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  • Period late by 2 days, normal pms symptoms and increased white discharge (long details)?

    I lost my vignity just last month (I'm 16 years old, please don't lecture me not to have sex because it's too late anyways) and since then had sex about 6 more times to a regular partner. My period was due yesterday (Nov.1) and it's now two days late. After my first time having intercourse I was constantly stressed about getting pregnant literally every single day after I lost my virginity. I know stress can delay a period or you can even completely miss it. Each time I had intercourse it was protected with a condom, and I constantly checked it to make sure there were no holes or anything every few minutes. The only time it was unprotected was when my partner put it in without permission without a condom for 10 seconds. I immediately made him take it out but he was no where near ejaculation. I expirienced my normal pms symptoms last month (tender breasts, cramps, lots of discharge and mood swings). Everyday I'm stressed about being pregnant and I search up the symptoms and spend hours online trying to figure out if I match the common early pregnancy symptoms. I have not been experiencing nausea, spotting, or other only pregnancy symptoms. i have taken a test yet because it's normal for my period to be irregular, sometimes I'll get it every 3 months sometimes it's every 28/29 days so I really can'5 rely on what my app predicted. I'm sorry this is so long but please leave me your opinion, could I be pregnant?

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  • I asked my crush to hang out (I'm a girl)?

    So to make this short, today was the last day of school and it was a short day so that we could all get our year books signed. I have liked my crush for a few months now but I never did anything about it, but he and I would always make eye contact in the halls, in class, etc. I don't not want to sound vain or cocky but I felt like there would maybe be a chance that he liked me, now I'm not so sure. I finally got the courage to ask him to sign my book (I had never talked to him one on one before :/ ) and after he signed it I said maybe we should hang out sometime , he said yea for sure. We're both kind of shy so you can imagine how f***ing awkward that was lol. The thing is, I'm scared that he doesn't actually want to, since he don't really use his social media and i don't have his number so I basically have no way of contacting him and he knew that. I'm just kind of upset about the whole thing lol, I keep replaying how that went down in my head and I cringe every time. It was so awkward especially because after he just looked at his friend and I stood there for a few seconds before leaving... In your opinion, does he seem uninterested? Or did he just feel awkward like I did?

    We are both 16 by the way :)

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  • How do I stop worrying so much about my grades?

    I'm in the 10th grade (sophmore) from Canada. In term 1 and 2 my grades were pretty decent, but now nearing the end of the school year, my grades are literally f***ing collapsing; mainly in science and math. I KNOW that grade 10 marks are completely irrelevant in Canada. I'm still going to try since there's the provincial at the end of June, but I find myself stressing out so much that it's becoming unhealthy. It's the only thing on my mind 24/7. My parent aren't strict about grades but they do encourage that I put most of my effort in to them. I'd like to know what I can do to stop over-stressing about my grades so I can mostly just focus on doing well on the provincials :).

  • If I do this, would I be considered a ****?

    So I'm a 16 year old girl, and I know some people are going to be like "stupid teenager, you're 16!" Or some **** but lately I've been really curious about what it'd be like to give someone head. At the moment I don't really have anyone specific to do it to but if I did it, it would be to a close friend or something. I wouldn't do it to a random guy or someone I don't know too well and I definetely wouldn't have s*x before marriage but I think oral is fine (but not have them do something to me). I just think it's a way for me to control my hormones without actually having s*x. I'm aware of the chances of getting STD's and I know how to be careful. So in your opinion, would you think it's someone okay for me to do and do you think people would label me as a s*ut?

    Btw many people in my grade at school have done it, so it's not likely that it would ruin my "reputation" or anything.


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  • My mom won t let me get my cartilage pierced?

    Whenever I ask her, she gets really mad and tells me how cartilage is bone, which isn t even an argument because I ve tried to tell her it s not bone, it s fricking cartilage. My dad says it s okay but when I ask my mom she just gets angry and says end of discussion. In my opinion , I don t think I m too young. I m asking her to do it for my birthday which is in a couple of months I m going to be 16

    How can I convince her to let me to get it?

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  • I'm not good at anything and I have no talents?

    I'm starting to realize that there's nothing special about me, or anything special that I can do. It's like have nothing to be proud of :/ I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, I'm just annoyed with myself that there's nothing I can do that I'm good at. I'm not very good at sports except I've been doing this one sport for 10 years but even that I'm not very good at...I'm okay at art but I'm really not excellent, I've seen people who are amazing and I'm below average compared to what they do. I'm not very good looking though people sometimes tell me I'm pretty. I think I'm average looking. The only thing that I'm close enough to being proud of is that I can pick up languages really well. I can speak 4, including sign language which I taught myself how to do but I feel like that's not something special enough.

    Has this every happened to anyone and how can I find my special quality? Thanks so much! :)

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  • Should I not have gotten involved of my friend being cyberbullied?

    My friend who is in a grade younger than me texted me saying to read the comments on her Instagram photo. This one girl tagged 3 people and this one boy was like "oh wow so hot" then again commented after saying "jk you're so ugly eww" she told me they said other mean things but she deleted the comments. I saw that they kept being mean so I commented "@___ @___ can you please stop. That's really immature, being mean to others won't make you feel any better." (I tagged their actual accounts though ofc.) but I told my mom after and she got mad at me and said I shouldn't get involved, but I wasn't. Getting involved and defending my friend is two different things, right? Should I not have said anything?

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  • Are my legs actually fat or is it my imagination?

