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    Can this give me cyanide poisoning? ?

    So I bought a bong yesterday and while emptying the bowl part I snapped the pipe. Not my finest moment. But someone told me to use nail glue to fix it so I did. The kind of nail glue that comes with the glue on nails from any drug store. It’s glass and only the top part you’re burning gets really hot but I read online that it can turn into cyanide if the temp goes 300 degrees f and up. 

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  • I don’t like loaning my boyfriend money what should I tell him?

    My boyfriend and I have been on off for 4 years. He supports his mom at home helping with rent and she always asks him for more money. Besides that his sister took his room she moved back home and he has no space of his own. He also has terrible spending habits he will spend it on drinks etc. No one in the house is willing to get a second job and he goes to ask me for money all the time even had no electricity once and his mom asked him if I could

    Loan him 500. I have given him money before and he always pays it back. I do have a lot more money than him but it’s the principle and I don’t like waiting to collect money from him. It makes me think of the future if we have kids or try to live together are you always going to give all your money to your family? Will i have to take care of him and my children? He is 22 and didn’t finish high school and i am 21 and have only done a year of college so far. He acts silly all the time and i try to show him the way but he doesn’t take my advice half the time. Should i move on from the relationship if i care about him? Am i being materialistic or shallow by having these thoughts because he is broke? My mom has had me live rent free my Whole life I only have to pay for my own credit card and I am financing a car. Also pay for my own college books. How do I tell him that him depending on me financially makes me uncomfortable?

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  • Can I get fired for this? ?

    So a week ago a customer lost a phone at my job. I tried using voice command to call a contact or something but the phone has no SIM card. Nobody called for it or come in to claim it and it’s just sitting collecting dust. Could I get fired for keeping the phone ? It’s a model that’s a couple years old also. It’s an iPhone 7 or 8 I believe.

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