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  • Can someone in the medical field answer this question ?

    So last Sunday (10th) I fell ill while I was driving back from my hometown. It started with a mild fever and got worse and worse as the drive went on. By the time I got home I felt so sick I just crawled into bed and slept for 20 hours straight. When I woke up I had a high fever, sore throat, a terrible headache, and was vomiting A LOT. I thought I had the cold or the flu so I made a doctors appointment for the next day. I went and they said I probably had the flu or some type of viral infection, prescribed me cough medicine and nausea medication and sent me on my way. I started to actually get worse than I was before I went. It’s been a little over a week and I still have a fever, migraine, terrible cough and sore throat, and all I want to do is sleep. I’m a college student so I have to walk to class everyday. What I’ve been noticing is that whenever I have to engage in any type of physical activity my cough becomes so violent I can’t breathe and usually have to stop to puke at least twice on my way to class. So my question to y’all is: what is happening to my body? I’ve had a cold and the flu before and this feels different. What is your opinion? 

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  • Fake my Location on Find my Friends?

    Alright, now before anyone assumes i'm some angsty teen trying to not be tracked by her parents you would be wrong. i am 19 freaking years old going on 20 in 2 months. my parents still track my phone. i can't even go to a party with my friends when im at home for the summer. please for the love of god someone help me so i can go to my friends birthday party tomorrow without being put on lockdown for the next two weeks.

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  • Help with hair bleaching?

    i so i have bleached my hair many times before. before going blonde i had dark brown- ish red hair. when i did the original red dye, the dye clung to my roots the most ( a dark burgundy color) well when i bleached my hair my old roots didn't lift a much as the rest of my hair. i gave my hair a good 6 weeks before attempting to bleach it again. after the second bleaching the darker hair remained the same brassy darkish brown color, even after toning. what should i do to correct this?

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  • Can you sue for emotional/ mental health harm?

    two years ago I went through a court case because the state of whoever the **** was pressing charges against my then fiancé/ boyfriend ( no one knew he proposed) because he was much older than I was and I was also a minor. So when someone found out ( I don't know how) that we had sex they turned me in to the principle at our school. She then took my phone ( cause your a minor and you have no rights) and started going through it and found a dick pic that I saved (there was a few). She contacted the police and they came and took my stuff and blah blah blah it turned into a court case.

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  • Help! worried i may have contracted something?

    allow me to explain myself. i am 16 years old (female) and have noticed some abnormal on goings with my body. over spring break i had unprotected sex with some guy that goes to my school. i asked him before we did it if he had and STD's and he said no so i went ahead and did it with him anyway.i should have known right then and there not to take it any further but i didn;t. since then i noticed my downstairs region had kinda a funky/ abnormal smell and so i just washed it more and it gradually went away but i had noticed that froom time to time i would have crippling pain in my lower stomach region. i also noticed around a week ago that sometimes when i went to the bathroom there was blood i didn;t think too much of it until last night when there was way more blood than there had been in previous times and woke up this morning to be covered in my own blood that had apparantly bleed to my mom asked if it was my period but i had my period 2 weeks ago and my cycles are usually every 34- 40 days. this is very abnormal to me.


    i have also been unusually exhausted lately

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  • HELP! what are a minor's rights against not testifying in a sexual assault case?

    please no one judge me on this i just really need some help and im not aware of my rights as a minor. so in December my boyfriend (ex boyfriend?) was arrested and sent to jail for indecency with the use of electronics (nudes). he is 26 and i am 16 (yes i am aware of how bad that sounds) anyway, when i went to court the other day for his preliminary hearing for those charges they also presented him with the charges of sexual assault because they found out we had sexual intercourse. now i have to reappear in court in two weeks and possibly testify? but the thing is i do not want to testify and i do not know what i am supposed to do or what my rights are as a minor. i know i have very few but i really need some help.

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