then it's like after a couple of days he forgets what he's learned. I know people say commit to one and stick to it which I have also done, but he still doesn't seem to get it. He also bites everything despite having plenty of hard toys and treats to chew on. He thinks biting peoples faces is playing and when he's in that mood it's almost impossible to control him. On top of this he constantly barks at my family's other dog and will listen to no one when we try to get him to stop. We're currently taking him to puppy school which is a real hit and miss situation with him, but I really don't know what else to do. Does anyone know why and how to fix these traits? Thanks.

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  • Job Interview but?

    So I've been searching for a job for months, (I'm trying to get into the retail industry because I hate hospitality) and I finally got an interview with a homewares store for a job I really want. My only hesitation is my appearance, I'm an alternative person, I have a couple of piercings and currently my hair is half and half (half blue, half black). I considered dying my hair all black as I know some employers are pretty anal about personal presentation but I won't have the time to do a proper job before the interview. I want to give myself the best chance in this interview so for those in retail who consider themselves alternative is it a deal breaker having coloured hair? And if I bring it up in the interview and offer to change it before I start working will that be better than not saying anything? Thanks.

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  • I love piercings but my parents don't?

    It's not that I'm not allowed to get them and it hasn't stopped me from doing so in the past, I'm an adult and I make those decisions for myself. However, I can't say it doesn't influence those decisions, which I hate. I've been wanting to get my septum pierced for a while, and I know for a fact that's one of the piercings my parents hate the most, everytime they see someone with one they make jokes that can be especially insensitive at time so it's made me feel uncomfortable just going for it and not caring. On top of this the last time I got a piercing (an ashley piercing) which is like the centre of the bottom lip, I went with my boyfriend and friend and they including myself thought it looked really nice on me. I get home and my mum tells me how stupid it looks and how I would've looked better with it almost anywhere else, and then at dinner in front of my friend who decided to stay her and the rest of my family continued to patronise and make me feel incredibly shitty about it. I kept it for as long as I wanted and took it out in my own time because that's what I do, I get piercings and if after a while I'm over it I take it out no issues. The thing that gets me the most is when I took it out, no one even noticed it was gone until I blatantly pointed it out to which they then said 'you look better without it'. I just hate how they make such a big deal of something that clearly couldn't have impacted them that much if they didn't even notice to begin with. What do I do?

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  • Do I quit?

    I've been working this job that makes me pretty unhappy for a while so I have more freedom to do things I want outside of uni. I was prepared to work there as long as it took until I found a new job, but lately there's been a number of legal issues that is further pressing me toward quitting. I've been loyal to my job for over a year now and while that may not seem long, it is considering I get paid under the minimum wage for my age and have been cheated out of money before. In the past year our managers have changed 3 times, the most recent being the returning manager who hired me, and I might add, I did not like. A number of my work friends have already if not plan to quit and 2 weeks ago I was underpaid $40 and when I followed it up, all I got was 'you've been paid'. I asked to see a record of my hours as proof and was denied that saying again that I have been paid. I'm not here to take legal action because I just don't want to go there, however, I'm tossing up whether it's worthwhile even staying when I'm not getting paid what I've earned anyway. I also have done a lot for my work, filling in on days I wasn't rostered, going to other branches when someone called in sick, and they have returned the favour by cutting my pay. On top of this over the past few months I started denying extra hours and was guilted for not helping out at the restaurant even though I was busy.

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  • Should I call-in sick?

    I have a shift at 6 tonight, its currently 10.50am, I have the flu and after my shift last night it's got significantly worse. My nose bleeds whenever I blow it, I have a bad cough and I just feel extremely congested. Obviously I worked yesterday regardless, however I'm really not feeling up to it today. I want to call-in, but I get super nervous about disappointing my bosses, I don't like causing an inconvenience to them so I'm not sure if I just suck it up and work the shift, or call-in and say I'm too sick. What should I do?

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  • Right to be upset?

    So my bf was supposed to come over this evening and spend the night and we were going to be hanging out with some friends of mine tomorrow. We haven't really been spending all that much time together because he's been competing in fortnite tournaments and practicing for them because he wants to develop his gaming career which I have fully supported. However, he has being doing so even in the time that we are supposed to be hanging out just us and while idm him practicing for a little while when I'm around, all day and most of the night is starting to bother me. He's not seeing me tonight anymore because he's sick, but he also won't help himself, despite me telling him he needs to take certain things to get better. He's also bailed on my friends and I tomorrow and then asked me if I would come to him. Usually I wouldn't mind but I made commitments to them and I also have to work tomorrow, and as his place is out of the way it takes me double the time to get there from his. I know he's not feeling well so I can understand if he's not up to seeing them, but I feel it's a little unfair to expect me to also bail on them and for him to opt out before he has even tried taking anything to make himself feel better. As I said, we already spend little time together as is, and when we do he's there but he's not really there if that makes sense. Do I have a right to be upset?

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  • Is this right?

    So, I work in an Indian Restaurant as a delivery driver/waitress fairly close to home. My manager called me at the last minute today 1.5hrs before I was supposed to start my shift asking if I could start even earlier at a different store over 1hr away from me. I told him this and he said 'do you plan on coming in for your scheduled shift' and I said of course and then he goes 'the thing is ... is really sick and can't make it in, so they really need someone over there.' Now I've worked at this store once or twice before due to a similar scenario but not for a long time. I made it clear I wouldn't make it by the time he wanted me too and he said can you go there at the regular scheduled time then, and I felt like I couldn't say no. The thing is, nowhere in my contract do I have an obligation to fill in for someone at another store if they don't show up, and I feel like they really should have their own employees at their branch that can cover for them. It makes me anxious because I don't know that store well and every other time I've had to work there it's been a ghost town with max 3 deliveries for the entire night. Is it right of him to do this?

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  • Used a colour remover to strip red dye what now?

    So I used a colour remover to strip the red dye from my hair however it didn't get rid of all the colour, parts are still red and the rest just looks yellow. I watched a yt video and a hairdresser said you need to do 2 cycles of the colour remover should I do it again or what?

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  • My manager got pissed with me?

    I never miss a shift, but tonight I was apparently scheduled on for one, my manager contacted me asking if I was coming to which I responded my shift had a cross through it. He proceeded to get angry with me saying it didn't and that I was scheduled on. My work is already pretty shady in that they do things that are more or less 'illegal' regarding roster and pay. However they have been generally good to me and still pay what they promised. Regardless, I re-checked the roster to make sure I hadn't messed up, and I was right, yes there was a time written but it had a line through it. Any other time this has happened it meant that the shift had been cancelled. I proceeded to send him the roster with the crossed out time circled, and to add to this there was no way I was making it in as I organised to work on a project hours away for uni thinking I didn't have a shift. He told me that it wasn't cancelled but it was what it was at this point. I already have major anxiety, and I hate being seen in a bad light, but I'm also annoyed because I don't believe this was my fault. Honestly I've been wanting to leave this job for a while but I've stayed out of loyalty, I just don't know what to do as my anxiety makes me overthink things and this is stressing me out.

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