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  • What is a blog website that you can share your ideas and search for others' ideas?

    I am looking for an open form blog website where I can post various thoughts and stories. I am a writer and I enjoy sharing what I can for free where anyone can read. I also like having multiple blogs on one website so I can divide my subjects. Maybe one blog is about Grammar and the study about words, maybe another blog is a story of adventures and magic! I don't want to have to create countless accounts on one blog sight.

    What's really important to me is to find a blogging website where I can search the site. This will not only help others to find my homepage on the site, but also it will help me to search for different blogs to see what others think. I've had an account on for a while but I've grown disappointed in the website after they censored people heavily. I have also noticed that Blogger does not have a search bar. I've heard of Wix, but it doesn't seem to have a search bar either.

    Even if someone does not have a YouTube account, he or she can search for YouTube videos, where is there a blogger website with the same function? Someone who does not have an account with a blogging site should still be able to search for blogs, I think.

    Can anyone help me? Is there anyone out there who has experience with various blogging websites that can give me some suggestions?

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  • In the comics when does the Flash meet Superman?

    I am not looking into the New 52 rebtoot. I am trying to find some context and backstory. I know that Superman has established himself as a hero and the Justice Leagie was already formed. I know Action Comics ran its corse and DC thought they’d be hip and make Superman angsty. 

    So tell me about pre-post Crisis. When did Superman and Flash meet? When was the Justice League formed? Can someone give me an oiginal cannon title of the Justice League? I’d like to follow the original story from an earlier time. 

    Thank you. 

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  • English Grammar: Defining Realitive Clause: What is essential information?

    I have been studying English Grammar. I have gotten to the Comma. Along this path I have been studying clauses, conjunctions and realitive pronouns. I have recently learned that defining realitive clauses do not have commas while non-defining realitive clauses do. I have learned that defining realitive clauses are considered essential information to define exactly which noun, either subject or object (or I suppose even indirect object) is being referred to in the sentence. If I can ascertain the difference between these two types of clauses, than I will know how to use the comma in these instances when writing. However, I cannot tell what information is essential versus extra information. 

    Take these examples for instence: 

    My grammar teacher says the sentense “The dentist who treated me is my uncle.” Contains an essential realitive clauses because it specified exactly who the dentist is. However, what if you were treated by two dentists? How would that show exactly who the dentist was? What if you were only treated by one dentist, why would you need the added “is my uncle”? Then she says, “My uncle is a dentist, who plays at the same cricket club as you.” Does not contain essential information, but that sentence seems to specify the dentist much better than just describing a doctor as an uncle. 

    Please help me because English websites are not helping. They are claiming essential information is part of a defining clause without exposing his to tell what is essential!


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  • Did the 1987 chevrolet Silverado have a CD Player in the car when it was first sold?

    I have heard conflicting reports. I am looking online for images of the cabin but it is hard to see the radio or sound system clearly. When I look online for information about the model's original specs, I find a lot of tutorials about new sound systems put into the truck.

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  • When did "Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now" debut on southern California's radio?

    I am working on a novel set in the early 1990s In North Carolina. The story follows along a police homicide detective who loses his wife. The romance between them is in part rooted in this song, which was on the radio the night they met. They met in California and moved east some years later. I want to get my historic facts correct. I know the song premiered in 1986 but I need to know its history with more precision so I can tell the story properly. Does anyone know the exact time period this song was popular on the raido? If anyone knows any channels it was playing on in southern California, that would be great.

    Thank you so much!

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  • What's the name of that fantasy movie with...?

    Jack Black...

    A small boy is taken in by his uncle, who is portrayed by Jack Black...

    The main character has a magic 8 ball that he uses to communicate with his dead parents...

    There are too many clocks ticking on every wall...

    A dead man is brought back to life via dark magic...

    A talented sorceress has lost her magic because of the heavy grief in her heart...

    Magic is used by personal style. One magician uses an off-key tuba to do magic, another uses the definition of words...

    There are many spells on the front entrance of a house to keep enemies out...

    Jack Black's character transforms into an infant.

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  • What is the name of the fantasy movie with...?

    A group of ever-eternal children who are being guarded by a woman who can turn into a bird at will...

    The monsters who are not visible except by the main character who is gifted to see them but doesn't know these monsters are invisible...

    The main character was laughed at because he showed a picture of an invisible boy to his classmates and they did not believe it was real...

    The main character claimed to be telekinetic when items were suddenly thrown about, but he quickly learned it was due to an invisible boy...

    The main character's father was very magical and important but other people just thought he was grieving...

    The main character and his lover end up together after much travel through time on the main character's part to try and find her.

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