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Heaven Cant Wait

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JUSTICE4MJJ MJ FANS:Boycott Sony Phoney (remember $ony Kills) $ONY we know WHAT you DID last SUMMER! MJ FANS :EDUCATE YOURSELF--$ONY KILLS Michael asked "What More Can I Give?"AEG replied "Your Life" MICHAEL JACKSON ONLY APPROVED 10 SHOWS! RANDY PHILLIPS IS A LYING PIECE OF... MJ fans: Join out THIS IS NOT IT campaign- Are you infected with the same disease Of lust, gluttony and greed? Then watch the ones With the biggest smiles The idle jabbers... Cuz they're the backstabbers" ~ MJ "These so-called "fans" should co-write a song with Sony, dedicated to Michael, titled "WHAT MORE CAN WE GET" -Muzikfactory2

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