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  • How do I know if this chick really diggs me?

    Here's the details: She texted me after a party (1:00 in the morning)& I ended up calling her & chatting for a while. She invited me over (it was around 2) to watch a movie, but we ended up drinking some more, goofing around playing darts and such, and passing out (on her bed). Nothing happened EXCEPT I gave her a backrub, and I guess I was doing a good job because she took her bra off (under her shirt) & lifted the back of the shirt up to give a better massage. She ended up passing out while I was working my magic (guess it wasn't that magical) & I ended up sleeping next to her, my arm around her waist. with a, ego. The next day, we had breakfast & I left thinking I did good (did not take advantage of her). It's been a week & she keeps turning down my asking to take her to dinner or just hang with her. I really like her (I've known her off and on for 2 years), but now it feels like I did something wrong. I don't consider myself an overly sensitive type of guy, but I felt we had something that night & don't know what to do. Did I do something wrong? By the way, she instigated the backrub when she sat down on me when I was laying on her couch; all I did was hold her lower back to keep her from falling back. She said that felt good, so I began to rub her back (She was flirting with me a lot that night). I didn't expect this to happen. I always liked her (Maybe she knew?) & wanted a relationship with her, but I went over there just to hang out that night. I'm confused. Now I'm wondering if I texted her too much into scaring her away. One other thing - I'll probably see her at a party in a couple of weeks, so please let me know how to handle this. Do I ignore her? Do I say Hi & nothing else? Do I pretend that nothing happened? Can you see that I have absolutely NO experience with hot chicks? LOL

    Yes, I am in need of humbling advice, and no I'm not a virgin stage 5 clinger! -jeyk

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