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  • Neighbors leave dog out in thunderstorms? Animal lovers, HELP!?

    There are several thunderstorms happening these days, and for every single one of them my neighbor is leaving his dog out in the rain. I called my local humane society, but they said that since the dog has shade, they can't do anything. Yes, in their backyard there is some shade, but as far as I can see, he has no food, or water, and it is pouring outside and super cold even if he is under the shade. I can hear his cries all the way from here, and it breaks my heart. (I've taken some videos of the house and the dog clawing at the door when it is left out in the rain). The humane society said they can't do anything... But I know that this is wrong and if I don't take action I know none of my other neighbors will. I want to go and give it some food, water, comfort, etc, but their backyard is fenced. I really want to help and do something, but what should I do?????!!!!

    5 AnswersDogs4 years ago
  • Any places for a sixth grade birthday party?

    My daughters who's in sixth grade wants to have a birthday party, but I don't know any places which are that fun. She likes places like john's incredible pizza and pump it up, and it has to be around or in arcadia. I was thinking a pool party. Know any places with an indoor pool where they let you have parties? Other places would also be great :)

    1 AnswerEntertaining6 years ago
  • My eleven year old daughters teeth are pink!?

    Three of her first premolars, the upper and lower right one, and the lower left one. They've become pinkish! They are her baby teeth, but still, why is this happening

    1 AnswerToddler & Preschooler6 years ago
  • What should I read to become more knoweledgable?

    I've decided to make a new life goal to gain more knowledge, but there's so much to read, I don't know where to start. I'm mainly looking for nonfiction books. Any ideas? Real books would be great, but I'm okay with linkks too.

    9 AnswersBooks & Authors6 years ago
  • My eleven year old's daughter's mouth bleed when she brushes or flosses them! help!?

    Months ago I bought my daughter a VERY soft tip toothbrush, but she'd been using it to long and now it's all messed up and doesn't do any good to her teeth. I keep telling her to use a real toothbrush that can actually fight plaque, but she tells be every time she brushes with any other toothbrush besides the soft tip one, her gums start bleeding, and therefore, she refuses to brush with any other toothbrush besides the useless soft tip toothbrush. I can't find the problem, she says that her teeth don't ache, she doesn't have any cuts in her mouth, and I'm not sure what to do now. (about 70% percent of her teeth have not fallen out, if that helps)

    4 AnswersDental6 years ago