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  • Underground bunker help?

    I'm hoping this is the right category for this. I'm writing a novel, and some of it takes place in an underground bunker. I know one of the most important features of an underground bunker is circulatory air. What exactly does that look like? What system would be in place to circulate the air? One of my characters becomes trapped underneath with air running out because my villain somehow cut the air supply. How would he turn off the air? Could he do it from outside? And how long do you think someone can survive without air? Thanks for your help!

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  • Mass effect 3 imported character?

    Does anyone know what mass effect experience the game gives you if you import a character from mass effect 2? I know there are three experiences you can choose from, action, role playaing, and story. But when I import a character, I'm not given the option to choose. Anyone know? Thanks!

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  • Has anyone pastored in a jail setting?

    Has anyone witnessed for Christ in a jail setting? The reason why I'm asking is because I'm writing a book, and the first chapter involves a pastor witnessing in jail. Now, the scene is over, but it got me thinking--I'm wondering if I did it right. I don't want there to be any inaccuracies. So, I guess I'm wondering what the correct jail procedures are for when a pastor goes into a jail building? Not for entering and exiting procedures, they just stick the people and the pastor all into one room? Is the police officer in there with them? Can they be called a guard? Or is that a term reserved for a prison setting? Do they lock the door? Is it open? Just any and all information will be helpful. Thanks a million, guys!

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  • Geography of Chicago-10 points for best answer!!?

    Hello, I need some major help please. I'm currently writing a story set in Chicago, and trying to do research, but I'm getting information overload lol. Can anyone tell me a good neighborhood that is relatively close to a bad neighborhood that has gang activity? I also need a police station within the vicinity of those two areas and either a bridge or an overpass that someone will eventually jump off of. Thanks a million, guys!

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  • Review this story please? Called THE EYE-10 points for the best response!?


    The night was cool, the lake calm, and the fog had appeared suddenly, as if trying to impede Jed's mission. Even the lighthouse beam that swept the water couldn't penetrate the mist; it was dense, clammy, and smelled of ozone and seaweed. He was thankful for that light; it was a homing beacon back to land, an eye that was constantly watching, checking their progress.

    Jed's arms strained as he worked the oars, the boat creaking and rocking. Beside him was his Nikon 8mm camera, and his teenage son lazily looking out at the water. The eye passed by, lighting them up, and then they were in darkness once more.

    "C'mon, show yerself," Jed muttered.

    "This is a waste of time, Dad," Tuc said.

    Jed didn't answer.

    "We've been out here forever. Can't we go back? Please?"

    Jed smiled. "Momma always used to tell me 'Jed, good things come to those who wait.' Sooner or later, those ghosties will appear, and I'll be ready." He patted his camera, grinning.

    Other than the couple of friends he had, Jed was overlooked. Nothing he did was special or worthy enough to make people sit up and take notice. He hoped that by snapping pictures of the ghosties that had recently been spotted around Lakeshore Point, he would finally get the respect and admiration that he felt was his God-given right.

    The eye checked on their progress, then was gone.

    Tuc crossed his arms. "Well, I don't know why I had to come, that's all."

    "I needed a witness."

    "How d'ya mean??"

    "I need someone-that's you, Tuc-to tell people I didn't just make up the pictures."

    "What about your friends?"

    "What about them, boy?"

    "Couldn't they have come?"

    Jed snorted. "Yeah. Some friends. Ever since I started this mission, they're acting like everyone else. They won't return my phone calls, won't answer when I knock. They probably see me as a damned fool, running some damned fool's errand."

    Jed looked down, fists clenched. "Well, maybe I am, boy, maybe I am. I always have been just a step behind the herd, you know? In school, in work, in life, I can admit it. Sure. Why not? But let me tell you something, Tuc, once I take these pictures, when I can do what nobody else has the guts to do, that'll all change."

    Tuc yawned. "Maybe, Dad. But I don't really believe in ghosts."

    The beam passed by again, and that's when Jed saw it--a shape materializing out of the mist. A man and a boy ghostie were standing up in their motorboat, pointing in their direction. The story was that a man and his son had drowned when their boat capsized, but the boy he was looking at was maybe nine or ten. The boy who had died had been a teenager.

    The man revved his engine and sped away. And the eye fell through Jed and Tuc, casting no shadows upon the water.


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  • help with a plot twist?

    I'm writing a story where one of the characters is being abused by her boyfriend, and a pastor is trying to help her. To make a long story short, the police know about it, and, after questioning her, let her go in hopes that she would lead them to the abuser. But she goes home instead. The pastor shows up at her house with the motivation that he will pray with her(the police are still outside), but the father doesn't know about the abuse. She let herself in late last night, so the father never saw the bruises, and has been in her room ever since. He didn't know she let herself out her bedroom window, thus eluding both the police(they're stupid) and her dad. Her dad knows where the boyfriend lives, and when he finds out what the boyfriend has done, he's livid and wants to see justice. But I can't come up with a conceivable reason why he wouldn't just tell the police, who are just outside. I absolutely need the father to show up at the boyfriends apartment with the pastor and without the police. My whole book hinges on this set up. Any tips on how to convince the pastor to not tell the police or any tips on how to trick the pastor, and maybe the pastor realizes at the last second, and still follows him to the apartment without the police? Thanks in advance for any help.

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