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  • 2D Avatar Chat on Browser I played back in HS?

    Okay, this one is serious. Back around 2016 maybe 2015 I came across a browser based virtual chat that allowed you to import images or gifs or whatever and use them as avatars in that chat, I was wondering if anyone knows what this is, if it is still up, and if I can get a link. Thank you. I mildly remember a blue interface, regardless, I do remember the avatars mostly.

  • Help I **** my Pants at the Fair and I need a quick Fix?

    I was at the fair when I **** my pants after eating cotton candy? Help my daughter wants to ride the ferris wheel but I m pretty sure they don t want it taking a ride to brown town. How do I tell my 6 year old daughter her papa had an accident. I feel it in my shoe. I m terrified.

    5 AnswersAmusement Parks1 year ago