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  • help on math questions?

    1. Eric paid $569.27 including tax for an LCD computer monitor. how much did the computer monitor itself cost

    A. 605.61

    B. 537.05

    C. 536.05

    D. 34.16

    2. Factor. Check by multiplying 

    3x^8 + 3x - 15

    3x^8 + 3x - 15=

    3.  solve for y 

    5x + 12y = 4

    4. Find slope-int. Equation for the line with indicated slope and y intercept

    Slope -4/5 ; y-int. (0,4)  

    A. y=-4/5x +4

    B. y= -4/5x-4

    C. y=4/5x+4

    D. y=4/5x-4

    Find the slope and y-int. If the line 

    8x + 9y= 59

    A. 1/8: (0, 9/50)

    B. -8/9 (0, 50/9)

    C. 8/9 (0, 50/9)

    D. -1/8 (0, 9/50)

    Perform the indicated operation. Write the answer  in scientific notation. 

    10.92 x 10^5 / 2.6 x 10^-7

    A. 4.2 x 10^12

    B. 8.4 x 10^-2

    C. 4.2 x 10^-2

    D. 8.4 x 10^12


    (9x + 7xy - 26y) - (29x - 19xy - 6y)

    A. -20x + 26xy - 20y

    B. -14xy

    C. -20x - 26xy - 32y

    D. 2x + 20xy +32 

    Find the X and Y int for the equation 

     8y - 2x = -10

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  • Am i able to go shopping using only the cashapp?

    What i mean is , my card keep saying decline when i swipe it and i tried to order a new card but it would keep saying “whoops, we couldn't accept the details you provided for your physical Cash Card. Take a second to update it!” And my information is UPDATED!! I’ve been trying to get in contact with cash support but nothing it going right. So can i still pay for stuff using the Cashapp App ?

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  • find the equation of the line when given two points from the line?

    1. (0,8) and (5,-4)

    2. (-2,-6) and (-4, 6)

    3. x-intercept is 1 and (-1,-4)




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  • Please help with these two questions?

    Me and my tutor was thinking to hard about this and i told him i wouldn’t figure something out but units need help with these last two questions

    Question 1. The perimeter of a playing field for a certain sport is 292 ft. The field is a rectangle, and the length is 44 ft longer than the width. Find the dimensions

    The width of the playing field is ___ 1) ____

    The length of the platting field is __ 2) ____

    (1) ft



    (2) ft^2



    Question 2. In the triangle, the measure of the first angle is three times the measure of the second angle. The measure of the third angle is 65 degrees note than the measure of the second angle. Use the fact that the sum of the measures of the three angles of a triangle is 180 degrees to find the measure of each angle.

    The measure of the first angle is ___

    The measure of the second angle is ____

    The measure of the third angle is ___

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  • Please help me with these 3 answers !! I need help?

    1. The room numbers of two adjacent classrooms are two consecutive odd numbers. If their sum is 1108 , find the classroom number. The classroom numbers are ___ (use a comma to separate answers)

    2. The sum of the page numbers on the facing pages of a book is 725. What are the page numbers ? The number on the left page is __ and the number on the right is __

    3. The estimated insurance loss from a hurricane was $21.9 billion. This was $11.1 billion more than the lost from tsunami three years ago. What was the estimate insurance loss from tsunami?? (Simplify your answers type an integer or a decimal)

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  • Am i wrong for cutting people off before college?

    I’m a freshman I’m college and all my so called “friends” said we hanging out all summer and keeping in contact and other excused but haven’t heard a dime from them at all. Ever since summer stared they went ghost, they only call/text when it’s beneficial. People say I’m wrong for cutting them out and i shouldn’t do it. Cause i feel like I’m not important in their life’s and i don’t matter. It’s like what’s the point. I always the one that’s texting/calling them first and ever since i stopped texting/calling First i get no text or call. Any advice/tips

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  • Why am i so scared to join orchestra again?

