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  • Do you like Mario WIlliams becoming a OLB?

    The Texans are moving Mario Williams to OLB, They will use him the same way Demarcus Ware was used in Dallas according to Wade Phillips. He will become the biggest LB in NFL History at 6 ft 6 and almost 300 lbs.

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  • What's up with Mario Williams becoming a LB?

    I live in Houston and I'm a Texans fan. Why is Mario Williams becoming a LB? He is a best of the edge

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  • 2011 NFL Fantasy Predictions?


    I want to know who you guys think will be the best fantasy RB, WR, TE, and QB. I also want to know which rookies of those same positions you think will have a good year. And who do you think were the top 10 best picks in the draft and the worst 5 pics in the draft.


    Go Falcons and Texans!

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  • Who do you think the Atlanta Falcons will Draft?

    I want to know who you think the Atlanta Falcons will draft this year and why.

    I think they might draft a TE like Kevin Rudolph in the second round and maybe a WR in the first. But they also need a good DE

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  • Name this NFL player?


    - He has played for 5 NFL teams

    - He has played in 38 career games

    - Went to Ball State

    - He weighs 220 pounds

    - Has 68 career rushing yards

    Please star for more questions

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  • Name this NFL player ****Round Two****?

    He plays for the team that drafted him

    He has 168 career receiving yards

    He has started 4 games

    The longest caught pass by him was for 33 yards

    Born in Fort Worth, TX

    He is in his second season

    He was awarded the community player of the year for the team he plays for

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    Good Luck! ;)

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  • Name this NFL player ***Round One***?

    Sorry Redskins3000, I thought it would be cool to do this.

    He is a current player in the NFL

    He has played for three different teams

    He had four sacks this season

    He has 4 rushing yards

    He played in the playoffs this year

    First one to get it right gets the best answer!

    Good Luck!

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  • Are loge seats the same as box seats?

    I had to get loge seats for the Texans-Jaguars game coming up this Sunday. I have never gotten loge seats before and I don't know what they are. Are they good?

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  • Which players that didn't make the Pro Bowl do you think should have?

    For me the most disappointing was Brent Grimes. He is third in the league in interceptions (5) and is first in the passes defended (29). He has preformed well all season. Also Peyton Hillis. He was a huge surprise this season and the Browns got him for a steal. He has over 1000 yards rushing and has 2 receiving TDs. He led his team to some great victories. What are your opinions?

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  • Brent Grimes to Pro Bowl?

    Will Atlanta Falcons CB Brent Grimes make the 2011 Pro Bowl? Who do you think will make it? He leads the league in passes defended, (28) and is third in the league in interceptions with five, (got his fifth yesterday.)

    GO F@LCON$!

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  • What do the Texans and Falcons need to do to imrove their defenses?

    I am a Falcon and Texan fan and their defenses (mostly their secondaries) have had issues this year. The Falcons defense is starting to improve a lot, they have a young, yet talented defense (with a few veterans to help, like John Abraham, Mike Peterson, and Dunta Robinson who has been a disappointment this season.) They have proved they can get the job done against good teams (Saints, Packers, and even the Buccaneers.) The Texans on the other hand have really been a disaster defense the last few seasons. They are young and very vulnerable against the pass. They have spent countless first round draft choices on their defence like Mario Williams, Demeco Ryans, Kareem Jackson, and Brian Cushing. They lost Ryans for the season who was their most dominant player. Pollard is a really hard hitter which the fans love but he is weak against the pass. Williams to me was worth the first overall pick and He has proved to be dominant aswell. I just want to know what both teams can do to make their defenses better. Thanks.

    BS-Who would be good players to draft or pick up in free agency next season?

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  • Rank my fantasy football team?

    I need you to rank my fantasy football team from 1-10 and tell me what I could do to improve it. Thanks! :D


    QB-Michael Vick- Eagles

    RB-Maurice Jones-Drew- Jaguars

    RB-Steven Jackson- Rams

    WR-Andre Johnson- Texans

    WR-Brandon Marshall- Dolphins

    WR-Steve Smith- Panthers

    TE-Jermichael Finley- Packers

    K-Ryan Longwell- Vikings

    D-Baltimore Ravens


    QB-Jay Cutler

    RB-Ronnie Brown

    RB-Chester Taylor

    WR-Kevin Walter

    WR-Eddie Royal

    WR-Kenny Britt

    RB-Clinton Portis

    I can only have six bench players so I need to know who to release.


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  • Rank my fantasy football team?

