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    Okay so ive been talking to this guy for a week. Its pretty much very casual, meaning we only text late at night and usually about nothing. I recently asked him to hang out and he agreed. He asked what i wanted to do and I said watch a movie and chill and he was down, he even gave me his address. The night I was supposed to go, 30 mins later he said he can’t tonight and I thought thats fine bc asked rlly last minute.

    Later he asked me to “cuddle” with him two nights in a row, but i was busy so I couldnt come. Yesterday he texted me after he came home from the bar / drunk asking me to come over and i told him I couldve, but its way too late now (buses dont run and he lives pretty far from me). I told him i was free tomorrow and he said 'perfec't and i told him I was free after a specific time and he said perfect once again.

    Fast forward, in the morning I texted him asking if hes still down and he said he cant bc hes going to a penthouse party.


    Can someone pls tell me what he wants lol. I know he clearly likes me bc he always texts me first, asks to ‘cuddle’ calls me cute, etc. Why doesnt he want to live up to his words and let me come over?

    Oh and I guess you could say hes hanging out with other girls (i dont mind im not looking for a relationship) but he always texts me late at night for the past 2 weeks and hes always been alone.

    Is he just nervous lol? Im actually so confused bc he says he wants to hook up but when im down he bails last minute.

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  • Will the professional change my piercing?

    I recently got a rook piercing about 3 weeks ago. I took out the CBR because I wanted to change the jewellery (yeah I know its basically forbidden to do so, esp since its still healing). I got the bead out, but can t seem to get the actual ring out because my rook is too big in order for me to twist/pull it out.

    I was wondering if I went to the professional piercer and ask to remove the earring, will he reject me, or will he scold me but take it out anyway?

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  • Skin is peeling?

    Its currently winter so the air is dry, and having dry skin is normal. I usually have combo skin, but my nose is always really rEALLy oily. But since yesterday I have some patches of skin that is peeling, and it's around my nose so I don't understand why I'd have dry skin there. Also I exfoliated yesterday and put a very hydrating moisture overnight. However when I woke up and put on my make-up I experienced peeling on my nose and somewhat of my cheek area except on the other side.

    What should I do? I don't want to over exfoliate and I'm not sure if changing moisturizers would work because I used a very heavy one and still experienced peeling

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  • What are some holiday lip colours?

    I know red is for sure up there, anything else??

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  • Metabolism suddenly increased?

    Over the last couple of days (3-4) my metabolism and appetite has been going all over the place. I have a bad eating habit where i usually i ate really heavy for the 3 course meals and eat no snacks at all so my metabolism is pretty bad. Recently ive been starving in the middle of the night, usually not hungry by day and its very usual for me. Also ive been digesting very quickly now. I eat the usual junk so im wondering why my body is like this, i have not changed anything in my diet and suddenly this happened.

    Is this something to do with hormones? Because it did start when i received my period, but its over now and my metabolism and appetite is everywhere.

    P.s. Im an 18 year old girl and ive also looked up Hyperthyroidism, and i have SOME of the symptoms but i doubt its anything serious, like the symptoms seem very normal like anyone would receive them.

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  • What pants to wear at a teenage house party?

    My best friend is throwing a party since her mom is out, and one of the guests happens to be my crush.

    I was trying on different outfits and i wanted to know which leggings would look better on me :

    1) jean leggings, makes my butt look so good

    2)patterned leggings, it consists of navy blue, white and black swirls and stuff. It looks greater than it sounds tbh. My butt doesnt look that good, but you cant see my 'camel toe' (not really, but it looks great from the front, although my butt looks a tad flatter)

    I still have options for my shirt, but i was thinking of a solid white crop top/shirt

    Which one would look better??

    A better booty, or just over all a cute outfit?

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  • What does my dream mean?

    Lately I've been having many dreams about my crush. The most recent one I've had is where I'm searching all over my house (even odd places) for some objects he gave me. Apparently my crush gave me something for Valentines day. He gave me a bow (like a clip) and a tape recorder. In the tape recorder, he taped all his feelings for me (thats what he told me). I lost it and I spent a few seconds looking for these objects, and I remember feeling desperate and asking everyone for help; looking for proof that what he felt was true. I never found it before I woke up.

    I've had a rough past with him, and I found myself liking him more than he ever liked me.

    Also I've had couple dreams where I would be trying to run. I can feel my legs trying to move, but I don't. When I try to run I just end up walking, and I always wake up before I actually get to my desired destination.

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  • Is it bad to brush curly hair?

    I heard you can brush your hair gently once a day to move the oils from the roots down to the end. Today i brushed my hair when it was 25% damp (sprayed my hair with water and conditioner) so i can style my hair overnight to make it more curly in the morning (sort of like braiding).

    So is it bad to brush my hair or is it fine if i brush it once a day?

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