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  • Landlord-tenant relationship in Indiana?

    I've been doing research on Indiana evictions because my husband & his sister are wanting to evict their mom's abusive boyfriend from her home. They got guardianship over her last week so they can now legally ask him to vacate but what i've been trying to figure out is whether or not their is even a landlord-tenant relationship since he's never paid rent, he doesn't & has never had their permission to live there, & he was told verbally that they don't want him there. In Indiana we wouldn't have to give him a notice to vacate if there's no landlord-tenant relationship but i can't figure out what is legally considered a landlord-tenant relationship in Indiana. Thanks for any help anyone can give me!

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  • Need help with an Indiana eviction?

    My situation is a little complicated but i'll try my best to keep it simple. I live in Indiana. 3 months ago my mother-in-law let a man move in with her who was basically a stranger. She had only talked to him on the phone for a few months & only talked to him face-to-face 1 time. None of us were happy about it because she's not all there mentally since her stroke last year & we suspected he was only using her for money & a place to live. Well this "man" is an admitted women abuser & we found out he hit my MIL. He has admitted to myself & other family members that he hit her & at least 3 other women but he had "reasons" for hitting them. She refused to press charges on him when the police talked to her. He has threatened to kill my MIL & destroy the house if she tries to kick him out so she is terrified of him & was to scared to tell him to leave. We verbally told him he needed to move out after my MIL told us she wanted him to leave but of course he didn't listen to us & then threatened to take my MIL out of state where we would never find her if we tried to break them up. He has scammed her out of hundreds of dollars in the past 3 months & she wasn't getting her bills paid properly & made other bad decisions because of him so my sister-in-law & husband got guardianship over her last week because she's not capable of making proper decisions. My question is how should i word the written 10 day notice to evict since he has never paid rent, bills, or bought grocery's & is extremely violent? He doesn't have our permission to be there but of course we still have to go through everything legally since he has established residency there. In my opinion there is there is no landord-tenant relationship which in Indiana means you can tell someone to vacate with no notice. He doesn't have permission from my husband or SIL to live there, the only person who gave him permission is an incompetent women. If we had our way he would be out tonight but i know we have to give him a 10 day notice before we can go through the courts to evict him i'm just not sure how to word the eviction notice for someone who's never paid rent & who has threatened the homeowner. I'm also not positive if we have to give a ten day notice since there is no landlord-tenant relationship. Sorry this was so long. Thanks for any help you can give me!

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