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  • One of my keyboard keys is not working, even when I changed to a new keyboard.?


    My "Home" key on the keyboard is not working. At first, I thought it was the keyboard, but when I bought a new one, it still doesn't work on it.

    Can someone help, please?

    I use it a lot in my work.

    Thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks3 months ago
  • What does (0.25N) mean?

    I'm translating a file on chemistry, and I want to know what that "N" stands for to be able to demonstrate it in my language.

    Please reply to me ASAP because the deadline is today!

    Thank you so much in advance.

    3 AnswersChemistry2 years ago
  • What are the animal references in English?

    for example, they call cops, pigs

    they call snitches, rats

    could you give me a list of all there is? I'm a translator and a subtitler, and English isn't my mother tongue. It will help me a lot in my work.

    Thanks a million in advance!

    2 AnswersLanguages3 years ago
  • How to apply an apk theme in Android?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 .. I downloaded a theme (KLWP Preset - Overwatch UI) as an APK .. i wanna test it first before I can buy it

    I downloaded the apk and installed it, but I can t find it in my themes or as an app

    This is my first time to install a theme from a 3rd party source

    Please help


    1 AnswerSoftware4 years ago
  • -don't spoil plz- Do we get to know what happened between Brock and Professor Ivy soon?

    I'm in episode 126 now .. just answer yes or no .. if yes, when .. if no .. just no say no

    thank you so much!

    2 AnswersComics & Animation4 years ago
  • What do we call +18 movies?

    I'm a student @ faculty of arts, English department, Cairo University.

    my translation asked me, what would you translate a 18+ movie .. here in Egypt, movies that children and -18 are not allowed to watch, because it might contain an erotic scene, for example

    so, what do we call that movie

    thanks in advance

    1 AnswerMovies6 years ago
  • can't access 2 partitions?

    I have 4 partitions on my PC, 1 for the OS and 3 for other stuff

    I tried to merge 2 of the 3 partitions today, using "Partition Wizard" but it failed

    one of them is now invisible to me though the other is visible and usable

    I restarted my PC to find that the 3rd partition (that wasn't involved in the merging process) is asking me to format it in order to access it

    why does this happen? and is there a safe way to recover the partitions as they were

    ps: the image attached with the question is taken for "Partition Wizard" and you may see in it that the partitions are available and none of them was harmed (got data removed from)

    thanks ..

    1 AnswerDesktops7 years ago
  • why can we drink cola 3 bottles of Soda and not more than 2 cups of water?

    why can we drink cola 3 bottles of Soda and not more than 2 cups of water?

    2 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks7 years ago
  • RAM: 4x4 or 2x8 for motherboard X79?

    if I have an x79 motherboard with an intel core i7 3820 processor, which will be better in RAM sticks, to have 4 of 4GB RAMs or 2 of 8 GBs?

    and what is the best company to buy the RAM from, for this motherboard?

    Thanks ...

    4 AnswersOther - Hardware7 years ago
  • is G2A site safe ? < this site is for games

    the site is making incredibly huge sales. for example, pre-ordering Watch Dogs on steam is 60$ and CD key there is 33.19$ only

    last question is what's CD keys ? and how do they differ from buying and downloading the game through steam ?

    Thanks ...

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games7 years ago
  • rude words?

    I'm a student at faculty of Arts English Department, Cairo University (Egypt)

    my professor once asked us a question and we were answering in no

    I said "Hell no" she got mad and said no rude language in class

    I didn't even know it was rude, but now I do

    so I'm asking plz, what are rude words that can be used like Hell, ****, screw, Bloody ... etc

    to make sure that I don't use them again


    3 AnswersLanguages7 years ago