    I need you to rank my fantasy football team from 1-10 and give me advise on how to make it better.

    I am going to show you my starters and my bench.


    QB-Eli Manning-New York Giants

    RB-Ricky Williams-Miami Dolphins

    RB-Maurice Jones-Drew-Jacksonville Jaguars

    WR-Mike Sims-Walker-Jacksonville Jaguars

    WR-Brandon Marshall-Miami Dolphins

    WR-Roddy White-Atlanta Falcons

    TE-Owen Daniels-Houston Texans


    RB-Willis Mcgahee

    RB-C.J. Spiller

    RB-Chestor Taylor

    RB-LaDainian Tomlinson

    RB-Darren Sproles

    RB-Cadillac Williams

    I enrolled in an autopick draft and ended up getting five runningbacks as my bench.

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  • Will Ronnie Brown play in week 1 in the 2010 regular season?

    I need to know if he will play in week 1 in the season. And if he is not going to play week 1, when will he play if he plays at all in the season.

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  • Rank my Fantasy Football Team?

    Please rank my team from 1-10 and tell me what I could do to to improve it. Thanks.


    QB-Matt Schaub-Houston Texans

    RB-Felix Jones-Dallas Cowboys

    RB-Marion Barber-Dallas Cowboys

    WR-Wes Welker-New England Patriots

    WR-Roddy White-Atlanta Falcons

    WR-Andre Johnson-Houston Texans

    TE-Owen Daniels-Houston Texans

    K-Jay Feely

    Defense-San Francisco 49'ers


    QB-Eli Manning-Giants

    QB-Alex Smith-49'ers

    WR-Lee Evans-Bills

    RB-C.J. Spiller-Bills

    RB-Darren Sproles-Chargers

    RB-Chester Taylor-Bears

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  • Rank my Fantasy Football Team?

    I have made three fantasy football teams so I have a better chance of winning a prize, I have already asked you to rank one of my teams. So rank this team and tell me what I could do to improve it.

    Thanks. (Please rank team from 1-10.)


    QB-Tony Romo-Dallas Cowboys

    RB-Beanie Wells-Arizona Cardinals

    RB-Jerome Harrison-Cleavland Browns

    WR-Hines Ward-Pittsburgh Steelers

    WR-Brandon Marshall-Miami Dolphins

    WR-Andre Johnson-Houston Texans

    TE-Antonio Gates-San Diego Chargers

    K-Ryan Longwell

    Defense-Baltimore Ravens


    QB-Joe Flacco-Baltimore Ravens

    QB-Eli Manning-New York Giants

    WR-Antonio Bryant-Cincinnati Bengals

    WR-Kenny Britt-Tenessee Titans

    RB-Jahvid Best-Detroit Lions

    RB-Arian Foster-Houston Texans

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  • Rank My Fantasy Football Team?

    I need to know who to start for week 1 this season. I also want you to rank my team from 1-10, and tell me what I could do to improve my team. Thanks.


    QB-Matt Schaub-Texans-week1-Colts

    RB-Michael Turner-Falcons-week1-Steelers

    RB-Felix Jones-Cowboys-week1-Redskins

    WR-Anquan Boldin-Ravens-week1-Jets

    WR-Mike Sims-Walker-Jaguars-week1-Broncos

    WR-Robert Meachem-Saints-week1-Vikings

    TE-Tony Gonzalez-Falcons-week1-Steelers

    K-Garrett Hartley-Saints-week1-Vikings



    QB-Matt Ryan-Falcons-week1-Steelers

    QB-Joe Flacco-Ravens-week1-Jets

    RB-Chester Taylor-Bears-week1-Lions

    RB-Tim Hightower-Cardinals-week1-Rams

    RB-Willis Mcgahee-Ravens-week1-Jets

    WR-Lee Evans-Bills-week1-Dolphins

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  • What would be the best type of barrel for my Spyder Sonix paintball gun?

    I have a Spyder Sonix paintball gun and was wondering what type of barrel would be best for it. First of all, do all barrels fit all guns?(I mean the part you screw it into.) I dont know much about paintball because I just got into it. My friends keep telling me the longer the barrel the better, but I am not sure. What does a longer barrel do for you and how long should it be for my gun?

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  • Is there a website or a store where I can find the cs-35 Raider Drum-Clip?

    I want to get a Drum Clip and attach it to The Nerf Recon. But I cant find anything. So I am really looking for a store or website that sells Nerf Gun spare parts or accessories.

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