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  • Mixed Fighting Alliance (Bobby Lashley) Results. Thoughts?

    Just thought I would get this information up here about the 2 main fights from the Mixed Fighting Alliance card from Saturday night.

    Jeff "The Snowman" Monson defeated Ricco Rodriguez via decision in what was quite a boring fight. Nothing memorable happened, but Monson did more damage to get the win.

    Bobby Lashley defeated Joshua Franklin via TKO (doctor stoppage) at about 1:40 in the first round. Lashley came out strong and quickly, reminding of Brock Lesnar, landed some shots, secured a couple of quick takedowns, and overwhelmed Franklin. Lashley landed a big shot to Franklin's forehead, creating a nasty gash above his eye that caused the fight to be stopped. It was a pretty impressive performance.

    So what do you think? Were the outcomes what you expected? Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley in the UFC sometime soon? I'm sure it won't be long before the UFC pursues Lashley, and after both of their dominating performances and similar styles, it seems like it would be a good fight (although Lashley will need another fight or two under his belt to prove he can do that again, and we will of course learn a lot more about Lesnar in his next fight against Mir or Nogueira).

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  • Jon Fitch back in the UFC. Thoughts?

    As we know by now, yesterday some things broke down between Dana White, Jon Fitch, and some other fighters represented by Zinkin Entertainment and AKA. Well, Jon Fitch has now spoken with Dana again, and they have come to terms. They simply misinterpreted each other and Jon thought Dana was coming off as threatening about the contract for the video game. It wasn't a problem with the contract at all, it was how Dana came off to the fighters. People have apologized, the contract has been signed, Jon Fitch is back in the UFC and will fight at UFC 94.

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  • What is the Best Live Performance From a Band or Singer That You Have Ever Seen or Been To?

    I just thought that this could be a fun topic for everyone to share what they think is the best live performance by a band or singer that they have ever seen (whether in person, on DVD, or whatever).

    For me, it would definitely have to be the "Völkerball" performance put on by Rammstein at Les Arenes de Nimes in France back in July of 2005. Everything about that concert was just amazing. The way the band got each and every one of the 14,000+ audience members into every song, the setlist and how they sounded, the pyrotechnics, the stage setup, the crazy antics of the band members, everything.

    Let's hear your favorites.

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  • What did you think about the WEC fights (Faber, Filho, etc.)?

    For those of you who didn't see the fights, here were the results of the 5 "bigger" fights from tonight's WEC 36 event.

    Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone defeated "Razor" Rob McCullough via unanimous decision.

    Jake Rosholt defeated Nissen Osterneck via TKO in round two.

    Leonard Garcia defeated Jens "Little Evil" Pulver via TKO in round one.

    Chael Sonnen defeated a very boring and overweight Paulo Filho via unanimous decision, winning all three rounds.

    And finally, Mike Brown rocked Urijah Faber and got the TKO victory in round one. Urijah got tossed on the ground, got up and threw a crazy back elbow that Mike Brown got under and landed a hard right that put Faber on the ground, where Mike finished the fight with strikes.

    Let's hear your thoughts.

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  • UFC 92 Fight Card Confirmed. Thoughts?

    Here is the now-confirmed fight card for UFC 92: The Ultimate in December. Let's hear your thoughts and your picks to win.

    * Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans for the Light Heavyweight title.

    - Very hard to predict. I have to go with Forrest via decision at the moment.

    * Antonio "Minotauro" Nogueira vs. Frank Mir for the interim Heavyweight title.

    - My pick is Minotauro via 4th round submission.

    * Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Jackson at Light Heavyweight.

    - My pick is Wanderlei to get the knockout over Rampage late in the 2nd round or early in the 3rd.

    * C.B. Dollaway vs. Mike Massenzio at Middleweight.

    - I pick Dollaway to get a 1st round submission victory.

    * Cheick Kongo vs. Mustafa Al-Turk at Heavyweight.

    - Mustafa via 3rd round TKO.

    * Yushin Okami vs. Dean Lister at Middleweight.

    - Okami via 1st round TKO.

    * Matt Hamill vs. Reese Andy at Light Heavyweight.

    - Hamill via decision.

    * Ryo Chonan vs. Brad Blackburn at Welterweight.

    - Chonan via 2nd round submission.

    * Dan Evensen vs. Pat Barry at Heavyweight.

    - Barry via 1st round knockout.

    * Antoni Hardonk vs. Mark Burch at Heavyweight.

    - Hardonk via decision.

    Let's hear your thoughts.

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  • Kimbo Slice in the UFC?

    Well, we all know what happened to Kimbo in Elite XC against former The Ultimate Fighter UFC fighter Seth Petruzelli. Elite XC has now gone out of business, and its fighters are now "free agents" so to speak.

    Dana White has offered Kimbo Slice the opportunity to compete on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike. He has not answered yet, but what do you all think? Can Kimbo dedicate himself, work harder, and actually start to prove something in the MMA world, or is he done? Let's hear your thoughts.

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  • Anybody else impressed with Junior Dos Santos?

    That was definitely unexpected to see Dos Santos get the quick knockout over Fabricio Werdum. In the short fight, Junior showed some aggressiveness with technical, precision striking, and threw the exact punch (right uppercut) he needed to at the exact right time to catch Werdum and knock him out.

    I picked Werdum to get the win pretty easily and get himself lined up for a #1 contender's match, but that was before I knew anything about Dos Santos. I still don't know much about him other than he's a powerful, smart striker with some very good coaching, and I'd like to see how he would fair on the ground, but it looks like we might have another guy to enter into the Heavyweight contender's list if he can get a win in his next fight. And we have one guy to take out of it for now; that is until Werdum can get another impressive win or two.

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  • Has HIM performed Circle of Fear live?

    Ever since HIM's first live performace of Circle of Fear in Hamburg back in 2003, I've been curious if they have ever performed it again live, as it is my favorite song of theirs. I know they have a few songs that they have only performed 2-3 times live (such as The Path and Endless Dark), and others that they never have, but I have never heard of them playing Circle of Fear any more than once. Does anybody know if they have played it more than once, and if there is a recording of it somewhere out there?

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