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  • Help with opiate addiction?

    My stepdaughter has a nasty opiate/benzo addiction problem. She has 100's of tricks for getting drugs and is becoming increasingly difficult to live with - stealing, lying, breaking into everything. My house has been gutted for her to sell things to satisfy her drug addiction. It's driving me nuts.

    I need some ideas. Facts:

    1) Mom won't let me call the police on her. I think this is stupid but Mom hates police and is worried that it will destroy whatever relationship she has with her daughter. I can't change this. Really.

    2) She won't go to residential treatment (she is 26).

    3) She would go to NA meetings but as near as I can tell NA is a fiction. I've tried to take her to meeting after meeting and have been told repeatedly that "We cancelled these meetings 6 months ago due to lack of interest".

    4) Every time I take her to some doctor, it backfires when she tells them about some odd malady and doctor hospitalizes her or prescribes her opiates. Either way she gets her opiates. For instance, last month I took her to a doctor specializing in drug addiction and within a month he had prescribed 90 mg/day of oxycodone. This kid has literally been diagnosed with 20 fatal diseases and spent $400K on medical tests just so she can get high.

    I can't live this way and it is driving me (and my son) crazy.


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  • Could ALL the BYU cheerleaders marry the QB?

    Cuz the Mormon thing...

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  • Why is this site so full of bugs?

    For example, when I edit something in Yahoo answers the original formatting goes away. Honestly, this is a huge company but the quality of the work is horrible. Just look to your left and look at the topic list with the topic names chopped off because they are too long for the space provided. At my small company, I would call in the person who did that and posted it and give him the "Unacceptable" speech and that would happen once. I'd be firing most of the people who work for Yahoo....

    4 AnswersYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • What is financial goodwill?

    It isn't what most people on Yahoo seem to think it is and the continued misinformation about this on YA is a problem.

    Fact: The only way to book goodwill on your balance sheet is to purchase a company.

    All these other things that people keep posting about estimating the value of their brand name, capitalizing Steve Jobs's reputation, valuing their brand name recognition, etc and putting it on their balance sheet as "goodwill" are illegal, fraudulent, and completely silly. Sorry you disagree....

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  • What's next for Steve Cohen and SAC?

    Will the Feds raid the place and put him in jail? Will he share a cell with Bernie Madoff? Will the Feds seize his shark in a formaldehyde tank?

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  • Why ios Yahoo so messed up?

    Try posting comments and I get "Sorry, we only allows links to verified web sites in comments". That happens when I post anything, like the word "test". Notifications for replies have gone away in the new Yahoo and do not work very reliably even if I go to an old style page. This hiding comments and making you press various buttons to see comments is crazed.

    What is wrong with these people? Why would anybody test new software in a live environment? Honestly, if these people worked for me, I would fire the whole group. This is software 101 and these guys flunked.

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  • Yahoo and Peter Lynch?

    Peter Lynch used to always say that everyone knows enough about something to make money in the stock market. He would ask his kids about cool new clothes and talk to people in shopping malls. But people here come to Yahoo often. This website is a mess. The stock is doing great. The ads are all over the place - I have to look at semi-naked women all the time - there are now new Facebook pop-ups every time I answer a question. The customized news stories are woeful.

    This company is walking dead. When do we short?

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  • Why does Yahoo never work very well?

    Yahoo is a never ending adventure. Everytime I sign onto Yahoo and try something there is like an 80% chance it is going to work. Even fundamental things like Mail (which doesn't work today) are an adventure.

    Don't they have any process for rolling out updates so that they roll out things that are tested? Honestly, if the programmers at Yahoo worked for me they would have been fired over and over and over again. This is just not rocket science....

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