    I’ve done orchestra in middle school but quit when it was second semester of my 8th grade year. When i was a freshman in high school I’ve gotten lessons bc I’ve forgot half the notes. Now I’m in 11th grade , bout to be a senior but I’m really scared bc looking back at my old music from middle school, I’ve forgotten and kinda scared to mess up. Playing cello has been in my heart ever since , even though I’m not going into college for a music career , would it be worth it? Any advice ?

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  • What time should I call McDonald’s about my application?

    I did about a couple applications at different McDonald’s and never got a call from them. So I want to call them myself but don’t know what time to call them .. what’s the best time to call?

    2 AnswersFast Food3 years ago
  • What should i do about this job?

    Around July of 2017 , I’ve had a interview with Hwy55 and he told me to call back Wednesday for a “yes or no”.... so i called back. He told me the same thing and i waited till next Wednesday and he told me to call back in a month or two. It’s Novemver now , what should i do. Ik i should Call up there but what should i say to the hiring manager when i call up there? I was kinda getting tired of keep calling back or w.e ... don’t write a response if it’s gonna be negative!!

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  • Help me please ! What's the answe lol?

    a women was born in 1818, she is 23 years old. how is this possible?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • Are women suppose to wear pantyliners daily?

    I ve been told that I shouldn t. I m clean it s just I ve been having a lot of discharge, very moist or wet all the time constantly, and more stuff that my vagina is doing. I take showers and everything and I use Dove soap (non fragrance) and like a day or 2 later it s back to the way it was like what s the problem?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health3 years ago
  • How old am I able to get a restraining order?

    I m 16 and I really need a restraining order bc this boy keeps stalking me, harassing me, sexually assault me, etc. I live in Greenville, NC and do I have to have a adult with me or am I a me to do it myself?

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • How many days after you run out of your birth control pills will your period come on?

    I have one more left (Sunday) and I was just wondering how many days after its gone will my period come on?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health4 years ago
  • How to persuade my friend parents to stay at my house for 2 nights?

    I've been wanting her to stay with me for 2 nights (we're both girls by the way) and my oldest sister said she didn't care but her mom straight up said "no" with no explanation but she thinks it's because she didn't clean her room, which I don't know why because it's her room and she really don't have to clean it, which idk why u gotta clean a room just to stay off. She really wants to stay at my house for 2 nights also. Is there any convincing or good answers to say to her mom, no hate please just tell us some very good ones to let her stay for 2 nights.

    2 AnswersFamily4 years ago
  • Please tell my friends what does "is this student in good standing at his or her present school?" On a open enrollment sheet?

    She wants to know what it means by presents school also? She wants to know what it means

    1 AnswerOther - Education4 years ago
  • Can u do any type of excercise with a sprained wrist?

    I know u can't do like push ups nor anything involving my wrist except running. Our exams for PE is comin up next week after Memorial Day and can't I do like sit ups an crunches with a sprained wrist or no and why?

    2 AnswersInjuries4 years ago
  • Why do people get mad over the smallest things an Facts?

    I told this girl that android had to download apps just to get emojis, the only reason why I said that is bc she said iPhone have a small screen. (All phones have the same screen. It's base on what u get) an I told her a fact ... Androids have to download apps to get emojis/keyboards. An one time she got mad bc this girl didn't give her the other half of a bff necklace , the reason why she didn't give it to her is bc she isn't her bff and because she isn't her best friend. So , y people get mad over facts??

    1 AnswerFriends4 years ago
  • Can a wrist brace form like a dollar store or Walmart or Walgreens help?

    I went to the student services to ask if the nurse was here. I think I may have sprain my wrist. Will a wrist brace from Walmart, Walgreens, or dollar store help?? It's my left wrist, I may have done somethin that may of hurt my left wrist. Or do I have to go to the doctor to get it checked out??

    3 AnswersInjuries4 years ago
  • Can the school nurse do something?

    Ive never been to the nurses office at school. I wanna check my wrist an I want to know can I go to my school nurse to check my wrist??

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management4 years ago
  • What do they do in JROTC?

    I was thinkin bout takin the class for my sophomore, but before I do I want to know what they do in there an what they do on their EOC (end of course) an I want to know what kind of activities they do and what they do In class like I have no upper body strength or lower body strength. Help