    It's not that I just noticed now but lately I've been a lot more self conscious about my legs. They're the only thing I look at in the mirror and I hate the. I've also lately have been looking at pictures on Instagram of people with anorexia's legs and I've been comparing mine to theirs. I really really want legs like theirs and I'm starting to consider being anorexic (I know the risks and dangers already) everyone I ask says my legs are fat and my friend have even said they're pretty skinny but I feel like they're saying that to make me feel better. Do you think I could just be imagining them being fat because of how much I've compared it to people with really thin legs?

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  • Are my legs actually fat or is it my imagination?

    It s not that I just noticed now but lately I ve been a lot more self conscious about my legs. They re the only thing I look at in the mirror and I hate the. I ve also lately have been looking at pictures on Instagram of people with anorexia s legs and I ve been comparing mine to theirs. I really really want legs like theirs and I m starting to consider being anorexic (I know the risks and dangers already) everyone I ask says my legs are fat and my friend have even said they re pretty skinny but I feel like they re saying that to make me feel better. Do you think I could just be imagining them being fat because of how much I ve compared it to people with really thin legs?

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  • I need help with my science homework (science 9 chapter 4)?


    1. Why does DNA have to be present in each cell?

    2.Compare the amount of DNA in a skin cell compared to a muscle cell.

    3.How does the DNA in a cell become either a muscle cell or a stomach cell?

    4.What happens if the nucleus of a cell doesn't do it's role?

    These are some of the review questions I didn't understand for my test, which is tomorrow :( so if possible, an answer that's simple but still informative enough would be awesome:)

    Btw sorry if the questions don't make sense I'm just briefly translating it from French to English lol

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  • I'm so scared of my future (long)?

    I was watching videos on youtube about helping homeless people, then it got me thinking, one mistake can lead to another and you could eventually end up with nothing. What if I don't get a good/well payed job? I'm not very good at anything, and what if I don't get a husband, then Im completely on my own..I wanted to be an interior designer but now that I think about it, is it a good idea to get a job where I have to wait for someone to hire me? And would they even hire a girl..? Plus I don't know what I want to study in university, all I know is where I want to go for university, but I might not even be accepted. What do I do I'm sooo scared :(

    I shouldn't really be worrying right now because I'm 15 in grade 9, my grades technically don't even count yet but still I'm running out of time

    How much does a teen therapist earn per year? Would that be a good job I think I'd be okay at it..

  • 2x(—3)x5/7?

    I'm having a total brain fart when multiplying 2 by negative 3 does it become a positive because since I'm multiplying a negative number by an even number, does the negative cancel out? I can't remember

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  • My grades are stressing me out so much?

    I've been so stressed this week because Friday is marks cut off (after Friday the won't be adding or taking out anything in your grades) I'm failing math with 43% (I'm doing retests but I'll only have 3 days to redo (almost) the whole test:( then I have science which I am barely passing with 64%, I have a chapter test this Thursday but I I don't do well I'll be getting a C or lower. Last year every semester I got straight B's now I have

    Spanish 94%

    French I'm no sure but probably around 80-90%

    Gym I'm not even sure tbh but Idc about that class

    English 84%

    Science 64% depending on what I get after my chapter test

    Math 43% but I have the retests

    Socials idk but probably 70-80%

    Industrial design idk around 90%

    The only classes I'm seriously worried about is math and science. Idk what my study habits but what are some ways I can study for my tests?? and I'm just so paranoid about this entire thing I can't help but cry over the stress. I'm a girl in grade 9 and it is 1st semester..

    This is really long I'm so sorry but please help I sort of just went on a rage here

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  • Ways to say that it's better to help someone out than do other things because you're busy?

    Sorry long *** tittle lol but I'm supposed to write something for English (anything to just state my opinion on something) and I'm writing how students should feel safe at school. At the ending I'm saying that teachers should be willing to help all students when they're in need (aka bullied) even if they're busy they should stop what they're doing and take their time to help, I need something cool to say at the end like "because___is more important than ____" but I can't think of anything :( if anyone has ideas let me know! Thank you :)

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  • I have so much homework and I'm really stressed out and I want to cry!!!!!!!?

    I have so much **** to do I ******* hate homework teachers think they can give you like 6 hours of homework and don't even bother thinking that we have other homework for different classes to do! I'm in grade 9 (which is high school where I live) I have two chapter tests for math and science which are my worst subjects! And then I have this huge stupid project for socials about the regions in North America, it doesn't seem like a lot but I've worked all weekend, barely taking breaks and I'm still not even close, I'm so mad and stressed and I can't stay focused, please help :(

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  • How does knowing a balloon shrinks in the freezer help you in real life (homework help)?

    In science we had to do an experiment where we measure a ballon in width and length, then we put it in the freezer for 24 hours. After 24 hours we take it out and measure it again, and it should have shrunk. Now I have to write a concluding paragraph and one of the things I have to include is how this experiment is related to things in real life (stupid *** question lol). I'm not really sure what to put. Thank you for helping :)

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  • How to make your eyes bigger without makeup?

    I'm half asian and half white so I don't really have big eyes and I want to know some natural ways to make/appear bigger. In the mirror it looks average sized (not small but not big) but in a lot of pictures they're so tiny and it just makes me look really ugly :( idk if it's just because I'm unphotogenic or what but I really hope the mirror is what I actually look like, anyways sorry for going off topic lol, thanks everyone! :)

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  • Exercises that will help get a thigh gap but will not gain muscle?

    Hey so really want to get a thigh gap, I'm not very skinny so I know I'll have to lose weight to make it easier to get but is there any leg exercise or something that I could to get one that doesn't build up muscle, because the last thing i want is bigger legs XD And I have wide hips so I am actually able to get one :) thank you everyone!

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  • I like watching movies, what are adjectives that would describe that?

    For French I have to describe thing about myself with pictures, sentences and am adjective. One of the things I put is I like that watch movies, how can i put that as an adjective? Thank you!

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